Eat to Live.

Without explaining the entire story, I will say that today has been quite stressful. I had to finish an entire submittal (homework assignment) that takes like a whole week in 6 hours.

I was calculating so much stuff I thought my calculator (and brain) were going to explode.

The time flew by and suddenly I realized that it was almost time to go to class! I hadn’t even thought about dinner, and my plans to go to the gym fizzled out.

I popped a frozen Kashi meal into the microwave..


… while I snacked on yogurt and granola.


I put the food into the to-go container and it looked way too small. I bulked it up with some already steamed broccoli, which basically doubled the volume. It needs to keep me full for 5 hours!


I ate this cold during my break, and it tasted fine.


When I get stressed, NOTHING else matters. School is “what I’m doing” right now, and I take it really seriously. As much as I would have liked to eat something more well-rounded then a CLIF bar as breakfast, or a frozen meal for dinner, I just plain ran out of time.

I would be lying to you if I said I had time to think about meals ahead of time and have them all planned them out. Tonight (and I have a feeling many dinners to follow) are going to be on a whim. .

I feel like many people, especially food bloggers, are true “foodies”. Most of my concern for what I’m eating relates to:

  • how it makes me feel
  • will it fuel me/ re-fuel me for a run
  • will it allow my brain to function and focus at school
  • does it taste good enough

I know that many times I eat to live, not live to eat. I enjoy eating, but sometimes, I really feel like eating and meal prep get in the way (time/effort-wise). No worries, I never skip a meal- they just aren’t always the most well-rounded and beautiful.

The only thing I actually crave is chocolate. I just ate a piece. 😀

That being said, I would like to try to plan more meals in advance, and perhaps cook a few things on Sunday that I could have ready to go during the week. I feel like I would get more variety and feel better that I’m not always eating pre-packaged stuff.

Do you consider yourself a “foodie” or “someone who eats” ? Have you found a balance between “eating to live” and “living to eat”?

❤ MegaNerd


Jason left pictures of his dinner on the camera for me to blog about! LOL. He was “proud of his masterpiece”.


Looks like we have chicken soup (that I made!) with a Pesto grilled cheese. He says that he made a normal grilled cheese, but spread pesto on the insides of the bread.


How adorable. I love him. ❤

11 Responses

  1. I generally consider myself a Foodie. If I am completely stressed with school or something then I would say that I eat to live. But generally, I am a person who lives to eat….haha not entirely…like you said–I think I found a good balance.

    Also your boyfriend is too cute with his PESTO grilled cheese sandwich and soup. I guess he wants in on some of your blogging fun!

  2. Were all human and sometimes we just can’t plan everything. And hey, at least you didn’t skip a meal. You’ve got some pretty good eats for the day too! Hope you get some rest.

  3. I definitely eat to live. I’m not much of a foodie or cook – I make an effort to eat healthy and basically cook because I have to, but it’s nothing that I really enjoy.
    Baking is a whole other thing though… 🙂

  4. I can totally relate to “eat to live” and share your pain with just getting so caught up with school work that nothing else matters. It looks like you’re still able to eat in a very healthy and balanced manner, which I think is the most important thing whether or not you’re planning your meals ahead of time and actually cooking or not. I keep telling myself that eventually the school craziness will be over and I’ll have more time to be able to plan and cook. But until then, you just have to do what works for you! 🙂

    And that is so cute that your BF took a picture of his meal for you. That sandwich looks yummy!!

    Have a good day!

  5. I think we can all relate to that mindset, especially when things get really crazy in life. I hate feeling like I need to eat just to live though because food is the one thing in life that is a complete passion and escape for me. I think its so important to spend at least one meal a day truly enjoying it. The entire experience, whether its lunch with a friend or breakfast by yourself-taking a moment to enjoy life and joy of eating is what brings me happiness in my crazy days.
    Things will get better and die down. Trust me, right now, it’s probably just a bit overwhelming with all of the changes that took place. You will find your routine. 🙂

    Take care love!

  6. On weekends I like to cook at least one big meal that I can freeze for leftovers so that when school work gets insane I can just pull stuff out of the freezer and reheat

  7. I feel your pain, but I am a complete foodie. I love all kinds of food and experimenting with different combos.

  8. Jason is too cute!

    I hear ya on the time crunch and food. When I was in grad school I made whatever was the quickest and easiest. I had a lot of pasta with frozen veggies.

    Try making wheat berries on a Sunday! They are good for b-fast, lunch or dinner. I always forget about mine, but when I remember to make some I love the way they come out.

  9. I totally understand what you mean with school and all. Sometimes I don’t even have time to go to the grocery store! I think I “eat to live” at this point in time. Baking is different though! I think that’s my true calling! Haha.

  10. i love stonyfield yogurt organic, we have it at my school cafeteria at college 🙂

  11. First of all, pesto on grilled cheese is one of my favorites! Jason should be very proud 🙂

    I definitely consider myself a “foodie” (hence the name…), but i wish sometimes that i ate more to live than lived to eat…I tend to overindulge and eat decadent things too often because I feel I deserve it, or owe it to myself to try. I also get frustrated when I don’t produce a “stellar” meal, even if it’s perfectly healthy and fueling.

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