Keeping Busy

I slept in until 7:45 this morning, that’s like  miracle! I wasn’t hungry right when I woke up which was odd, but made sense since I had a big dinner last night.

I waited until my tummy asked for food, around 9:00, and made some breakfast! Isn’t it circular?


Half a grapefruit with stevia sprinkled on top….


…and a whole wheat mini bagel with Almond Butter on top. I love how creamy AB is!!


Reason why not to eat grapefruit at your computer- it flies all over the place!


I have plenty of stuff I can do today to keep my mind off my injury.

  • Unpack last two boxes
  • Organize my closet
  • Paint my apartment? 😀
  • Go for a swim (weather permitting)
  • Finish reading Skinny Bitch
  • Tonight: going to see Food, Inc.


What keeps your mind/body active when you are injured?

❤ MegaNerd

First Thai, Second Tofu

One of the things I realized today is that self-pity doesn’t do any good. I decided to think of all the things I CAN do, rather then dwelling on the things I can NOT do (run).

I focus my energy a strength workout! I spent 30 minutes at the gym, doing an upper body and ab workout.

It felt GREAT and honestly, I think that I am sort of a strength training slacker. It’s not that I never do it, but I’m not as consistent as I should be. Hopefully during my injury, I can build up strength, especially in my core.

After my workout this afternoon I ate a couple of snacks. I got done around 5, but I knew it would be several hours before dinner.

I started with a bowl of peas. Yes, peas. They are so convenient and pack some serious nutrition.


Second snack while I got ready, was strawberries:


Finally, somewhere around 8:30 ish Caitlin and her friend Harry came to pick me up for some Thai food! Since I’m not able to run right now, we moved up our Friday morning date to tonight!

It was my first experience with Thai food, which is Caitlin’s absolute favorite! LOL.


We started our evening with a SinghaThai beer




I started feeling it two sips into it. I was in serious need of some food! Good thing we ordered the spring rolls appetizer to share:


Very crunchy! I really liked them!

I took Caitlin’s recommendation and went with the Garlic and Pepper Tofu. It was light and flavorful.

She ordered some sort of spicy curry Tofu, which had a kick to it! We split our dishes so we could try more!  I also had a bite of Harry’s Pad Thai.


The portions were HUGE! We laughed because as the lady was dumping heaps and heaps of rice onto my plate, I didn’t realize it was for just me, and not the entire table! Needless to say, I have plenty of leftovers!

This tofu tasted a lot better than when I made it on my own. I need to figure out how to make it like that!!

I can see why Caitlin raves about this place (Royal Thai)! The service was great, and the food was light and tasty.

I’m off to go curl up with a book. I finally finished In Defense of Food (which I plan to review soon!) and now I’m off to read Skinny Bitch. For the record, Caitlin “warned” me.

❤ Meganerd