Fall: In the Air, On the Floor

I was in a rush this morning, and had to grab a quick CLIF bar quasi-healthy breakfast.


I would prefer to eat real food, but it’s better than not eating at all!


I did something today that I don’t normally get to do on a Monday: RUN! Since it’s cooler, and I didn’t really break a sweat, I got in a run between classes! 😀

With exactly twenty minutes to run, I managed to squeeze in 2.3 miles! I even busted out the long sleeve running shirt, which was totally unnecessary. I bought it two winters ago, but I’ve only worn it on 1.5 runs!!! (Usually gets to hot, so I take it off, LOL).


It felt so great to get outside. I am falling in love with this weather! Too bad it’s leaving tomorrow…

When I got back, I decided to make the frozen Kashi pizza that’s been taking up room in my freezer.


Everything was going great… until I loaded up my plate to bring to the table for a photo shoot. BAM… Pizza slice slides of plate, and onto the floor. LAAAAME!


I still had two, which seemed to fill me up just fine.


The Caribbean carnival pizza had a very unique flavor. I really liked it!


Meghann said that it would be fine to eat it off the floor (we are g-chatting) but I just couldn’t do it.

At my old job, the airport, I once opened a CLIF bar wrapper with a little too much force, and it flew straight out of the package, 2 feet in the air, and smack onto the carpet. Germs from all over the world got on that sticky little block of goodness.

I’m ashamed to admit that I ate that germ-flavored CLIF bar. My co-workers (all males) asked, “are you going to eat that?”… They wanted it!!! I would NOT have eaten it, if I wasn’t starving. That job required TONS of physical labor, and the only food option was Burger King. OH man.

What’s the grossest thing you have ever eaten off the floor?

I hope you didn’t just lose your lunch.

❤ MegaNerd

35 Responses

  1. Ahhh there have been times that I’ve been absolutely STARVING and dropped something on my kitchen floor and TOTALLY ate it! Eww! lol I don’t make a habit of it but it HAS happened!

  2. I ate a pretzel off the floor just last week. HA!

    I love the kashi pizzas, I have never seen that one though, it looks interesting.

  3. i totally live by the 10 second rule…errr. sometimes the 20 second rule 🙂

    I think of it as a way to strengthen my immune system 😉

  4. Yep, sometimes I do eat stuff that falls on the floor. I don’t do it often but like Dawn said… it HAS happened 😛

  5. I can’t wait to try this pizza. I haven’t seen it in the grocery stores yet, but love the other Kashi pizza’s

  6. If its my own floor I have no problem eating off of it 🙂

  7. When I was younger I relied heavily on the 5 second rule, plus I crossed my self with the item from the floor before putting it in my mouth. I should also mention that I grew up with boys who put anything in their mouth and expected you to do the same.

    Older I am more concious of what I pick up but I did it just last week, something fell it was my last one and I really really really wanted it. I still cross myself, it’s ingrained.

  8. I drop food on the floor all the time, most can be recoverable………..5 Second Rule………as long as it isn’t sticky of course!

    That pizza looked really good! YUMMY! =)

  9. Last week I was eating popcorn with my boys and a piece fell on the couch. I picked it up to toss it in my mouth, but upon further investigation I discovered a dog hair attached to it. Yuck. I placed it on the table in front of me.. when the bowl was empty my seven year old spotted the single piece on the table and popped it in his mouth. I started to yell “nooooo!” but it was too late. Ew.

  10. Wow that pizza looks soo good, are those sweet potatoes on top? You really inspire me to make more of the spare ’20 minutes’ I sometimes find myself having, a run perhaps?

  11. Pssh, I don’t judge you for eating stuff off the floor. I don’t usually do that, but I am one of those people who doesn’t give a crap about expiration dates. If the food’s fine, but technically expired, I’ll eat it anyway. I’m not squeamish!

  12. I can’t believe everyone who eats off the floor! haha. Kidding – no judging here, but if I drop it, it typically goes in the garbage. I guess if I were hungry enough I would change my mind:)

  13. Ewwwwwww!! GRossssssssssss 🙂 Haha jk. The yuckiest thing I’ve probably ever eatin off of the floor has got to be a peice of dark chocolate that fell under the stove LOLOL can’t believe I just admitted that! And the sad thing is. is that I wasn’t hungry, I just wanted it lol.

