Whole New Boyfriend

The boyfriend and I just got back from a run, and guess what? Jason ran further than he ever has before, 3.75 miles! The most he has ever done is a 5k! I’m so proud!!

He has been training to run this weekends 5k with me. Tonight was his long run, so I went with him for motivation. His goal for the race is to just finish, so we ran at an easy 11:00 min/mile pace, and picked it up to 9:30 over the last mile or so.

I am seriously SUPER proud of him! He has been working hard, and is improving so much!

He commented on our walk back to the apartment that running and eating healthier is making him have more energy and he doesn’t feel the need to come home and nap for two hours every day! He also asks for broccoli and fruit in his lunch…umm… who is this boy, and where did the old Jason go?


This afternoon, I paced myself through homework and still managed to have time to make some homemade granola!


I made Apple-Oats Granola and served with plain fat free yogurt . So good!


I got into my study groove and never really took another break. When Jason got home, I changed for our run, and grabbed a banana on the way out the door.


Jason, on the other hand, thought that a giant plate of cookies was a better pre-run snack.


No worries, he didn’t eat all of those, he just didn’t want to dirty another plate (so he claims).


After our run, I was craving grilled cheese and tomato soup, but we didn’t have any cheese left.

I settled with tomato soup… (V8 tomato herb, Campbell’s has HFCS!)


…homemade bread…


… and grilled zucchini circles (I ate them with my fingers!)


Clean. Simple. Just what I was in the mood for!


I’m off to finish my hydrology assignment… and snag a cookie out of the kitchen! 😉


*** I plan to share the recipes for the homemade bread and the apple-oat granola very soon!***


I love that Jason asks me to run with him. He doesn’t even know how happy that makes me! Do you inspire your significant other to run? Have they inspired you?

❤ MegaNerd

18 Responses

  1. Yay Jason! Tell him I said congrats on his new PDR!

  2. Whoa–I need to reintroduce myself to grilled cheese immmediately!

  3. Ross was just reading labels/ ingredient lists tonight! I was so proud. 🙂

  4. My boyfriend and I actually met through running and most of our first “dates” were runs. I love that it’s something we have in common and make time to do together, I feel like it’s “our time”. We are training to run our first marathon together in May!

  5. My boyfriend pushes me all the time on my runs, especially when I want to start walking. he says ”keep going a lil longer than we’ll stop”. I love him for his motivation.

  6. After my boyfriend watched me train for and run a half-marathon last November, he decided to train with me for a 10 mile race this past spring. It really added so much to our relationship – instead of me taking time away from him to train, it was suddenly “our thing”. He also commented on feeling better in his everyday life … now if only I could get him to finally quit smoking. UGH!

  7. I inspired Phil to run and live healthier- but I created a monster. He’s now super fast and crazy about trying new health foods!

  8. My hubby was on the track team in High School and he ran with me when we dated, but then gave up when we got married. He ran a 5K with me in May but didn’t do good, I think that awoke himself and he’s thinking healthier today!
    Great clean meal, love zuchhinni!

  9. can’t wait for the bread recipe!

  10. This weekend I was lacing up my shoes to go out for a run and my boyfriend said “can I come too?” I’m not going to say that it was pretty, but I was so proud of him! He has decided that his goal is to run a turkey trot on Thanksgiving with me!

  11. whenever kristien runs with me, it makes me so happy. 🙂 but it rarely happens so luckily he makes me happy other ways. LOL

  12. My boyfriend asks to come to the gym with me every once in a while or go on walk. I love working out with him!

  13. My husband has gotten really into bike riding lately, and always asks me to go on long rides with him, which is fantastic! He has also been eating so much healthier, and I don’t think he realizes it, so I’m not gonna tell him!

  14. mmm the homemade granola in the yogurt looks like a delish perfect snacker!

  15. My boyfriend and I are polar opposites when it comes to healthy living! However, he definitely is supportive! 🙂

    You’re luck to have Jason 🙂

  16. I think I told you that I have recently gotten “my Jason” to run with me and I love that he comes with me every so often, even if it’s not far!

    I love V8 soups too—I think it’s funny how companies make different things to “satisfy” all their markets. For example, Campbell’s owns the V8 brand so eating V8 is still eating Campbell’s and feeding Campbell’s pocket but it’s healthier than eating their name-brand stuff. I think it’s so interesting to look at the company’s that own a lot of “healthier” brands of food!

  17. That’s so cool that you’ve inspired Jason to run! My significant other lives really far away so we don’t get to workout together often 😦

    The soup + bread + zukes dinner looks great! Can’t wait for the recipes!

  18. I love the smoothie! Husband and I also run together and I love when he is ready to go. It motivates me!

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