My Manic Monday

Good morning, and happy Monday! Err…Can Monday’s BE happy?

I have a JAM PACKED day starting with a lab at 7:30am, Test at 9:30 am, 2 Assignments due at noon, Field Trip at 3, and then class from 4:30-10:20. YIKES!


I woke up extra early this morning to get my stuff together and out the door on time. I never have time to work out on Monday’s so I take that as my rest day every week. Before I left, I made a nice warm bowl of Pumpkin Oatmeal!


This time, I topped it with plain Oikos and some dried cranberries. YUM!


Since I will have a full field trip recap after dinner, I figured I’ll give you a lunch preview! I packed a lunchbox full of stuff, and I’m planning on stopping for a smoothie after my field trip (my punch card is full, time for a free one!).

I have no idea when I will eat all this, but I’m pretty sure it will all hold me til 5:00 pm when I get a smoothie! 😀


I packed a whole wheat wrap with spinach, hummus, and turkey.


It’s easier for me to eat half at a time because I usually have to be sneaky about eating in class or labs. I don’t really have a lunch break time.


For mid-day snacks…

Leftover cantaloupe from yesterday’s lovely brunch…


…a honeycrisp apple

I pack a napkin and plastic baggie because I always make a mess! I eat the apple, whip my hands, and throw the core into the baggie. It pays to be prepared.


string cheese… (gotta get that Calci-yummm!)


…and a mini CLIF bar.


I realize that I have tons of snacks, and a small wrap, but it’s easier for me to eat this way on busy days. I don’t have time for a full blown lunch, but I need to keep my energy up for my manic Monday!!

I have my stuff all packed up, my change of clothes… I think I’m ready for the day. Off to take my test!

See you tonight! 😀

❤ MegaNerd

19 Responses

  1. Good luck on the exam!!

  2. good luck on your busy busy day today! great idea on the mini snacks to make up a lunch since you don’t have lots of time!

  3. Goood luck! I think busy days necessitate snacks so you always have something to look forward to 🙂

  4. Oooooo! Your pumpkin oats look great!! I’ll have to try craisins in mine…yum! Good luck on your exam!!

  5. Whoooooaaa, Megan, please delete my comment, I didn’t finish the url address and their is a very bad site it is linking to…yikes!!! 😦

    The appropriate address is:


  6. Good luck with all you have going on this busy day!

  7. Wow girl – crazy day!! Best of luck with everything – looking forward to your recap!

  8. I read your posts re: your shin and I have a little advice for you as someone who got shin splints during Boston training last year. I ignored them too long and it was on the verge of being a fracture so you are SMART to lay off of it. But I was not and I had to take two months off during the peak of training. Thanks to a very smart coach (who won Boston one year), I finished the marathon in a decent time because of a machine called the Arc Trainer. If you have one at a local gym, put the incline at 5-6, and add some resistance (do intervals). It is the next best thing to running. Ex. If you want to do a 12 mile run, you spend the same time on the AT as it would take you to run 12 miles. Ignore what the machine says for miles done. This is a great way to keep up the leg strength during a week or two (or 2 months for me) of not running.

  9. All your eats look great! Good Luck with your busy day! I know how you feel!!!

  10. Wow! Busy day! Planning food ahead is definitely the best way to stay sane on such a busy day!

  11. Definitely a busy day–snacks are what usually get me through days like that!

  12. I think Monday’s can be HAPPY…….if you are on vacation that is! =O

    Great day of eats, that Pumpkin Oatmeal looks so yummy and the wrap too……ok all of it did actually! =)

    Hope your Monday ends nicely!

    =) Laura

  13. way to start the week off on the right foot with those oats! pumpkinnnnnnn <3333

  14. what a busy day girl! Your so prepared so i know you’ll have a good day! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the field trip!

  15. I can’t eat like that… I never feel full the whole day, which drives me crazy. I much prefer full meals to snacking all day. That can be super tough for students though!

  16. Howcome your oats always come out looking like desserts?!? Nomm noomm nommm..Haha 🙂 Them looks like some good eats there girlie!

  17. Your pumpkin oats look beautiful!

    Hope you have a great day. SOunds jam packed but I’m sure it will fly by.

  18. […] am so glad that I took the time to pack food for the day. It saved me time, and every time I got hungry I just pulled something out of my lunch cooler. A […]

  19. Pumpkin and cranberries is the perfect combo, isn’t it?

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