  14. I eat stuff off the floor all the time, as long as it isn’t a really disgusting-looking surface. I wouldn’t eat anything off the floor of a subway car, that’s for sure.

    One time, I spilled a bunch of left-over stir-fry on the floor, and it wasn’t salvageable. I had a temper tantrum about it and cried…because I am five.

  15. Hahaha I love that you just asked the question “what’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten off the floor?” I’m a firm believer in the 5 second rule, even though i know that’s a myth. I’ve eaten a lot of things off the floor, probably all of them disgusting.

  16. i usually go by the three seconf rule but only under certain circumstances! haha.

  17. If I’m at home, I will usually eat it off the floor. Unless of course it’s something sticky or I can see something on it. Pizza with the toppings first…. I don’t know if I could do it… If it was crust side down – definately!

  18. I generally don’t eat anything off the floor – but my brother once ate a pop tart that fell into the edge of a puddle – how GROSS is that?

  19. I think you need to send some of your warm running clothes my way. It’s getting sooo chilly here I can barely stand it anymore.

    Did you say your old job at the airport? Is that where you met your current love by chance? 🙂

    Hope you had a great day hun!

    • Well, we met at the company he works for in the estimating office. We were both interns, and then got transferred to the airport. I worked there for about 1.5 years and quit b/c it was taking forever to finish school.

      He looks better in a hard hat than I do. 😀

    • OH, I forgot to mention that it’s a construction company working on renovations at the airport, not really like airport workers, per se.

      On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 10:35 PM, Meganerd wrote:

      > Well, we met at the company he works for in the estimating office. We were > both interns, and then got transferred to the airport. I worked there for > about 1.5 years and quit b/c it was taking forever to finish school. > > He looks better in a hard hat than I do. 😀 >

  20. I once at a piece of cookie off of my highschool bathroom floor. lol I had just dropped it and my friends bet me a dollar that I wouldn’t eat it. Like Meghann I am not afraid of germs. I love the title of your post by the way. Very cute. 🙂

  21. Haha aw! Clif bars are sticky too! That’s brave girl! 🙂

    I ate an apple slice off the kitchen floor the other day (about 5 second delay!) so I shouldn’t be talking haha!

  22. I dropped a burrito on the cafeteria floor in middle school and ate it anyway. That floor was probably loaded with germs and completely disgusting but I didn’t get sick 🙂 haha. I was on the other side of the cafeteria when I dropped it so I don’t think that anyone noticed I ate it when I got back to my table… well at least I hope they didn’t notice 🙂

  23. Couldn’t have ate the pizza. Maybe the CLIF bar, though. I don’t know what makes them different. Haha.

    I’m weird about food and germs though.

  24. You’re fast lady! Great run! Sadly I eat most everything off of the floor (my floor… if it’s only been 10 seconds or less – trust!) 🙂

  25. I would totally eat it off the floor. However since moving in with my boyfriend, we have three cats. There is definitely some cat hair that is on the floor – makes food much less appetizing.

  26. WOW good job, u ate something off the floor!!!!! AMAZING. You should win a prize!!!!!!

    FYI more than 1/2 of people in the world live off of 1 dollar a day- do you think they would squeal and squirm over a stupid granola bar that fell on a CARPET? They’d pick it up and divide it 7 ways for all the members in their family, that’s what. Not to mention they’d def. eat that piece of pizza too.

    Your ignorance never ceases to amaze me!

    • Um, have you EVER been outside of your house?

      The carpet was in a construction site. It is NEVER cleaned or vacuumed, and walked all over by thousands of feet every day.

      I’m not asking for a “prize”, rather telling a story that I find humorous to look back on. Get a life, my goodness.

  27. Isn’t this weather the best?!

    I’ve eaten plenty of things off the floor.. my motto is if it’s a dry food, it’s okay!

  28. i’d eat it off the floor if the floor wasn’t covered in dust and dirt…

    a little bit of germs are fine – it builds your immune system!

  29. that pizza seems like a neat combo of flavors… i’m a big believer in the 5 second rule… under certain conditions (like it fell on a floor i just cleaned.) 😉

  30. I linked back to this post in my blog because I thought it was hilarious, I hope you don’t mind! 🙂

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