I Thought I Would Love it…

Today has flown by! I spent most of the afternoon doing two of my favorite things- blogging and baking. 😀

I have to admit, switching to WordPress was not too easy, but it was definitely something I have been wanting to do! I think that there are more features on WordPress than blogger, and so I just dove right in.

I feel like doing things I think I can’t do makes me feel accomplished and independent. For instance:

It’s the little things!

This afternoon I made chocolate peanut butter chip cookies, per Jason’s request. I had a random bag of Reese’s PB chips stashed that were about to go bad, so I said what the heck. I totally ate three of them, and they were falling apart everywhere. I can’t resist a fresh out of the oven cookie! (or three).



Once Jason got home from work, we decided to head outside for some fresh air. We ran/walked 2.5 miles at a leisurely pace. We have this new rule for ourselves that that we only go on the computer from 9-10pm, that way we have the rest of the evening set aside to eat dinner together and talk. It’s working out beautifully! 😀

Before we left, I went ahead and pre-made dinner so that we could eat once we got home. I combined a bunch of veggies in the blender to make a cold soup:


In the mix:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1/4 of each of green, yellow, red, orange bell peppers
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1/2 pint of grape tomatoes
  • 1 carrot
  • cayenne pepper
  • lime juice
  • garlic salt
  • cumin
  • 1 TBL olive oil

I stuck it in the fridge, and served it cold, topped with avocado and chickpeas. Also, on the side, a pita bread.



I was really surprised, that I didn’t like it at all! I felt like I was choking it down, which is no fun! I thought that I would love it, because I really liked when Meghann made a similar Gazpacho, but I only managed to eat about 1/3 of it before I threw it out.

I really hated wasting food, but I didn’t want to eat something  I disliked that much. I felt like it would have been better without the carrot ( I really don’t like carrots!) It’s funny to me, because just yesterday, Kelly and I were talking about what we would do if we hated our meals- like if we would blog that we ate a PB+J instead!

I resorted to eating a bowl of Kashi cereal and milk. Not bad, but not really “dinner” either.


Oh well! There’s always tomorrow 😀

Speaking of tomorrow… I have a 6 Mile run planned with two of my favorite ladies! 😉

Have you ever made something that you thought you would love and ended up hating it?

❤ MegaNerd


2 Responses

  1. I LOVE the new header!!! It looks amazing! I also love the new wordpress version of your already awesome blog! Yay new blog! 🙂 And hell yeah for doing things that push you past your comfort zone!

  2. yum! I will have to try that soup!

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