Third Times a Charm

It’s now 10:00 and I’m finally eating dinner! I am so hungry, my arm was starting to look tasty.

I didn’t actually plan on eating this late… Here’s what happened:

This afternoon I had half of Angela’s Glo Bar from the Summit Swag Bag. Wow… it was REALLY good! I am super impressed!! It tasted super fresh, and still chewy like a store-bought bar. 😀 It was really dense, which is why I only ate half. I wanted to be hungry for my early dinner.


I left for school a bit early, so that I could eat my dinner before class. It didn’t start until 6:00 pm, but I just was NOT hungry at 5:30. I’m used to eating at 7:30 or 8! I went ahead and took the picture while it was daylight, though!


I decided to wait until between classes 7:15-7:30, but I realized that they were in total opposite ends of campus, leaving exactly 2 minutes to eat dinner. Umm… not going to happen!

Once class was over, I decided just to wait until I got home. Man oh man. Third times a charm!

But, anyways… I’m eating nonetheless, and am thankful that I have food to eat!

I was really craving sweet potato (odd?) and I was trying to think of ways to eat it cold. I ended up microwaving a potato, peeling the skin, mashing it up, and adding brown sugar and cinnamon.


I was unsure about eating it cold, but it tasted really good! It reminded me of pumpkin pie. I might add some pumpkin pie spice next time!

The other part of dinner was a big salad:


It included:

  • field greens
  • grapes
  • apple slices
  • mandarin oranges
  • walnuts
  • almonds
  • poppyseed dressing on the side!

Again, delicious… but when is it not?

Moral of the story: I need to learn to adapt to my new eating schedule. I don’t have the luxury of eating whenever I feel like. I’ll keep experimenting with eating before/after and see what works out best for me!

If you class from 6:00-9:20pm, when would you eat dinner? Before, and then a snack? Or… half before/half after?

❤ MegaNerd

5 Responses

  1. That’s tough because like you I usually eat dinner around 7 or 8. I would probably have a snack before and eat dinner after otherwise I would come home and just snack anyway!

    PS: I totally lost you after your big move to wordpress and was wondering where you had been the last couple days! Glad I found you again and totally loving the new look!

  2. I totally ate food right in the middle of class tonight. But it wasn’t enough and I was still hungry when I got home so I ate then too. Sorry you had to wait so late to eat!

  3. I’d eat before and then a snack, even if I wasn’t hungry, because I HATE being hungry and eating proper meals late in the evening.

  4. I have class from 4:15-8:35, and then I have a 30 minute commute home. I found that it was best if I ate a clif bar, or another calorie dense bar on my way to class, and then have a smaller dinner when I got home. Always preplan you meal on late class nights. I always froze meals to eat on class night. Reheated chili and soup are great and so are pizzas on a wrap.

  5. I would split up my meal into different parts. I have had both work and school at diifernt times from 5 till 10. I would eat part of dinner before, have a snack between classes and then have the other part affiet class. You will have to eat at different times all day.

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