Perfect Friday Night Food

Wow, those fake noodles did not hold me at all! Note to self: eat the real stuff next time!

Only a couple hours after I ate them, I was STARVING again. I used my coupon that Stonyfield Organic sent me to “buy”this Black cherry yogurt. I instantly thought of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia (my absolute favorite!).


To make my copycat version, I simply added chocolate chips (plus a few more half way through) … pure heaven!


Still hungry, I munched on some apricots…


…and a Honey Graham Z-bar.


Neither Jason and I felt like cooking tonight… clearly I was keeping with my “Lazy Friday” theme. This Amy’s Pesto Pizza came in quite handy:


A mere thirteen minutes later….Nice and crispy!


I had the 2 largest of the 6 slices, and Jason ate the rest. I served it with some steamed carrots and broccoli.


This is probably the best frozen pizza I have ever had! I have always been a Kashi pizza fan, but something about the pesto crust won me over!


I really wanted some more Sam Adams after last weeks brewery tour. I poured myself a glass, and gave Jason the rest.


What is a good pizza without good beer?

Perfect Friday night food!

I am doing something rather odd in the morning, so be sure to check back to find out what it is!

❤ MegaNerd

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  1. Pizza and beer! Love the Sam Adams glass. 🙂

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