Brown Bag Breakfast

It feels like a Sunday on a Thursday!

I met Debbie this morning for our last run before Saturday’s 15k race. We headed to one of our favorite spots, and ran an easy 4.0 miles.


Debbie has the day off work, so we stayed at the park and ate a brown bag breakfast! We contemplating going to Panera or FirstWatch, but decided that bringing food from home is so much cheaper!

I packed a Peanut butter and Jelly sammie + a banana:


I forgot how good they are!


I have to use the chunky jelly (preserves I guess?)… none of that low-sugar crap. Straight up gobs of organic fruit. MMMM.

I was slightly jealous of Debs’ breakfast:


..which is why I stole a slice of orange!


No worries… there were plenty of drinks too! All pink 😀


We stopped at Starbucks on the way to pick up our race packets at Track Shack:

IMG_0192 IMG_0194

I ordered the tall Vanilla Roobios Tea latte with nonfat milk, Debbie had an Awake Tea Latte! Both delicious!



By the time lunch rolled around, I was really craving veggies! I knew that a big salad would do the trick.

I seriously threw in every bit of produce we had!


  • spinach
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • mandarin oranges
  • edamame
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • and 5 shrimp!

I topped it all with Asian Dressing


… it really makes the salad taste great.


I have a hard time coming up with portable breakfasts! Must be why I resort to PBJ and clif bars for on-the-go!

Do you ever brown bag your breakfast? What do you pack?


It’s been a fun morning, but I must get back to “school” mode. I have tons of work needing to be done!


❤ MegaNerd

18 Responses

  1. Yeah, I have done the same as you…….PB&J Sandwhich/Bagel or the never fail “Fruit/Green Monster Smoothie” of course! =)

    Can’t wait for the race……just hoping my never ended stuffy nose will go away before. I have had it for 5 days now, I can breath now through my nose but it is still a little stuffy and wouldn’t be good on race day. “Crossing My Fingers!”


  2. portabale yogurt messes or waffle sandwich with pb and bananas 🙂

  3. Everyday! I wish I could get my act together in time to eat at home…I usually pack yogurt, granola and fruit or oatmeal in a tupperware container.

  4. looks like fun! good luck at the race.

  5. If you don’t like mixing toppings in your yogurt then just pack little tupperware containers with granola, fruit, etc. I have every size of tupperware since I don’t like making garbage. It makes eating any meal on the run easier.

  6. I pack breakfast every day! Frozen waffles and peanut butter are one option. I also do “overnight oats” in tupperware alot.

  7. I usually have bircher muesli (overnight oats). Yum!

  8. I really find it hard to pack filling breakfasts to-go. I usually make an english muffin with PB & jelly, but it doesn’t keep me full long…

  9. I have to brown bag my breakfast almost everyday! I have access to a fridge, but not a microwave. I usually will pack overnight oats, yogurt with cereal, or bring instant oats to add hot water to.

    Vanilla Roobios tea lattes are my favorite drink at work (I work at Starbucks). I make them with no sweetener and I use soy. I love to drink them on those days where I’ve had a little too much caffeine, since it is caffeine free!

    I love your big salad!

  10. Waffle sandwiches are great on the go! I also love packing cereal and milk in separate containers with fruit.

  11. The classic PB and J–SO good! 🙂

    Starbucks is the bomb. Any time, any place.

    ❤ jess

  12. This is my new fave thing for portable breakfast! I make huge fritatta on the weekend with loads of veggies, wait for it to cool before slicing it and then wrap each slice separately for each day of the week! Then you can either: eat the slice cold, nuke just the slice or my new fave: put the slice in a sandwich thin and press it on the foreman for just a few minutes! Then I wrap the sandwich in a paper towel and take it with me- delicious!

  13. Breakfast cookie!

  14. Meeting friends on breakfast dates are so much fun. Espeically when you can pair it with a refreshing run.

    Good luck on the race! You’ll do awesome!

  15. Some ideas for a brown bag lunch are, yogurt with berries and granola, a waffle sammie, vitamuffin with hard boiled eggs and fruit.

  16. I brown bag it all the time. Usually a yogurt and a tupperware with cereal that I can mix it all with or pb and banana, thus proving that there is nothing better than a pb & j…

  17. LOVE your polka dot bowl!
    When I pack a breakfast, I usually just take a mix of cereal, nuts, and dried fruit along with a banana.

  18. I basically brown bag my breakfast every morning. I pack instant oatmeal, greek yogurt, and a piece of fruit.

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