Very Un-Megan Meal

I actually have a Saturday night free! Well, pretty much any night free is rare these days.

I had Saturday class today as usual, so my eats were basically a bunch of snacks/mini meals. Very boring and repetitive:

  • Kashi hot cereal with kiwi
  • Apple with Peanut butter
  • z-bar
  • hummus and chicken wrap
  • side salad
  • pita chips


 I’m skipping to the good stuff!


We met Jason’s mom and brother for an early dinner at Cantina Laredo. My favorite part about this restaurant is the fresh guacamole that they make right at your table.


I had a small plate with some chips:


We came to this restaurant a few weeks ago, and I wanted to try something new! I couldn’t make up my mind, so I asked Jason for help.


I ended up choosing the Botanas platter with a little bit of everything! It was very un-Megan of me, but whatever.


I started with the two shrimp and veggie skewers. YUM!


It came with a mini chicken and red pepper quesadilla… I ate two of the three.


Two stuffed jalapeño peppers (I ate one of them)… Jason was shocked that I liked it!


Two itty-bitty chicken tacos (I had one)


…and some queso and more guac for dipping. I didn’t use much of either.

This is by no means the healthiest thing on the menu. I just really didn’t feel like eating a salad or a plate of veggies that I could have made at home!

I usually splurge with sweets, but today I chose delicious fried carbs. LOL.



My left shin is feeling much better today! I’m skipping my 12.0 mile scheduled long run tomorrow for a short 3.0 miler just to be on the safe side, but I’m happy I won’t be out forever! Injuries suck- I don’t want one!


Off to catch up on the DVR! Jason’s off playing hockey, so I have the remote to myself 😀


❤ MegaNerd