Ready to Eat Healthy

Today I realized just how busy this week is going to be!

I have two test this week, several assignments due, meetings, lab reports, you know how it goes.

I also realized just how unprepared I am in the nutrition department! I’m always in such a rush that it’s hard to make healthy choices. Bad idea when you are trying to ensure a good balance. 😦

Take this morning, for instance. I made some Kashi Hot Cereal, with a banana and a kiwi in a to-go travel mug.


Good choice! Plenty of carbs and protein…but eaten at 6:30 am.


Bad choice: Not thinking to pack a snack because I was FULL at the moment!

I stopped at the little on-campus convenience store and picked up a Balance/mocha chip protein bar. My stomach was basically eating itself by 10:00 am, and the only other option were nutri-grain type bars. I digest those things before I’m done swallowing them.


This bar was actually amazingly tasty! While the ingredients list was quite long, it didn’t taste like artificial junk. It was the density of a reese’s cup, with 15g of protein!


It held me for 2.5 hours, which I consider amazing for a snack. I came home and made a salad using leftover ingredients from the fridge:


  • spinach
  • 1/2 tomato
  • 1/2 bell pepper
  • 1/2 cup refried beans
  • handful of cheddar cheese
  • black bean chips, crunched up


I warmed the beans, so the sort of sunk mid-picture. I mixed it all up and didn’t even need dressing!

After I finished up lunch, I decided to solve this problem of buying snacks and meals on campus by spending 30 minutes to prep some food for the week. What kind of engineer would I be if I didn’t solve problems!? I know that things are going to get crazy, but I think I have at least some stuff under control now.

First, I used these little containers to portion out some chili and other leftovers to heat and eat during the week:


I then chopped up some veggies and put hummus in individual to-go containers. This saves so much time! I hate getting the cutting board out just for a carrot stick.


I cut up fruit, washed grapes:


Individually packed some nuts and Clif bar halves:

IMG_0330 IMG_0331

I think I’m all ready for the week now! That only took 20-30 minutes, and minimal effort. No excuses to eat unhealthy food!

What do you pack to take to class/work? Do you prep your food in bulk ahead of time?

❤ MegaNerd

18 Responses

  1. I don’t necessarily pack up for the whole week, but it seems like a good idea!

    On a lot of days, my classes are structured so that I’m gone for 8 or 9 hours at a time, so I pack lots of meals and snacks! I tend to put some yogurt with cut-up fruit in a tupperware (the yogurt keeps the fruit from browning), and some granola in a separate bag to mix-in for lunch! And definitely veggies and hummus!

  2. That’s a great idea to do it for the whole week! I usually wait til the night before.

  3. I am also a graduate student and I’m taking night classes from 5:30-9:30 four nights a week so Sunday is usually my prep day for four meals and four snacks for those nights I am on campus. I usually make a big pot of lentils, rice and beans, chili, etc. and portion them out into four individual containers. Then I just heat before I leave and grab and go!

  4. Hehe 🙂 I have those bowls too! I was just thinking of this today, funny you should write a post about it. I am great at packing snacks, but I’ve been thinking recently that I need to start cooking in bulk so my dinner options are more varied. This would take some time on the weekends, but I think it would be worth it!

  5. Good for you!! Your bags of celery and carrots look fantastically beautiful 🙂

    Deep breaths dear…Keep on trucking!

  6. Great idea! It must feel great to be more prepared!! I usually pack my lunch and snacks for work the night before. My go-to’s at the moment are a turkey wrap in aluminum foil, carrots and cucumber slices with hummus, an apple, a granola bar, and greek yogurt with cut up fruit. I also prep my coffee pot for the next morning while I’m doing this! Makes my mornings and days so much less stressful!

  7. Good idea!

    I usually prep breakfast the night before. I chop the dried fruit or measure the toppings I use for my oats, and set out the bowl and measuring cup for the liquids. While the oats are cooking I grab my work snacks and water for the day. If I’m having somethign for dinner or lunch that needs to be thawed I toss it in the fridge the night before. It makes the morning run much smoothly and gives me some extra time in the morning to sleep later 🙂

  8. I also always have to prepare for my hunger. i like to pack things the night before. i always carry an extra bar, just in case. I don’t like to have to think of something on the spot. i am much calmer if i don’t have to worry or thing about it in the moment. i know i will have enough and something healthy!

  9. I was totally having the same idea…a busy week with no prep.

    The only thing I’ve been doing to get ahead so far is hard boil eggs on Sunday for the entire week. They are great ways to get extra protein (and staying power) for the morning. I’m like you…I eat breakfast at 6:30 and am dying by 9:30. So, I either add the egg to my oats in the morning or eat one as a mid morning snack. I find my energy levels don’t dip quite as bad.

    But, now I’m going to start pre packaging my yogurt, and veggies/hummus/salsa to have some new ideas!


  10. oh gosh I am the same way with cereal bars! they just go right through me. You should try the Cookie Dough Flavor – its SO delicious and just amazing.

    lovely salad!

  11. First genius idea now you are ready to go, I think I might try that tonight. Since I often grab what I can while running out the door thats a genius idea.

    That salad looks great, I would have never thought to put beans in that, but considering I have all of those items in my house today, I am going to make that for lunch tomorrow. thanks!!

  12. Fabulous job with healthy snacks on hand! What a great idea 😀

    Mmm, fabulous salad!
    ❤ jess

  13. You are a smarty pants. It’s funny I still continue to get caught hungry and snackless. Oh will I ever learn. I should take a page out of your book!

  14. Great “prep” work girl! I do that every Sunday night for my work week and tote in a yellow recycle bag full of my groceries for the work week (breakfast, lunch & snacks). I try to keep bulk items on hand always at work to like packets of oatmeal, whole wheat bread in the freezer, pickles, tuna, peanut butter, granola, etc. so I only have to bring in the “perishable items” every Monday. I also do the same for my daughters snacks…..put them in little baggies (apple slices, grapes, baby carrots, etc.).

    =) Laura

  15. I try to do food prep in advance, too. It is so much easier, I think! 🙂

    Never considered putting a kiwi in oatmeal, but that could be really yummy, I bet. I am putting it on my list of things to try!

  16. that balance bar looks delish!
    yes i do pre-pack my snacks, it is so helpful for me. just grab and go 🙂

  17. Looks like you are really prepared! I have to pack my stuff for work or else I’d have nothing – I’m a teacher and there is no time to run out and get something.

    I love the Balance Gold bars. Good for the protein especially when you are in a pinch.

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