Afraid to Try New Food?

Normally waking up is a breeze, but today I was quite tired! I still managed to drag my butt out of bed and into the gym.

I ran 2.0 miles on the dreadmill, and did about 15 minutes of free weights. I am LOVING lifting weights! I feel so strong. 😀

When I got back, I only had half an hour to get to my 7:30 am class, so I made a quick bowl of cereal:


It had:

  • 1/2 cup Kashi H2H
  • 1/2 cup Kashi GoLean
  • banana
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 TBL flax

I got back around 10:30 am and felt starving! I munched on a handful of the mixed nuts from the ABC expo…


…and a bowl of grapes.


Those two combined actually held me quite well! I didn’t get hungry for lunch until almost 2:00 pm!

For lunch, I tried to recreate the Mega Veggie pizza from the other night at Mellow Mushroom:


It was Delicious, but something about their crust… MMM.

I started out with a whole-wheat pita, buried deep in the freezer. I had to let it thaw first, but it didn’t take too long.


I then added sauce, tomato slices, spinach, and green peppers:


Next layer was broccoli, onions, and mushrooms:


Topped off with black olives and banana peppers.


That’s right… NO CHEESE! I didn’t even miss it.

This may sound CRAAAZY… but I actually never had black olives OR banana peppers until Saturday night. I feel like I’ve been missing out!!

I really liked both! It made me realize that I was always scared of trying them for no reason really. It’s pretty silly!

This year I have tried to venture out and try new things! Examples of stuff I’ve tried…

  • Tofu (love it!)
  • Tempeh (hate it)
  • nuts other than peanuts
  • soy milk
  • cucumbers
  • zucchini/squash
  • eggplant
  • Greek yogurt
  • flax

There are still a few things on my list of “need to try” and some may shock you:

  • okra
  • pears
  • starfruit
  • all olives (other than black now)
  • artichoke
  • brussel sprouts
  • kale
  • pickles
  • chia seeds
  • beets
  • cauliflower

Are there any foods that you have been afraid to try?

❤ MegaNerd

21 Responses

  1. Just a mere month ago, I was afraid to try Greek yogurt. Now, its one of my new favorite foods! Food blogs convinced me to try it…

    I still have yet to try kale and other greens (other than spinach, lettuce and collard greens), and I’m kind of afraid to! I tried collard greens a few months ago, and did not like them at all, so I’m afraid to branch out further into greens. All these blogs though have almost convinced me to do it. Maybe I’ll start with a Green Monster or salad where there are other flavors to ease into it!

  2. I can’t believed you have never tried a pear, then again I was the kid who loved carrots and was satisfied with fruit for desert.

    I have never had kale or brussel sprouts, I like (not love) artichokes.

    I’m not sure if I am afraid to try stuff but I usually wait until I can “sample” at the supermarket or something. It’s a small amount and I don’t feel like I have to finish it if I don’t like it.

  3. How could I forget I am afraid to put spinach in my smoothies.

  4. Ha, What have you been eating all this time?!?

  5. Oh, I love black olives & banana peppers!

    How often do you lift free weights?

    I lift twice a week (machines and free weights)……..and am totally addicted. I actually started lifting in high school when they had a class that taught us girls how to do it and I was hooked ever since. Also, helps that my husband is a lifter as well, I have to hear every day about what he did for his quads or tri’s or bi’s……and so forth! =O

    =) Laura

  6. You’ve GOT to try brussel sprouts. I avoided them for years because of their reputation but a few months back I finally gave in. They’re delicious! Definitely one of my favorite veggies now.

  7. It’s awesome that you are liking lifting weights! I have found a love for it ever since trying Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and No More Trouble Zones. It’s just 5 lb hand weights, but I can see such a difference in my body and it’s such a good feeling to feel STRONG!

  8. I just can’t bring myself to try ketchup. It looks so disgusting and fake. Ick.

  9. PEARS!?!? Oh Megan. Next time I see you remind me to bring you a pear, I’ll pick the juiciest, sweetest pear ever for you! 🙂

  10. I know you said you didnt like tempeh, but neither do I plain. I really love it when its soaked in soy sauce, seasame oil and some chinese spices 🙂 spray a little FF cooking spray on the skillet and “fry” until crisy brown.

    STARFRUIT!!? oh man. best fruit ever. Just wish it wasn’t so gosh darn expensive.

  11. Pears? artichoke? pickles? cauliflour? Yes, you need to try! 😀

    I’m scared to try Kombucha.

  12. I don’t think I’m ever afraid to try new things, but I think my list of things I want to try grows so exhaustive that I forget that I want to try them! #1 example, green monsters! I’ve wanted to make one for several months, and I simply never do it.

    Love the banana pepper/olive combo!

  13. I have had to try a lot of new foods in the past couple of years in an effort to find foods my stomach enjoys. I can’t believe you have never tried pears! I tried Greek yogurt for the first time this year and I loved it!

  14. At some point this year I want to try tofu and other vegetarian options for protein (aside from beans and nuts).

  15. love the breakfast!
    i love to try new things now! i love your lists, i can’t believe some of the things you have yet to try megan!

  16. I need to try kale, chia seeds, cashew butter, bussel sprouts, and pomergranate juice. I keep meaning to try new things, but I’m always worried I wont like them.

    Artichokes, pears, and cauliflower are good though, you should try them!

  17. Your pizza is my lunch inspiration for tomorrow. Thanks!

  18. **Gasp** Go out and buy some cauliflower right now!! Then season it with olive oil, garlic salt & pepper and stick that stuff in the oven. You will diiiiie.

  19. Girl, you must try artichokes ASAP! I love them so much!
    I would like to try kabocha squash that everyone seems to rave so much about in the blog world!

  20. […] my list of foods I am afraid to try? Pickles were one of them!! Caitlin gave me one on Friday to try. […]

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