Eat to Live.

Without explaining the entire story, I will say that today has been quite stressful. I had to finish an entire submittal (homework assignment) that takes like a whole week in 6 hours.

I was calculating so much stuff I thought my calculator (and brain) were going to explode.

The time flew by and suddenly I realized that it was almost time to go to class! I hadn’t even thought about dinner, and my plans to go to the gym fizzled out.

I popped a frozen Kashi meal into the microwave..


… while I snacked on yogurt and granola.


I put the food into the to-go container and it looked way too small. I bulked it up with some already steamed broccoli, which basically doubled the volume. It needs to keep me full for 5 hours!


I ate this cold during my break, and it tasted fine.


When I get stressed, NOTHING else matters. School is “what I’m doing” right now, and I take it really seriously. As much as I would have liked to eat something more well-rounded then a CLIF bar as breakfast, or a frozen meal for dinner, I just plain ran out of time.

I would be lying to you if I said I had time to think about meals ahead of time and have them all planned them out. Tonight (and I have a feeling many dinners to follow) are going to be on a whim. .

I feel like many people, especially food bloggers, are true “foodies”. Most of my concern for what I’m eating relates to:

  • how it makes me feel
  • will it fuel me/ re-fuel me for a run
  • will it allow my brain to function and focus at school
  • does it taste good enough

I know that many times I eat to live, not live to eat. I enjoy eating, but sometimes, I really feel like eating and meal prep get in the way (time/effort-wise). No worries, I never skip a meal- they just aren’t always the most well-rounded and beautiful.

The only thing I actually crave is chocolate. I just ate a piece. 😀

That being said, I would like to try to plan more meals in advance, and perhaps cook a few things on Sunday that I could have ready to go during the week. I feel like I would get more variety and feel better that I’m not always eating pre-packaged stuff.

Do you consider yourself a “foodie” or “someone who eats” ? Have you found a balance between “eating to live” and “living to eat”?

❤ MegaNerd


Jason left pictures of his dinner on the camera for me to blog about! LOL. He was “proud of his masterpiece”.


Looks like we have chicken soup (that I made!) with a Pesto grilled cheese. He says that he made a normal grilled cheese, but spread pesto on the insides of the bread.


How adorable. I love him. ❤

Like hot butter on toast…


This song is so stuck in my head.

Must get back to calculating live and dead loads of a six story office structure…. asdfalsdkjf.

❤ MegaNerd

Just Peachy

Mondays seem to have something against me.

I woke up waaaay late and I had to jump in the shower and be out the door with my hair soaking wet! I seriously felt like I was not going to be able to hold my head up in class, so I stopped at Starbucks on the way to my 7:30 class.

Can you hear the debit card- cha ching!- that’s the sound of wasting precious $$$. I really need to learn to make coffee at home!


I ordered a Grande Nonfat Latte with 2 pumps of Vanilla instead of 4.

I refuse to order “skinny” and put nasty tasting artificial sweeteners in there. They taste bad and aren’t good for you! I prefer having the real thing, just less of it. 😀


I didn’t have time to prep a breakfast before I left, so I grabbed another Clif Peanut toffee buzz  bar. I had to eat it secretly during my Hydrology lab since we aren’t allowed to have food in there! OOOPSSSS. Good thing I got a seat in the back corner!


Not the ideal breakfast, but it was either that or wait until 10:20.It did actually hold me over pretty well, but I think the latte really helped.

Once I got home, I really wanted a giant salad. I feel like I haven’t had enough greens in my life the past few days.


I made a grilled peach and chicken salad! I thought if you can grill pineapple and it tastes good, why not a peach?


I grilled a small chicken breast covered in salt in pepper on the bottom of the GF, and when it was almost done, I added the peach on top, just to make sure to avoid contamination.

Once the chicken and peaches were done, I placed them on top of organic field greens and sprinkled gorgonzola cheese and balsamic vinegar on top.


To. Die. For.

The combination of flavors turned out way better than I imagined.

I had the salad along with some unsweetened Tazo Iced Green Tea I brewed while making lunch:


Pretty good as well!

Have you ever tried a random combination of foods, and it turned out way better than you thought?

❤ MegaNerd

Post Cut Short…

Sorry about not being able to finish last night’s post!

I didn’t get to bed until 1:00 am… let the school year begin! I did get most of my hw done…

Last night, I made Toasted Quinoa with Scallops and Snow peas from this recipe. I followed the recipe exactly, except I halved it, and used chicken broth instead of water!


It turned out VERY tasty. I loved the toasted flavor of the Quinoa.


As you can see, however, the portions were practically microscopic. I was hungry again within two hours.

I didn’t really want more meal-type food… so I went for dessert! Too bad we tossed the rest of the brownies, and banana bread didn’t sound good.

I drank this mug of chocolate milk (times 1.5) while I worked on homework…


..and an hour or so later, Debbie brought over chocolate chip cookies straight from her oven, so I happily ate two of them!


I can NOT resist!!! Sweets are dangerous around me!

I went to bed with a happy tummy, but my body was so exhausted. Going to Disney was fun, but in hindsight it was probably pretty irresponsible of me not to get my work done first!

❤ MegaNerd

Park Hoppers

The beauty of having a Disney pass is that you can go anytime and stay for how ever long you feel like!

Today, Jason and I went to both Animal Kingdom…


…and EPCOT!


We started our epic day at Animal Kingdom. My favorite thing to ride is the safari! It’s never very crowded and its a 20-minute trek “through Africa”. I love seeing all the animals up close.

Most of my pictures are very blurry because the vehicle was bouncing so much, but I did get a few good ones…

The upside down tree (2000 years old!):


Giraffe and baby:


Don’t remember the name… sorry!






view out the back of the safari vehicle:


Two random safari passengers: (Jason and me!)


