Information Overload

I am tired of studying!

I honestly feel like I am studying for some sort of final exam! There is so much material on the test tomorrow, that even though I have been studying all day, every day since Monday morning, I still do not feel ready AT ALL for this test. I have until 7:30 tomorrow night to get it together.

I doubt that I will be able to post until after the test, so just a heads up! 😀

I have been caffeinating myself like no body’s business. I just made up a word!!


Tonight, Jason made me dinner, and brought it out to the patio, where I was studying.


He made tilapia…


broccoli with too much cheese


…a side salad with just the right amt. of dressing…


…and a taste of spinach tortellini (I went back for more!)  


He says that I hide veggies in his meal, so he’s hiding cheese in mine! I am so thankful that I taught him how to cook!


I snacked on trail mix this afternoon. Good thing this stuff is pre-portioned…


Now, I’m eating pretzels and PB out of the jar/bag. Hence why I like pre-portioned snacks.


Does your signifcant other/ person you live with/ roommate cook you dinner when you are stressed? Jason’s a keeper! 😀


The information is becoming a large blur… I think it’s time for some sleep.




❤ MegaNerd

Breath of Fresh Air

The weather is seriously GORGEOUS for Florida!

I took full advantage of the amazing weather and headed to the dog park with Caitlin for some fresh air.


We brown bagged our lunches, but since it was so early I packed a small lunch, with plans to eat more once I got home. I packed a turkey sandwich


…and a pear.


We hung out at the park for about two hours, and got some studying done.



The dogs seemed to have a lot of fun! Maggie studied poop with me


…and James begged for attention.


I just got home from the park, and made part 2 of lunch: hummus, pita chips, and veggies. Nom-nom!


Back to the books!

It was nice to have a break from my desk today! 😀

❤ MegaNerd