Miracle Miles 15k Race Recap

Finally! (Sorry it’s so late, I had class to go to until 5:30 pm directly after the race!)


I DID IT! I raced a new distance, and set a new PR!


It all started with a PB bagel and some water in the car ride over:


BFF Debbie and I met up with Meghann, and then soon after found Caitlin.


I contemplated stopping at the port-o-potty after the 5k incident, but I opted out, and there were no problems! 😉

We all headed over to the start line and got lined up and ready to go:


For the first mile, Debbie, Meghann, Caitlin, and I all ran together. We were pacing at about 8:30 min/miles.

Somewhere around the mile mark or a little after, Meghann and I started to break away from the other girls. We ran together for the first 3.0 miles or so, and I asked her if she thought she could PR at the pace we were going. She didn’t know if she could maintain the 8:30 pace for the entire race, and I told her I thought we could both do it if we stuck together!

I’m sure there were times that one of us felt better than the other, and I probably would have slowed down had Meghann not been there.We both pushed each other and did not want to let the other down. It worked out wonderfully, since Meghann really wanted to PR!

Mile 7.0 was the hardest for me. I think once my body has been running for an hour at that pace, it all becomes mental. I can no longer feel my legs, and they are just moving underneath me. It’s all about how bad I want it!

Around mile 8.5, a burst of adrenaline hit me! A water stop was right there, and I couldn’t stop running, I was speeding up!! Meghann stopped for water, and I just kept telling myself I could have water in only 0.8 more miles!! NO time for that!!!


I pushed it HARD the last half mile or so, and gave it my all! I felt like I had so much more energy in my tank and I had to use it up!


I crossed the finish line in 1:20:56!!



I was so excited to be the first one in the group to finish!


Official Race Stats:

  • Distance: 9.3 miles (Garmin 9.38 miles)
  • Time: 1:20:56 (Garmin +2 seconds)
  • Average Pace: 8:38 min/mile
  • Average Heart Rate: 185 bpm
  • Max Heart Rate: 194 bpm

Mile Splits:


Once I finished, I watched the other girls each cross the finish line:


Notice our finisher’s medals? In my favorite color!


After everyone finished, brunch was being served out on the lawn.



It’s Ashley’s 21st Birthday today!


As you probably figured out from Meghann’s blog, our top secret baking mission last night was Vegan Chocolate cupcakes with PB icing for the birthday girl!


SOOOO GOOD!!!! ( I ate one last night, not today)


I also had a glass of OJ:


And collected my chicken sandwich to eat later (tummy was way off!)


Though it was my first time running this race distance, I REALLY enjoyed it! I honestly HATE 5k’s, have only ever run one 10k, and I’m a bit obsessed with half marathons.

I think it might be a new favorite distance toss up between 15k and the half marathons. I finished this race feeling confident in my running ability!

Time for a nap!

15k Race + Saturday class until 5:30 = Tired Megan!!!


❤ MegaNerd

We Got Our Race Faces On…


Just got back from the Miracle Miles 15k. It was a hell of a race!!!

I came in first out of our group, in 1:20:58!


So proud of everyone!!!

I have to get to class, I’m two hours late!! Full report to come tonight! I can’t wait to tell everyone about the race!!!!!!

❤ MegaNerd