Anytime Fitness Winter Park

Good Morning!

A couple of days ago, the lovely people from Anytime Fitness Winter Park, FL contacted me to come check out their gym, and attend a yoga class.


In the car on the way over, I had a Blueberry crisp CLIF bar. It reminded me of a Blueberry muffin! 😀


I have only ever been to a yoga class one other time, and it was hard! I’m extremely inflexible, so I was a little nervous about going.


The yoga studio was very nice! It was in the back of the building, which was quiet and dark. The little amount of lighting made it feel relaxing and serene.

The instructor was awesome, and kept reminding us that yoga is about focusing and breathing. It doesn’t matter what’s happened before or after, only in THAT moment. Words to live by! We did some gentle stretching- Hatha type yoga, and ended with some meditation.

I tried picturing myself somewhere far away from all my school stress, and this is what I pictured:


Beautiful, huh?

(Taken in March 2008, on a trip to San Diego, CA. This is at La Jolla, CA.)

Gentle yoga was just what I needed with all the school stress I have piling up! I never realized just how many directions my mind is going in until I was on the mat, literally thinking about only breathing. Amazing!

We also got to check out the rest of the facilities. The staff was super friendly showing Caitlin and I around!


Some of my favorite features (other than the staff and yoga studio) was that there are tvs on the cardio equipment! Now THAT would make running on a treadmill so much nicer!


I also really liked that the gym is 24 hours! As you can tell from my Marathon Training plan, I like my workouts to work around MY schedule, not the other way around!

You just have to have a little key to come in, but the building is very secure! They even have little necklaces you can wear with a button that calls 911!


That way, if you are the only one there and something happens to you, just push the button! As a woman, that would make me feel safer working out there!


This gym seems very reasonably priced and is located to next door to Whole Foods! Caitlin and I stopped in to pick up some goodies, including a pumpkin scone which I stole a few nibbles from 😀


Thanks again to Anytime Fitness for letting us come check out the facilities! 😀

Be sure to check them out on Twitter!


What aspects of a gym are most attractive to you? Cheap memberships? Location? Facilities?



❤ MegaNerd

23 Responses

  1. Location and facilities. it has to be close to home AND work, and offer classes. Luckily I go to a gym that fits my requirements 🙂

  2. that looks like a pretty good gym! i love the 24 hour option… good for students. TV’s are key in gyms I think – it makes cardio go by so much faster!

  3. My gym is open 24 hrs too! I go to planet fitness, they don’t have a studio..just a bunch of gym equipment, but it serves it’s it’s extremely cheap! $10 a month, anyone can afford that! Have a lovely day 🙂

  4. Recently I joined a small local gym because there are no ‘big’ gyms reasonably close. I love supporting the small business, but they don’t have air conditioning or offer classes. I find myself not going and working out on my own instead.
    The gym you went to looks great! I have never heard of the whole ‘let yourself in w/ a key thing’, it sounds really cool, and the yoga studio is serene.

  5. omg i love treadmills with t.v.s! it makes running so much better and goes by a lot quicker! glad you enjoyed enytime fitness!

  6. Mmmm, that scone. I think it’d be dangerous for me to workout next door to Whole Foods!

  7. Classes are definitely most important to me. I’ve joined cheaper gym with less than stellar facilities/classes–and I just never went! I think it’s worth the extra money if it gives you extra (often needed!) motivation.

    And I felt the same way during my first yoga class! My mind was eeeeeeeeverywhere

  8. (And I felt like all the calm yogis in the room could totally tell!!)

  9. I would SO not feel safe with just that alarm. Eek!

    I generally have a gym membership on the go, but I don’t really use it much. All I need is a decent spin bike and a non-broken treadmill!

  10. Hi Megan! I don’t know if I’ve ever commented before, but, anyways, I’ve been a reader for awhile and am training for my first marathon too!

    I don’t have a “real gym” membership–I work at a university, so, I have a membership to the school gym, which is really, really fancy, but, it opens at 6 AM, which is great for most people, but, when you need to get in 8 miles or so before being at work at 8 AM this can get dicey. And it’s super crowded with students after work, so, that’s a problem.

    There’s a really nice gym literally across the street from my house and it is open at 5 AM and stays open real late at night, but, I just can’t justify the price! I love running outside, but, sometimes, at 5 AM it can be a little scary!

    Hope you’re having a good day!

  11. Great gym review! Love the necklace- genious! I wish my 24-hour gym had that!! And the TVs are pretty sweet too! I really just look for SPACE to move/do free weights/etc., lots of treadmills (hate waiting), low volume on the music and a low temperature!!

  12. I really want to try that flavor – I’ve heard others say it tastes like a blueberry muffin too! My school gym as TV’s on MOST of the cardio machins. It does make the time so much more enjoyable…although I still love my music.

    I asked Caitlin this too, but if you’ve tried the Starbucks pumpkin scone, is the Whole Foods one better? I really want to try a scone this year but not sure which one I should choose!!

  13. My gym was attractive to me at the time because of the price per month and the free weight facilities. I loved the cinema cardio rooms and that the staff really seemed to have a grasp on the equipment and how to use it if I needed assistance, and have been really helpful when I’ve had questions on form while lifting 🙂

  14. My boyfriend’s old apartment had a fitness room with tvs on the cardio machines. It was awesome.

    I guess a mixture of everything appeals to me in a gym. Lots of equipment, inexpensive, close to my house.

  15. For the gym membership I am all about location, location, location. It is a must that it is close to my work so that I can head right from my house to workout and finally to work. (It helps that all three are downtown!)

    That scone looks aaaamazing.

  16. Yoga definitely helped me out big time during some stressful times at school! That pumpkin scone looks delicious as well 🙂

  17. Sounds like a really neat gym! Love the yoga studio.

  18. Looks nice. The 24 hours would scare me a bit, but that neck strap is a GREAT idea!

  19. That looks like a good fitness facility. And wow, doing yoga in that studio would be so relaxing, I imagine. I can’t wait to have access to a gym again. I definitely won’t take it for granted anymore.

  20. […] since Caitlin and I split the Whole Foods Pumpkin scone, I have been wanting to try them out […]

  21. […] A few months ago I tried yoga at another gym but never really got hooked. I am really energetic and have a hard time being focused, so yoga is a bit of a challenge just to stay on the mat. […]

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