Crazy Graduation Week!!

Aaah!! This has been one CRAAAAZY week. I had a blast though. After busting my butt in my “study cave” (as Debbie refers to my little corner desk that faces the wall) for the past 2 weeks straight… it has been great to get out and see some sunlight, my boyfriend, my Taylor-wifey, and the greatest OF4L… Debbie. (Outdoor friend 4 life hahaha)

I left my camera in Taylor’s car after the craziness of Wed. evening so I don’t have too many pics. Lets just call that night, a few too many $1 drinks. It was worth the hell I went thru the next day celebrating two of my favorite people getting out of college!!(Here’s to the grads!!)
I love you guys. I have also been crazy busy and haven’t had time to make a blog post. So… basically here’s how the week went down:

Tuesday: Much needed partment cleaning, brain dump (LOL), and filling the recycle bin to the brim with unwanted old school papers. Oh yes, and let’s not forget earning $14.25 by taking my unwanted old clothes to Platos’ closet. Taylor got a mere $2.10 bahaha… which we definately splurged on some Godiva Truffles at the mall.

Wednesday: See above nonsense. Also… made a delicious graduation cake for Jason! I really love baking, but more importantly… cake decorating! I should post some of my past creations for you to enjoy. I’m proud of my skilllzzz.
Thursday: Recovering from sush nonsense while trying to act composed for the out of town guests coming to watch the bf graduate.

Friday: GRADUATION!!! YAYAYAYAY c.o. 2009. Jason and Taylor!!! We went to this amazing Cameron Mitchell restaurant called Ocean Prime. Jason got the cheese foundue and crab cakes, and I had the Black Grouper and Fork and knife salad. Delicious!! Heaven on a plate… I seriously could have sworn I heard Angels singing “HALLELUJAH!!!” in the background. I can add pics later when J downloads them from his fancy-pants camera.

Today: Disney with J’s Family!!! We started the day meeting Tay at Epcot to retrieve my camera, to Animal Kingdom, and then to MK. Definately drained me. Now off to run some errands with my Graduate!!

❤ Meganerd

4 Responses

  1. Yay! You made a blog post and mentioned me!!! hehe love the pics! 🙂

  2. Yay! you read my blog!! lol 🙂

    Did you mom like her Godiva truffles?

  3. Of course I read your blog! It is our goal for the summer, right? To make posts and to comment on them! hehe Yes she did, she was very excited about them! I hope you liked your truffles too!

  4. I only tried one of them so far… the Hazelnut one and it was soooo good. I still have the other one but I forgot what it is… I think cheesecake or something!

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