Rock N’ Run 5k

This morning’s 5k started out the racing season with a bang! 😀

The alarm went off at 5:00, and I basically jumped out of bed! I was glad that I had everything ready the night before, so getting dressed required no thought, and I was able to have a relaxing morning. I ate half a bagel with PB before we left:


Showing off my race outfit and number (Before I get all gross and sweaty!)


Jason and I picked Caitlin up on our way to the race. We actually arrived almost an hour before the race started, so my nerves were building! Caitlin snapped this photo but two seconds before I was biting my lips… so nervous!


I was really glad to have my best friend there to support me! Jason ran this race with me last year, too!


We then met up with the other running couples…

Katy and Lucas


Kelly and her supportive camera holding boyfriend, Anthony!


Derek and Meghann


Once it was time, we lined up at the start line. I started somewhere between the 7 min mile and 8 min mile markers near BFF Debbie.


Once the race started, I bolted out of the chute, and was pacing just under 7 minute miles! I knew that I should slow down a bit so that I didn’t burn out, but it was hard because I felt fine at the time!

Mile 1 felt great, and I ran it in 7:19! I passed the mile marker and new that I had the chance to possibly PR today!

Mile 2, I felt good still, but started feeling like I had to pee. I was 10 steps or so behind Meghann the entire time, and then I noticed that I was slowing down a bit.

Mile 3. Now, you may find this entirely disgusting if you are not a serious runner or think pee is disgusting. Not gonna lie, I could NOT control my bladder in the last mile. I pulled off to the side to relieve myself, but it was not a pretty sight. LOL. If I thought I was going to PR (under 23:59) I would have just peed on myself and kept going. Yes, it would be worth it. I’m disgusting, and I admit that.

I guess when you are running so fast you body must think a cougar is chasing you, and your non-essential bodily functions shut down. Apparently holding in your pee is not a life or death situation! All the blood in my body was working to move my legs and pump air into my lungs. At least I know I gave it my all! 😀

My “issue” probably knocked 20 seconds or so off my last mile’s pace, but I still managed to come in under my 25 minute goal.

I finished in 24:23, and was so happy to finish this race! I ran straight through the chute, into the bathroom! YIKES! My average pace was 7:49, so I’m pretty happy with that! 😀


Overall, It was a super fun race, because so many of my favorite people were there!


Jason set a new 5k PR of 30:18! Congrats JasoNerd! ❤



I’m so excited to see what this racing season holds for me! I want to challenge myself to take it up a notch and see what I’m really capable of! Who knows?


I’m now home, and just re-fueled with a bowl of cereal.


  • 1/2 cup Kashi H2H
  • 1/2 cup Kashi GoLean
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • banana

I wish I could say I was doing something awesome now, like taking a nap… but I’m starting my Saturday class today, and I’m already late!

Do you have any embarrassing running stories? I will always remember this race as “that 5k I peed my pants” LOL. 😀

❤ MegaNerd

24 Responses

  1. It’s so funny how races will do that for you…making you have to go to the toliet. I have heard that long distance runners to just pee their pants.

    I have had worse happen to me with bodily functions while running…but I wont sick you out. Lets just say very incredibly embarssing.

    Nice work on beating your goal


  2. haha I love how honest and open you and Caitlin are!!! Congrats on coming in under 25:00, definitely something to be proud of. 🙂

  3. Great job on the race!! The peeing thing is hilarious!

  4. I’m pretty positive that the worst feeling ever is running when you have a bladder full of pee sloshing around! (Um…was that a little TMI imagery?)

    Great job on the race!

  5. Congrats to you on a great start to race season! I just posted on Caitlin’s comments that I once ran a 10K next to a girl who actually peed while running so she wouldn’t lose any time. At least you made the effort to stop!

  6. Congrats, that is an awesome time! I totally know the feeling, I have had similar issues before and it’s awful when you can’t hold it any second longer!!

  7. Congrats on your PR!!! hahaha don’t worry about the pee thing – it happens! Other people might be grossed out, but I think most athletes know where you’re coming from 😉

  8. Congrats on the race dear! You kicked some @$$ in my book. That is a GREAT time, you should be proud!

    Good luck at class today 🙂

  9. congrats on the run!!

  10. Haha funny! Great job girl!

  11. Nice job on the run, girl!

    You made me laugh out loud about your mile 3 incident! 😀

  12. It has to be partly nerves too right? Some combination of nerves and pounding!

    Loved your comment on Caitlins blog. So funny!

    I have heard that after you have had a baby it is way worse!
    Maybe we all need running diapers?

  13. Congrats on the great job!!! The fact that you freely admit to the peeing incident, shows you don’t take yourself too seriously, which is a VERY valuable life tool!!!

  14. Congrats, and so speedy! Getting pumped for my first 5K next weekend!

  15. I love that you and Caitlin BOTH peed yourself! Now I am nervous for my Oct. 5k. Bladder be still!

  16. Congrats on a great 5K…pee and all! I’ve never heard stories about bladder issues, but I’ve heard about bowel issues with marathon runners, and it totally freaks me out. Peeing yourself is one thing, but how horrible would it be to poo your pants?? Eeek!

  17. You made me laugh about your pee situation. When I was a runner, I went through similar stuff! 🙂 Congrats on your time…you did great!

  18. Congrats and that was an excellent post, I think that is so great that you “tell it exactly as it is or happened”! =) Laura

  19. Congratulations on your great time!

  20. Nice work!

    I always think I need to pee in races, but I never once have!

  21. omg, peeing on yourself is NOT something covered in Runner’s World! Too funny, thanks for the honesty. 🙂 And congrats!!

  22. Lol… I totally had that happen to me once too! It was a training run though… I was running with a friend and we were really pushing it, especially at the end, and when we stopped I all of a sudden just basically starting peeing and couldn’t stop!!!! My body was just like um… yeah we’re done. Sorry.

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