After the safari, we rode Expedition Everest roller Coaster, Jason’s favorite ride!


Seriously awesome ride! Once you get to the top, you “think you’re stuck” and all of the sudden you are falling backwards into a dark tunnel, and then whipping around and… oh, man. You have to ride this one yourself!


(Picture of a picture!)

By the time we were done, it was 1:00 pm! Good thing I packed us a lunch:


I packed each of us a wrap, chips and salsa, and drinks.


Each one included:

  • pepperjack cheese
  • black beans
  • green peppers


MMMM… Quite a good combo!

Jason was being a chips and salsa hog at first, but no worries, I got my fair share. 😀

After lunch, we headed to EPCOT. Our first stop was Test Track.

IMG_0266 IMG_0267

It’s actually quite funny having two civil engineers who have taken both Transportation engineering and Traffic and Highway Design criticizing every detail about the fakeness of the ride. We are nerds. It’s still a blast, though!


Reaching speeds of 60 mph… No worries, I used the camera safety strap!!!


We then planned to walk “around the world” but my legs would not take that. We ended up stopping at the first country, Mexico


…and getting frozen margaritas!


We chatted for a while, and then decided to head home. My legs were fine for the first 5 hours, but by 4pm, my legs REALLY needed rest.


10 miles of running+ 5 hours walking at Disney= pooped legs.

On the way home, I ate Back to nature cinnamon sticks (about 2 servings).


Random Disney/ Engineering Fun Fact!

All new construction is required by law to meet certain codes, with most of the country following the IBC (international building code) except for FL and California. Florida has FBC (FL building code)… EXCEPT FOR DISNEY!

Disney has their own unique building code, called the EPCOT BUILDING CODE! They have special rules! Most buildings/structures have to be able to withstand hurricane force winds. Disney parks do not have to meet this requirement because it would cost them RIDICULOUS amounts of $$ to design and build. They have to shut down the parks anyways during hurricanes, so if they get any damage, it actually costs less to replace damaged parts then to design it to withstand hurricanes!

I learned that in my Reinforced Structures Design class on Monday night!

This post is getting long!… I REALLY have to finish my Hydrology homework and pack my breakfast for tomorrow’s 7:30 am class… so I’m going to keep you hanging until the morning to find out what we had for dinner and dessert! It was a long recipe and I want to share it! 😀

❤ MegaNerd

Double Digits

That’s right. I ran Ten Miles!

I’m back in the double digits. It has been too long. (Think, Dec. 08) 😀


This morning, I met the girls for a lovely run in the park!

(Meghann, Kelly, BFF Debbie, Me!)


In the car on the way, I fueled up with half a Peanut Toffee Buzz Clif bar. It worked last week, so I stuck with it.


I also drank 24 oz. of a half gatorade, half water mixture. I finished it after 8.0 miles and desperately wanted more!

Our run went really smoothly. There was one point that I thought my Garmin said 8.0 and I thought I only had 2 miles to go. Really though, it was at 6.0. I felt a little bit tired at that moment, but other than that I feel like I did great!

My legs felt fresh and my mind was ready for the challenge!


Running with three other girls is great motivation and the time flew by!

Run Stats:

  • Distance: 10.0 Miles
  • Time: 1:37:30
  • Average Pace: 9:45 min/mile
  • My last mile was under 9:00 pace! I really wanted to finish!


I felt awesome!

The whole drive home I thought about breakfast. We just bought a bunch of peaches, so I knew that would be the main event.

I sliced a peach, topped with 1 tsp brown sugar, and popped in the microwave for 30 seconds. I topped it with 1/2 container of fat free vanilla yogurt, and about 1/2 cup of granola (I didn’t measure, I just dumped it).


Seriously… I was in heaven.


I also had a whole wheat English muffin topped with Almond butter.


I could have stopped when I had half the muffin left, but I went ahead and ate it because we are leaving for Disney in a few, and I don’t want to get hungry before lunch. (It’s already after 10am!)

Altogether now…


…with an XL glass of H20.


Oh yea! I wore the new kicks on my run this morning! I was so happy that I only got baby blisters, and only on my left foot!!!!! My old shoes would give me quarter size or larger blisters after 5 mile+ runs, but look how little these guys are! I’m so thrilled.

(I’m extremely blister prone. I lather myself in Glide before hand.)


I love long runs. Something about the challenge of running far excites me. It’s funny how 10 miles has always been like extra-long to me, because I have only trained for half marathons or shorter. Now that I’m training for a marathon, this 10 miler seems on the lower end of long runs.

Any long run is an accomplishment in my book!

What distance do you consider as a “long run”? I think anything over an hour is long to me right now!

Have a great Sunday, Jason and I are off to Disney!

❤ MegaNerd

Gut Feeling

I wasn’t planning on running this afternoon, but after I got my new shoes, I couldn’t help but testing them out.

Jason asked me if I wanted to run 2 miles, and I couldn’t resist. It was nice to get outside, and so far I really like the shoes! I have a 10 miler planned tomorrow, but I think I’m going to wear my old ones until I break the new ones in.

My stomach has been feeling a little funky all afternoon (combination of big lunch and nerves?) so I wanted a light, easy to digest dinner.

I made some tri-colored spinach pasta with broccoli and a small spoonful of pesto and sprinkle of parmesan.


We ate dinner while watching Confessions of a Shopaholic that I secretly snuck our Netflix queue. 😀


Later, I had a rather large brownie from the batch I made for Jason.


My tummy is still a bundle of nerves, but eating actually seemed to help it. Ten miles is freaking me out!

❤ MegaNerd