Roll Me Outta Here

Happy Birthday to Jason’s Mom!


Jason and I met his mom and brother for a lovely birthday dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Seasons 52.

I love any excuse to get dressed up! Not that I was that dressed up, but anything is better than my “uniform” of running shorts and sports bras!


(Jason wanted to take a photo of me on the newly decorated patio!)

Anyways… Seasons 52 has great food, and the rotate their menu based on the seasons. They chose their menu items based on what is fresh, local, and in season. The “52” comes from the fact that every week, the chef adds a new “special”. The best part is that everything on the menu is made very healthy, and under 475 calories!

We started our meal off with a chipotle shrimp flatbread


…it had pineapple, pepper, feta, shrimp, and chipotle sauce. I would never have thought to put those things together, but it tasted great!

I ate two pieces:


The four of also split edamame, which I ate about a third of:


J’s Mom ordered the tomato stack and generously shared half with me! It had layers of onion, tomato, asparagus, pine nuts, and goat cheese(?).


Surprisingly, I wasn’t already full by the time my food arrived!

I’m glad too, because my meal was delicious!


I ordered the chef Dinner Special, Grilled Mahi with sweet pepper sauce…. so good!


It came with mashed sweet potatoes


…and green veggie trio.


Once we finished up our dinner, it wasn’t too long before they brought out the good stuff! Dessert!


I chose the fresh fruit because I was pretty stuffed already… and saving room (you’ll see why in a second!)


We had a great time hanging out at dinner!


I made sure to save room for one of these bad boys I whipped up earlier:

Apple-Cinnamon Cupcakes with PB Fluff Icing


OH.MY.GOSH. I was shocked at how well these turned out, considering I substituted pretty much 50% of the ingredients from the original recipe.


I plan on posting the recipe tomorrow. Right now, I need to go clean the disaster area that was caused by making these beautiful little masterpieces.


Nice, huh?

Oh… in case you were wondering…

this afternoon I snacked on a TJ’s Apple Strawberry fruit strip I forgot I had…


…and 3 of my pumpkin mini muffins. I need to post this recipe, too!


I am so full!!! Roll me outta here!

❤ MegaNerd

Peaches and Plants

I woke up this morning feeling great!

My legs were not sore at all, but my abs actually were…hmm… Maybe I should do more core work!?

This morning, I met Meghann and Kelly for a nice 7.0 mile run in the park. We originally planned to do 8.0 miles but once we were running, we decided that 7.0 was enough. It’s kind of nice to think that only about a month ago 7 miles felt so long, but today it felt like a break!

We kept an easy pace, and finished in about one hour and 10 minutes.

Before I left, I fueled up with a mini bagel with peanut butter and a large mug of water. No worries, I peed like four times before I left, and then again when I got to the park! 😉


Once I got back, I was really craving a warm peach. Weird craving, yes… but I think I discovered my new favorite breakfast besides Oatmeal!


Warmed peach with cinnamon, topped with a dollop or three of plain yogurt, Kashi granola bar, and blackberries! YUM!

I made my breakfast in layers…

1. Cut up a peach, sprinkle with cinnamon and brown sugar, microwave for 30 seconds.


2. Add a large plop of plain yogurt (1/4 or so?)


3. Add a crunched up Kashi granola bar (or other granola works)


4. Top with berries, and enjoy!


The entire thing gets warm from the peach, and tastes like peach crisp or something. Try this for your own good!

After breakfast we met Jason’s mom at Home Depot for some plant shopping. Our patio is quite bare, and his mom bough plants for us as a housewarming gift! Thank you a bunch!! 😀


It looks so much better now that we have a bit of privacy and color out there!

A mini sage for the table…


..3 Palms for the patio


..and a couple of flowers for in between.


And my favorite, the little cactus I picked out! 😀


It looks great, and thankfully J’s mom knows about flowers and plants, because I DO NOT! She told us the basics… when to water, how much sunlight they need. All the important stuff!

Jason just made lunch… black bean, cheddar and green pepper quesadillas!


Looks pretty good! Can’t wait to dig in!


So much to do today… so little time!

❤ MegaNerd

Busy Busy Saturday!

I took the night off blogging last night, but I’m back!

As soon as I hit “publish” on the 5k Recap, I was out the door, and off to class! I got out of Saturday class at 6:00 pm and met Debbie and her friend for dinner, then came home and crashed!

I had to eat lunch around 11:00 am, a little less than two hours after my post-race breakfast, so I kept it light.

Veggie platter with hummus and pita chips:


I knew that small of a lunch would not keep me full until dinner, so I packed grapes and a CLIF bar, which I ate both of!


On the way to class, it was raining and gloomy, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to reward myself for sitting in Saturday class. I hit up Starbucks, and got a Grande Nonfat Latte with two pumps Pumpkin Spice syrup.


Mmmm. It officially feels like fall! (Except for the weather…)


I was STARVING by the time class got out of class! I think running 3.1 miles hard is more tiring on my body then an 11 mile slower run!

When Debbie called to ask if I wanted to meet for dinner, I jumped on the opportunity! Jason was hanging out with his little brother last night, and I knew I would just sit at home otherwise.

We had dinner at a Thai place in Winter Park, called KATA.


I started my meal out with a house salad, which was extremely sweet! I was expecting a ginger type taste, and it was more like a sweet peanut.

My meal also came with a miso soup, which I practically chugged. I was SO hangry by this point!


For my entree, I ordered the Garden Vegetable with Tofu in light brown sauce (sounds mysterious, but I think it was some sort of soy based).


I ate every single bite, except for one tofu cube I gave to BFF Debbie! It was good, especially since I was so hungry!

It came with a softball of white rice, which was an unexpected surprise! I tried to eat it, but was making a ridiculous fool of myself since we only had chopsticks. LOL.


After dinner, we headed to the Wine Room!


(Jenny, Me, Debbie)

Each of us got a card, and loaded about $10 on to it.

They have soooo many bottles of wine to sample, and all you have to do is insert your card into the machine and select the size pour you want to try! It was a bit expensive for college-budget students, but was worth it!


Each 1 oz. pour I tried was between $1.25 and $2.50, but some pours went up to $20 for an ounce!!!

I had a couple each of Whites and Reds


My $10 went pretty fast, but it was really fun! I am always afraid to buy wine because it seems so intimidating. I never know what to try because I don’t really know what I like!

Saturday was JAM PACKED! Between the 5k, 7 hours of school, dinner, and wine, I was wiped!

Hope you are having a great weekend! 😀

❤ MegaNerd