EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

Every year, Disney’s EPCOT holds a food and wine festival! It’s about a month long celebration of food from all countries of the world! Ok… well only 27, but still!


Jason and I took advantage of our yearly passes and declared it date night.


We started our dining adventure in Athens, Greece.


Each booth is different, based on the country, and has a menu board out front.


I ordered a Greek salad with Pita Bread…


…and a glass of Boutari Moschoflero (spelling?)…


…and Jason ordered a chicken souvlaki with cucumber sauce. Both were awesome!


We ate our dinner at one of the stand up tables and watched the sunset over “America”!


We then stopped at New Zealand


..and split a scallop with veggie slaw and lemon oil. It was really heavy on the oil, which normally I would not cook that way at home. It was quite flavorful so it didn’t really bother me.


One thing I really enjoyed were all the plants they had! They had allspice trees, spinach, garbanzo bean plants, pretty much anything you could think of!


I never really think about how these things are grown, so it was really cool to see.


We passed by tons of countries debating what to try. It’s so hard to choose when everything looks so amazing! Luckily we pretty much split everything so we got to try a lot!

Next stop: Morocco!


We ordered the Falafel pita pocket, which Jason ate half of while I was scrambling to get the camera out! Bad blogger boyfriend! LOL.


Jason also got sangria, which went well with it.


In Tokyo


…I tasted spicy tuna roll sushi.


Jason was saying he wanted beer, and we passed by “Boston” and got some Samuel Adams! Reminded me of the Brewery tour in Boston!


I tried the Honey Porter, which tasted like black coffee. I didn’t really like it, so I chugged it. Too dark for my taste!


Jason ordered the “Festival” blend, which I was extremely jealous of! MUST GET THIS!


I forgot where this came from, but it was a spicy coconut, mushroom soup. So good! It was only spicy on the back of my tongue… weird!?


Finally, Jason picked up some pork potstickers from China


…and then BACK to Greece (near the exit) for some Baklava.


I wish I knew how to make this, but it seems so complex!! All the microscopic layers of deliciousness hidden in there!

We hung around for the fireworks show



…and then called it a night.


I had TONS of fun walking around the park and tasting all that the countries had to offer. Just be prepared if you go to drop tons of $$$. Each “sample” which was approx. 2-3 bites cost $3-5. That’s not including alcohol!!

We haven’t got to spend much time together at all lately, and have been wanting to do this again so it made it worth it. (We went last year and the year before, too!) 😀


Have a good night!

Which country would you most like to try food from? My favorite was Morocco!


❤ MegaNerd

25 Responses

  1. I went to the Food & Wine festival last year for my bachelorette party and I’m going again at the end of October. It’s such a fun time! What a great date night 🙂 All that really sticks out in my mind from last year was escargot and champagne in France. Can’t wait for this year…I’m crazy about Disney, happiest place on earth, I tell ya!

  2. That looks like so much fun!

    Baklava is not *that* hard to make. All you need is phyllo dough (store bought), TONS of butter, crushed nuts, honey, sugar, and spices. Alton Brown has a pretty good recipe. It’s my husband’s favorite dessert and I made it one year for his birthday.

  3. I live in New Zealand!! 😀 Not in Wellington though, I live in Whakatane 🙂 It’s cool that there’s a festival like that. It looks like heaps of fun! I wish there were festivals like that here.
    And it’s great that you and your boyfriend got to spend time together 🙂 It’s great when you haven’t been around each other for a while to just spend an entire evening together. For me, it makes me really appreciate him ^.^

  4. Hey! That looks like a great date night. Here’s a recipe from allrecipes.com for baklava:
    I haven’t tried it yet, but it gets fantastic reviews and says it’s easy. Good luck!

    I’m totally going to try your pumpking swirl bread! It looks heavenly! Have a great weekend, Amy

  5. Wow that looks like fun!! You’re so lucky to live so close to Disney.

  6. My parents have passes and go to food and wine multiple times a year! I’m so jealous!! My mom looooves the pastries from France. There’s some orange drink she always gets, I think it’s from France, too. Ugh, I hate being 4 hours from home….

  7. Aww what an awesome date night!! Glad you 2 had a fun time, you deserve it!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. I would love to try Moroccan cuisine, I’ve heard it’s spicy 🙂 What a fun foodie experience!

  9. Doesn’t cost that much if you have connections 😛 🙂

  10. We had a date night last night too. Yours was definately more creative than ours to Chilis and Books A Million but we still had a great time.

  11. Looks like so much fun! I’ve only drank around the world, sampling food from just what I think Mexico and England had to offer. Love the fireworks show there 🙂

  12. What a fun date! I love the idea of sampling different cuisines while wandering around with the person you love!

  13. i go to disney every year with my fam and when i was younger i would hate going to epcot because it would seem so boring to me. but last year when we went i loved epcot, i found i very interesting and wicked funnnn 🙂

  14. How cute! Love all of the pics – looks like a great time!!! I would be interested in New Zeland – but I have had a hard time leaving Greece! haha 🙂

  15. Wow looks like a lot of fun! I’m jealous. I want to take my husband there he has never been to disney land or disney world and I’d love to show him the rest of the stuff around there!

  16. Looks great! I recently went to a similar event that was just European countries, and it was a blast (although that may be b/c the ticket included all food and drinks were included lol)

    I am a huge fan of ethiopian food!

  17. Awww, what a fun date 🙂

    It does sound pricey, however, it is something that creates a lot of fun memories, so it is all worth it in the end!

    I think Morocco would be my fav too!

  18. Baklava is sooo good! I love eating it as often as I can get it, lol, especially with all of the flaky layers and the nutty, honeyed goodness – holy yum!

  19. Peruvian food!!!!

  20. What a fun day 🙂 Everything looks delish!

  21. That’s such a cool thing to go to! Delicious! Disneyland fireworks are the best fireworks I’ve seen in my life. Amazing! I love how they coordinate it to Disney music.

  22. Hahaha. I laughed out loud when I read the part about Jason taking bites of it while you were getting your camera out lol 🙂 My Jason does the “Hey whats over there” thing and then steals my food!

    It looks like such a fun date night! Your blog is making me have a better mood!

  23. The Morroccan food looks like it would definitely be my favorite… but, I woulda saved all my DRINKING FOR NEW ZEALAND!!! Best. Beer. Ever.

  24. I’m going to F&W this Saturday and am so pumped, since this will be my second year going! It is pricey, but I’m really spoiled since a bunch of my friends work as season lifeguards for Disney we get in free! yay.

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