16 Hours on Campus


Today has been one LONG day! I got a ton of stuff accomplished though, which made me feel good! My test seemed to go okay, better than the others have been lately!

Best part of the day… a field trip!

At 3:00 pm, I met the rest of my classmates and my concrete design teacher at the construction site.


We didn’t have to travel far. In fact, I walked to the site! UCF is building a performance arts building and it was just on the other end of campus.


(It kind of looks like puzzle pieces!! Me no like.)

I’m glad that I kept my hardhat and steel toed boots around from my internship! They were required to go on site!


I didn’t take a picture of myself… but this is the exact same thing, minus the bridge (from last year). I look so hott right? LOL.



The site was cool! We saw all the “underneath” stuff (rebar, etc) before the concrete slabs go in. I’ve seen this stuff a thousand times, but it is always different. I got to see post-tension cables… I don’t think anyone actually knows what that is, but I was intrigued.

I forgot how much walking site visits required! I climbed up the 19 foot wooden ladder a few times, and it was scary!!!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take my camera out because of the site rules. It ended up working out because it started to POUR!!


My clothes got soaking wet, and my jeans were all muddy at the bottoms. Luckily, I had a change of shirt, but not pants. I had to sit through my classes feeling so gross!!

In between the site visit and classes, I stopped at smoothie king on campus to pick up a smoothie. It hit the spot after being outside for 2.5 hours. (I missed my first class…oops!!)


Mmmm… Angel Food! I always ask for no extra sugar, because it saves like 100 calories, and tastes much more natural. I like tasting actual fruit, not just sugar!


I am so glad that I took the time to pack food for the day. It saved me time, and every time I got hungry I just pulled something out of my lunch cooler. A few people said they wouldn’t be satisfied with a bunch of snacks, but I was so busy I didn’t really have time to notice. Eating frequently seemed to keep my energy levels steady, and it was a great excuse to take a break ever 2 hours or so!

I sort of forgot that drinking my 6:00pm smoothie, and eating dinner at 11:00pm would leave me hungry in class. My stomach literally growled so loud that my teacher stopped lecturing to ask me if I was okay! Gaaaah!?!! How embarrassing!!!! I had been hunched over because I was freezing and starving (see Muddy clothes) and so I probably looked miserable.

We were let out late tonight from my design class, putting me on campus for 16 straight hours! I think it’s a record! (Other than living in the dorms.)


Once I finally got home, I quickly showered and heated up my leftover homemade  Minestrone soup. It was PERFECT!!


Well, I used up 16 hours of my day at school… I intend to use the next 7 to 8 in my cozy bed! Jason’s working the night shift, so I get to sleep dead center.


What is the longest amount of time you have ever been on campus, or at work?

My records: Campus (16 hours- today!), Work (19 hours- overnight for a concrete pour!)

❤ MegaNerd

18 Responses

  1. I used to work front desk at a hotel and I was able to work doubles at times. My longest time there was 20 hours! I was a crazy girl and I mainly worked nights until 7am then went to my 9:30am class.

  2. the guy behind you where your holding your bridge is hilarious.i have never stayed on campus no more than 6 hours. i dont think would be able to make it 16 hours!

  3. OMG I can’t believe she stopped to ask you that!! Gaaah. Get some rest tonight!! The longest I’ve been on campus were my long long days from 9-10 every Tuesday last quarter. So 11 hours? And then occasionally I’d hit up the library afterwards if I needed to get some studying in.

  4. Wow! What a huge day!

    How embarrassing having your stomach rumble in class 🙂 That is my worst fear!

  5. You’ve got me beat! For sure. When I worked at my college’s newspaper I used to go in at 4 or 5 and stay until 2 or 3 in the morning. So maybe 13 hours at the most.

  6. Reading about your classes and campus make me want to go back to school SO much! I miss it. Hope you had a good, lonnnng day!

    I’m pretty new to your blog and just wanted to delurk myself. I like it very much!

  7. Hahahaha. I hate it when my stomach growls and other people can hear it LOL and that vest is dead sexy too, haha 🙂 Gosh, I think the longest I’ve ever been at work is 13.5 hours??

    and I can’t even count at school! Back when I first started, I had classes back to back beginning at 8 and ending around 4 in the afternoon.

    Don’t you miss Jason?? 😦 I feel so weird when even my foot goes onto the other part of the bed when my Jason isn’t at home, ha. That sucks he has to work the night shift, but you are strong enough to handle that, I would be crying on the floor lol

  8. I should probably spend a 16 hour day doing homework today . . . I’ve been at work for 19 hours before, working at a cosmetic counter, gift with purchase – it’s so hellish it takes years off your life!

  9. OMG… my stomach used to do that in class sometimes too, especially before lunch. so awkward! actually, the worst is having hiccups in class. or anywhere, really. lol.

  10. Sounds like a rough day, but with some good eats, especially the smoothie!
    Field trip sounds fun and a great way to break up the long day on campus!

  11. busy busy day…. I love Smoothie King but your right the calories add up!!

  12. Ew on the performing arts building. It’s ok, I do everything in my power to convince prospective music/ arts students that UCF is a HORRIBLE school to go to for that field. And I’ve heard so many other horror stories about the music dept. since I’ve left. At least I’ve been able to convince a few students not to go there. 😀

  13. OMG I feel you. I spent over 24 hours in the library for a ridiculous final one year–only taking breaks for food haha

  14. Angel Food = the best smoothie EVER! Love. And you rock a hard hat! Not many ladiezz can pull that one off, but you can!

  15. i like your outfit, the vest and the hardhard, tres cute!! hehe

  16. busy busy monday!

  17. Wow, way to be a trooper!
    I love your tummy grumbling story. I HAVE to eat something small before I sit in a quiet room for a period time or my stomach grumbles too. If I forget then it’s so hard to concentrate on anything except for when the next grumble is going to come. I have fake coughed, got up and found a vending machine, wiggled around to stop the tummy noise, you name it! I have never had my teacher say something, only weird looks from classmates, sorry they said something, your teacher should know you stomach was in control, not you!

  18. loud stomach grumbling is the worst and it alwaya happens at the quietest of times!
    my longest day so far has been 12 hours at school- i’m not even at college yet!

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