Information Overload

I am tired of studying!

I honestly feel like I am studying for some sort of final exam! There is so much material on the test tomorrow, that even though I have been studying all day, every day since Monday morning, I still do not feel ready AT ALL for this test. I have until 7:30 tomorrow night to get it together.

I doubt that I will be able to post until after the test, so just a heads up! 😀

I have been caffeinating myself like no body’s business. I just made up a word!!


Tonight, Jason made me dinner, and brought it out to the patio, where I was studying.


He made tilapia…


broccoli with too much cheese


…a side salad with just the right amt. of dressing…


…and a taste of spinach tortellini (I went back for more!)  


He says that I hide veggies in his meal, so he’s hiding cheese in mine! I am so thankful that I taught him how to cook!


I snacked on trail mix this afternoon. Good thing this stuff is pre-portioned…


Now, I’m eating pretzels and PB out of the jar/bag. Hence why I like pre-portioned snacks.


Does your signifcant other/ person you live with/ roommate cook you dinner when you are stressed? Jason’s a keeper! 😀


The information is becoming a large blur… I think it’s time for some sleep.




❤ MegaNerd

18 Responses

  1. I soooo need to teach Dan to cook! Though right now, he’s just as busy as I am, since he’s graduating in December… but we’re going to be living apart for a semester while he starts work and I finish school, so he’ll need to fend for himself!

    How did you teach Jason to cook? (What did you start with, etc)?

  2. My husband is definitely a keeper, but he’s not the world’s greatest chef… although he tries!

  3. Anthony and I take turns cooking for each other. But if want to know the exact ingredients in a meal (extra cheese, dressing, butter ect.) then I have to make it. That’s awesome that Jason cooks for you. 🙂

  4. That is so funny that Jason is sneaking cheese in your diet!

    Carl cooks quite often, probably more than I do, actually! I’m so thankful that he enjoys it 🙂

    Good luck on your test tonight!

    I have something for you on my blog from last night.

  5. My bf used to cook me dinner every Sunday (because I work most Sundays) but now we divide the chores exactly seperate. I do all food prep and cooking related activities, he does all dishes, cleaning, leftover duties. He burns everything, so it’s much more delicious to make it myself.

  6. No S.O. in this girls life! 🙂 Besides my mommy. 🙂

  7. that is good to have someone like him around! how sweet.

  8. That’s sweet that he’s willing to cook for you. My husband’s idea of cooking is running out for fast food. Ugh.

  9. My roomie–A.K.A. my DAD haha–always cooks for me. He’s precious.

  10. Aw 🙂 How sweet of him! My Jason cooks for me on Wednesday nights when I have night class, and he does a pretty awesome job! And any other night when I am stressed and have to study (ah hem.. 😉 He will offer to cook

  11. Nikka @

    My boyfriend is definitely a keeper! On Tuesday I came home to a tilapia dinner made by him, it was nourishing & tasty.
    When you are really stressed, it’s nice to have someone there to help cover the small stuff.
    Glad you have someone too!

  12. Yummy, dinner! I love spinach……going to make a Spinach Dip for my daughter’s bday party this weekend, can’t wait.

    =) Laura

  13. The meal looks great!
    I have the same problem, especially with carbs when I’m studying …. my mom got me this great tupperware with a sealable mini-compartment inside the bigger one that’s perfect for pb+pretzels … it’s in my bag right now – if i don’t portion it out i’m just dangerous around them!

  14. good luck on the test!
    glad he made ya dinner!!

  15. Good Luck tonight! For some reason my reader didn’t post this until 2:11PM today??? Maybe it is just something on my end.

  16. Mu husband is a pretty good cook, and he loves trying new recipes. Luckily he messes up enough that I don’t feel totally superfluous!

  17. Love the trailmix ON the notes! 🙂 You ARE studying too much, girl! 🙂 And YES – Austin cooks for me when I get stressed out – it’s SO nice to have food just brought in – loves it.

  18. Pretzels + PB = one of my all time fave combinations!

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