Family-riffic Weekend

Hello, Again!

Yesterday and today we were in Germantown (?), Maryland for Jason’s family reunion.

It was a very family-riffic weekend!!
I hadn’t met alot of Jason’s aunts and uncles and other extended family members so that was interesting.

The main event was centered around these lovely folks: Jason’s aunts and his dad (all brothers and sisters) and their spouses.

I started my morning with a quick breakfast for the road- Oatmeal to Go and a cup of 1% milk. These are really yummy when you heat them in the microwave for 10 seconds. They are full of fiber so they do a great job of keeping you full for a while.

By the time we got there and checked into our hotel, it was after noon and my stomach was growling. I snacked on a 100 calorie pack Jason’s little brother Zach so graciously gave me!! 😀

The place the reunion was held was quite beautiful!! The sky was also cloud-free which made for a perfect day.

They had plenty of outdoor activities to keep the kids (and sort of grown up kids) occupied.

While we played I munched on some veggies…. I already ate two broccoli’s by the time I got back to my camera lol.

The girls won!! (Team Fluffy (don’t ask) Victory pose)

It was around 3:30 when “Linner” (Lunch/dinner) was served. It was mostly bbq stuff which I’m not a big fan of but I always manage to find something healthy. I had green beans (which were too buttery-bleh, a taste of mac n cheese, peppered chicken, and some fruit. Yes, I’m aware that you can see salt on my food…. its not a good habit!!

After we ate we hung around taking random pics:

[ Zach-jason’s bro, and their 9 year old nephew Kevin]

[Jason and his 4 year old niece Katie]

I fit in great with the goofiness…

Attractive, huh? No, not really. But Katie’s 18 month old sister (Amy) is such a cutie!!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty much some more games and chasing kids. I tried a glass of this supposedly awesome wine- take my advice, it was obnoxiously sugary. After two sips I tossed it.

I munched onSome m&m’s times 5: (oopsy!! Candy is my weakness)

I kept trying to take a pic of the lodge as we were leaving but Jason thouroughly enjoyed ruining every pic lol.

…. sorry this is so long… I’ll leave you with my Small dinner- chicken soup from chick-fil-a… mmmm

See ya later! I think we might be going to Virginia Beach tomorrow… but we’ll see!!

❤ Meganerd

5 Responses

  1. looks like fun times!

  2. Yeah, arbor mist isn’t the best, I would agree for sure! I don’t know how it is called “wine”??

  3. yeah it tasted bad- jason’s aunt loves it tho lol

  4. Wow, that reunion looks like fun! What a pretty place. Ooh, Virginia beach sounds like fun. Have a great Memorial day!

  5. Lmao, I was just re-reading this post and your boyfriend trying to ruin every pic is hilarious!!!

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