Studying on Saturday

The last five or six Saturday’s of my life have been either

a. FE Review class 8am-5pm


b. Early morning race and THEN class until 5pm


Today was no different. I then continued my long day by spending another four hours studying for my Thermo test. MY LIFE = Studying.

When will my life be normal?!?

I am studied out! Honestly though, my grades stink worse then my trash can. I NEED to do well on these tests… my future (aka graduating, getting out of massive debt, and moving away with Jason) depends on it!

Sorry, I needed to vent!


Now onto what you REALLY want to read about… FOOD!

I started my morning off with a bowl mug of Oatmeal. It’s easier to take it on the go this way.


It had the usual… with banana and almond butter.

Jason ate my leftover sushi, which was disappointing, but I decided to make sushi wraps!


I basically took a whole wheat wrap, spread a decent amount of sundried tomato hummus, added deli meat, and sprouts. Then, I wrapped it up, and cut into cute little bite sized pieces!


I packed the “sushi” with 2 carrots and extra hummus:


I like to have mini-meals when I’m at school, so I also packed a cut up honey crisp apple…


… and a pumpkin pie Kashi bar. These things taste like dessert, but are actually pretty healthy!


Time to wrap this post up! I’ll finish up the day’s eats in the morning. You will have to wait in suspense until then. I made a very “fall” meal, and had a “glo”-ing dessert! 😀

❤ MegaNerd

16 Responses

  1. Hey Megan – I’m a full-time student too and I’m wondering what kind of bag you use to carry all your stuff?

    I know that I NEED to pack my own food more often, both to SAVE money and to eat healthier – but my bag is already stuffed full with my notebooks and books every day!! Do you have a great bag recommendation to carry all your stuff with?

  2. That Kashi bar looks amazing! I think I may need to get some of those!

  3. love your sushi wraps!

  4. Your sushi wraps are a great idea for food on the go! Love it. But it’s making me crave REAL sushi. 🙂

  5. My life was the same when I was graduate school. You just have to remind yourself that it’s a temporary state; your life will NOT always be like this!

  6. I feel ya, girl. You know what they say- the only way out is through. You can do it!

  7. Good luck with the exams, Megan! I know engineering majors are tough to get through, but so worth it in the end! You only have a little time left with it–you can do it!

  8. your sushi wraps look yummy! and i totally agree about the kashi pumpkin spice bar. its such a delicious treat!

  9. I hate when my boyfriend eats my leftovers! Your wrap was a good second choice though. Good luck with all the studying.

  10. Ugh, sorry you are stressed! I had an episode last week, but then I vented and felt better too 🙂 Just keep your goals in mind!
    The pumpkin kashi bars are pretty yummy! Have you tried the Raspberry dark chocolate one? Those taste like dessert too. Make sure to get some ‘you time’ in between all the studying girlie!

  11. I can relate to my life = studying so much. Sometime I feel like such an outcast from people my age who are just in school to party. Your hard work will pay off and make you stand out!

  12. That oatmeal looks awesome.!

  13. My life is constantly studying too. I even studied all summer!! I can’t wait till xmas break!

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