Outdoor Sunday

I let myself sleep in pretty late this morning. I didn’t get to bed until 2:00 am and my body really needed sleep!

I stayed over at my parents house last night, so breakfast options were limited. I made two slices of whole grain toast with PB and banana. Not my favorite, but it works.


I took my breakfast outside to photograph it, and realized it was 47 degrees out! Yay!!! I love cooler temps!

I pretty much headed straight back to Orlando after breakfast. It was way too cool to run in the shorts and tank top option I brought. By the time I got home, it was already noon. I ate a leftover Montana Whopper cookie for a pre-run snack.


Even at noon, the temperatures were still in the high 50s or low 60s. I was so excited to wear my running capris, which have been in the drawer since about March.


I got in a 7.0 mile run which seems crazy for running at noon! It was such a luxury to be running after the sun was up.

I forgot how effortless running in nice weather is. I ran at an average 9:02 pace, which seemed so easy. That never happens when it’s blazing hot out.

Once I got back from running, Jason and I decided to head back outdoors to the park for a picnic!


The weather is just too nice, and too rare to pass up!


We stopped at Publix to get subs since it was already 2:00 and we were starving! I got a whole grain 6 inch sub, turkey, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, onion, green pepper, banana pepper (new addition for me!) and salt and pepper.


I also had a couple of Jason’s chips, and some fruit out of this fruit cup.


It’s already 6:30 and I have done NOTHING productive but run today. I am really burnt out on school and really needed a weekend of fun to clear my head!

What is your favorite thing to do outdoors when the weather cools down?

❤ MegaNerd

All You Need Is Love

Congratulations, Frankie and Jen!


Brielle and I drove another couple hours south to Bradenton Beach, FL for my stepbrother’s wedding. He’s been dating Jen for 8 years now, it’s about time they “tied the knot!”



We played like the paparazzi…


…blared the music in the car…


…and stopped at Starbucks for a pick-me-up.


When we arrived, it was slightly chilly! I LOVE it!


The beach was a perfect setting for the wedding. My S-Bro and Jen are very chill people, and love the beach/water/all things Florida.

I loved that we didn’t even have to wear shoes!


The ceremony made everyone tear up a little bit.


Jen looked more beautiful then I have ever seen her!  I love her!


Since Jen is Korean, they actually held a second Korean ceremony which was really neat to see.


The family members threw dates and nuts for the bride to catch with her dress to “bless” the family. Something to that effect…


There were about 100 friends and family members there to celebrate with. It was awesome catching up with everyone!


After the ceremony, we headed over to our tables. Each was labeled with a different fish name, such as Wahoo, Catfish, Grouper, etc.


Then came the food! We started with appetizers…


…my favorite was the large tropical fruit tree.


My plate:


…plus a margarita, which I only had a sip of.


Family photo time…


…random surfers…


I took SO many pictures, it’s ridiculous.


My favorite picture of the night… 


Yay, love. 😀

It was then time for the par-tay! We started out with a lovely meal. I had a nibble of grouper, tropical salsa chicken, green beans, and salad. Delicious!


Next up, wedding cupcakes!


They sliced a cupcake in half to feed each other. Kind of awkward… LOL.


I loved the idea of cupcakes! I’m obsessed with cupcakes for some reason. I think they taste better than cake. This particular one was vanilla, with vanilla bean icing, and strawberry filling. YUMM!


It was then time to dance!


IMG_1012 IMG_1011

Brielle, Stepdad Frank, Me…


This was the most fun I have EVER had at a wedding. It was relaxed, everyone was having a wonderful time, and celebrating love. I hope that if I ever get married that my wedding will be this fun!

I’m not even going to try to explain how all these people are related to each other, because sometimes even I get confused! My step brother is not exactly even my step brother any more (mom and stepdad got divorced, but we were step-siblings from age 6-18) but these people are truly my family. I love them so much, and am so happy to have them in my life! We are the most random combo of people, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! Blended families are a blessing!

Congrats, again, Frankie and Jen! I wish you the best!!! 😀


❤ MegaNerd


PS.I almost waited until morning to write this (as it’s after 1:00 am) but it was too exciting to wait!!!! And it’s cold, I’m loving being bundled up 😀