Homework First, Blog Second

Whew. I pretty much spent the entire day working on a homework assignment that I somehow waited until the last minute to start. It’s a big one too, worth 10% of my grade. NOT a good idea.

I’m sorry I was missing in action (and my morning post was quite short) but I hope you understand! School comes before blogging, unfortunately. 😦

I broke for lunch at 12:00 on the dot. I was starving this morning for some reason, and I had a really hard time waiting.  I knew it would be the best idea to wait, because I have a set eating time for dinner and I don’t want to throw it off. Anyways…

I made a grilled chicken, cheese, and spinach sandwich. I normally wouldn’t put chicken on there, but I was so hungry, I thought I could use the extra protein.


Along with it, I had a cup of v8 Tomato Soup…


with some gold fishies in it!

We picked up this bag of Garden Vegetable goldfish on sale for $1.00 at Publix!


Before I left for class (at 4:00pm) I had a small platter of veggies, hummus, and pita chips. It’s become a staple! Hopefully this holds me over until my 8:30 break!


I packed my dinner to-go, and luckily I made extra Pasta Salad on Thursday night! I would probably be eating fast food or another frozen meal otherwise!

yum yum!


I added some steamed broccoli to it tonight, because it was lacking volume last time.


It has:

  • tri color spiral pasta
  • great northern beans
  • sautéed spinach
  • feta cheese
  • sun dried tomato
  • dash of EVOO 
  • and now broccoli!

I’m now off to my next class! If I’m hungry when I get home, I’ll probably have some chocolate milk or something, but I’ll wait and see. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the morning!


❤ MegaNerd

Google Reader

I have a 7:30 lab on Mondays, which means that I’m waking up and eating breakfast at 6:00 am. I am usually STARVING by 10:00 am, so I split breakfast into parts:

6:00 am

Kashi Island Vanilla in Milk


8:00 am (during Lab)

Apple slices


9:30 am

Egg and toast


I just realized that only about 5% of the people who were subscribing to my original blog in Google Reader are actually still getting the feeds!

When I made the switch from blogger to WordPress, apparently I dropped a lot of people. 😦

Make sure that you update and add   http://meganerdruns.com/feed to your reader, or it will show that I haven’t posted in about a month! YIKES!

❤ MegaNerd