Half Way to the Wedding

Brielle and I made it to Tampa!

We are actually on half way to our stepbrother’s wedding. We stopped at my dad’s house in Tampa to see our family and have some lunch.

Our dad made a lunch buffet for us! He had all kinds of deli meat, cheese, soup, fruit, and chips.


I made a mini sandwich with ham and Swiss.


With fruit and garden veggie soup on the side. Lunch seems to be the only time I can eat anything, so I’m trying to eat alot!


My family is starting to pick up on healthy habits! I’m so proud.


We spent a couple of hours relaxing with the family pitching baseballs to Michael, and watching Lexie’s gymnastics, and now it’s time to get ready!

Lexie is DYING for me to show her back handspring on my little blog…


The wedding is on the beach so it’s pretty casual (as in.. no shoes!) I’m wearing this dress that I wore Easter 2008. It’s actually an old favorite I haven’t worn in quite a while!


Still hasn’t hit me. My Step-brother is getting MARRIED in three hours! OMG!!!!!!

It’s about time. We are off to the beach!

❤ MegaNerd

11 Responses

  1. Sounds like the perfect laidback wedding, cute dress btw.

    Awesome gymnast there!!!

  2. Your sister is adorable!! I used to do gymnastics too. I would probably break my neck if i attempted to try a back handspring now!

  3. Awww your little sister is super cute 🙂 and that back handspring was impressive!
    Your dress looks lovely, looking forward to reading a recap to see what it looks like on.
    Good to see your appetite coming back. You’re making a quick recovery!

  4. Your sister is adorable 🙂 Awesome back handspring! Makes me miss my gymnast days, hehe.

  5. glad you got to stop at home first! have fun at the wedding 🙂

  6. AWWWW how cute!! Reminds me of my sister 🙂 She has her gymnastics competition tomorrow, so maybe I can get a video too! hehe.

    Have fun today!!!

  7. oh man, my sis and i (ok, mostly just me) would always tumble for my mom’s old video camera. i was such a ham! and this little video reminded me of the good ol days…though she was not goofy like me 😉 great trick girl!

    have fun at the wedding!

  8. nice bhs… i am a gymnast as well as a coach ( im still in highschool, lol) totally remember learning those… tell her to snap her feet under her and use her shoulders… will produce straight arms and legs 🙂

  9. What a cutie! She’s got some talent!

  10. I still remember how excited I was when I started doing roundoff back handsprings. It was such a big achievement for me at Lexi’s age!

    Way to go Lexi! 🙂

  11. hahah i loved lexie’s cameo!!!!

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