Running on Empty

Racing makes me tired!

As soon as I got home from the race, I made a giant glass of chocolate milk. My tummy felt weird, and I knew that I needed to get some protein and sugar in to start the recovery process.


After I showered and got ready to leave for class, hunger hit me! I made a quick bowl of mac n’ peas!


Did you know that one serving of peas adds 5 g of protein and 4g of fiber!? Way to bulk up the meal!

I STRUGGLED to stay awake in my FE Review class yesterday. The adrenaline rush faded and left me feeling like I had nothing left in me. My “gas tank” was on empty! (As was my car!)


I packed plenty of fluids


..a honey crisp apple (eaten on break)…


…and a CLIF bar (I ate the whole thing!)


Jason and I were lazy and made Pizza for dinner!

Man pizza:


MegaN- veggie pizza:




Plus, mini bowl of Moose Tracks frozen yogurt, eaten in bed while watching multiple episodes of Gossip Girl! 😉



I’m declaring today a Day of Rest! My legs deserve it! They pushed hard yesterday, and I’m pampering them today.

It felt SO good to wake up this morning and be able to relax! No long run to get ready for, no class to rush off to, nothing at all! Granted, I have much school work needing to be done, but it can be put off an hour to enjoy the early morning quiet.

I made a pot of coffee, and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast outside.


I feel like lately breakfast has been SUPER rushed or even force fed (like before long runs and races). I got to eat whatever I wanted and however slow I wanted. It was beautiful!


On the menu was flax French toast with banana….


…and syrup for dipping! YUM!


My goals for the day are:

  • Spend some time with Jason (He’s been neglected)
  • Study for at least 4 hours (two tests this week)
  • Farmer’s Market

I think I can do it!

❤ MegaNerd

13 Responses

  1. Hope you enjoy your relaxing Sunday! I plan on doing the same! xoxo

  2. I do that “cold” chocolate milk after hard or long runs too! Works great and tastes great! Yummy, looking pizza that is a tradition in my house every Friday night……..this Friday we had WINE too! =) Hope you enjoy your relaxing Sunday……….I know I am!


  3. i love honeycrisp apples! they are the best.
    i am glad you are giving yourself a rest day! you sooo deserve it!

  4. Moose tracks frozen yogurt exists!?!?!? I must find this in California!

  5. You so deserve a rest day! Looks like a great day of eats 🙂

  6. Enjoy your day of rest! I love your coffee cup, I have the same one from Starbucks, I love finishing my coffee and seeing the cute heart at the bottom. 🙂

  7. You deserve a day of rest. And I think they are definitely needed after a long run anyway. Your body has to cool down.

  8. “Mac ‘n peas” is one of my favorite comfort foods! Yours looks great!

    I love leisurely weekend mornings; it’s the most relaxing part of my week.

  9. Love the mac & peas! I always add broccoli or peas to Annie’s mac & cheese. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  10. You definitely deserve a day of rest!! 🙂

    Enjoy it!
    ❤ jess

  11. Pizza and ice cream are the perfect way to fill up your tank! 🙂

    Hope you are resting up this weekend after an amazing race! Congrats sweetheart! 🙂 So proud of you.

  12. whoa – I am not a pea person, but that’s a good amount of protein, I think I might change my tone.

  13. I love adding some green to mac & cheese too…I usually go with broc though:)

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