34 Hours to Go…

I realize that I don’t always have the most interesting and creative food. I wish that I had time to make extravagant meals three times a day, but I don’t. It’s just not practical, nor do I really think it’s necessary. My life is really busy!

My goal with this blog is not to land some fancy extravagant chef job, but to show people that it IS possible to live healthfully even with a million other things going on.

I know that I have my days that are more stressful and less healthy than other days. However, taking care of myself, eating well, and living a full happy life (and showing others they can do the same) is very important to me! I hope that this message is portrayed, because that is my true passion.

I actually took a break for lunch today! I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted, but ended up deciding on a pizza bagel!


I used an everything bagel as the crust, topped with marinara sauce, and mozzerella cheese. I toasted it in the oven at 375 degrees F for 7 minutes.

Along with it, I had a spinach salad with tomato and carrot. Gotta get those veggies in!


I almost didn’t take a break for a snack. I was really craving chocolate chip cookies, but definitely did not have time to make any in the middle of the day! I settled for a Cookies ‘n Cream LUNA bar. It tasted good, but I still want cookies. 😀


Jason saw me studying for the FE hard-core when he came home. He offered to make me dinner before I left for class. I NEVER turn an offer like that down.

He made salmon with lemon pepper seasoning, steamed broccoli, and some sort of white mac n’ cheese. It was standard, but I’m not going to complain!


It’s so helpful to have Jason cook every now and then. He’s no expert, but learning for sure! Thank you!

I realize I mention the FE exam every single post. It’s seriously the only thing on my mind. After Saturday, I promise I will shut up about it.

Random Act of Kindness

Today, I was taken aback by the kindness of a fellow blogger, Julie. She is also an engineering student about to graduate in May. Even though we have never met, I know that we would be instant friends! Julie was SO thoughtful and sent me a gift certificate to MixMyGranola with encouraging words about this weekend’s test. It seriously made my entire week. 😀 Thank you!!

Sometimes I feel so alone being a “nerd” engineer. The past week or so it seems like more and more engineers out there have been giving me encouraging words on the blog. I love it!!

I am so thankful for the blogging community! Thank you again, Julie!

Blogger Secret Ingredient

Don’t forget you have until Sunday night to submit your Blogger Secret ingredient recipe! Each recipe will be featured in Monday’s post, and the winner will receive a token prize! Get your creative thinking caps on, and make some ACORN SQUASH!

Submit you recipe to MegaNerdRuns@gmail.com !

The FE exam is in 34 hours… I’m getting nervous!

❤ MegaNerd


29 Responses

  1. i’d say your bagel is looking pretty glamorous! i also think you eat MUY creatively for such a busy chica.

  2. Keep your head up and working toward the finish line Megan, you can do it!! I’m really impressed with how you are able to maintain such healthy habits even while being so stressed out and caught up in your studies, you are very inspirational!

    Good luck with the rest of your studying!

  3. I like the fact that your blog is relatable!! I get annoyed sometimes with bloggers that don’t have full time jobs/demanding school work. Nothing personal against them, it’s just nice to be able to relate to having meals take a backseat to other priorities, even if you love food 🙂

  4. Good luck on your exam! The light at the end of the tunnel is visible!!!

  5. you DO convey that message, and this blog is seriously great. i only wish i had it to read in undergrad and eye school. youre so refreshing and i can tell, a real sweetheart. dont worry about having to study like a nut, bc its sooo important, and always feel free to rant! its worth it…all the work that is. i swear.

  6. Good luck! You will rock the FE 🙂

    And I love that your blog is relateable – not everyone has time to prepare glamorous meals. Besides, pizza bagels are awesome, and so easy!

  7. What I love about your blog is that it is *genuine*. You show us healthy, good food for regular people (I love Smitten Kitchen and 101 Cookbooks, but I could not find the time – or the budget – to cook like that on a regular basis). You show us your joys and your worries, and that is an “operation beautiful” in and of itself.

    You’re far from the only health/food/fitness-loving nerd out there! Good luck, and keep up your great work (in all things). 🙂


  8. Pizza bagels are always good and easy to make.

  9. You are going to do great! I think it is awesome that you blog about your eats as a busy college student — it’s the kind of thing I wish I’d seen when I was in college 😉

    I basically lived at Wendy’s 😦

    Good luck!!

  10. I totally understand! I’m an enginerd too! You will pass the FE with flying colors I am sure!

  11. You can do it Megan! I’m not in engineering, but I’m a full-time student and I know the pressure you’re feeling. Just buckle down for the next 34 hours and give it your all, then make sure to relax and eat some good food when it’s all over. 🙂

  12. Pizza bagels=yum! 🙂 Makes me want to make a pizza muffin for lunch, but since we’re eating pizza for dinner I better not!

  13. I’ve never actually made a pizza bagel but reading about them makes me really want to 🙂
    Speaking of acts of kindness, I was reading my town’s newspaper today and someone wrote in about this nine year old girl that has cancer and how it was her wish to get a huge amount of get well cards when she gets out of the hospital. I’m not sure how long ago this started but I found more information about it online. The address information is
    Riley Philpot
    206 Slaney Loop
    Winterville, N.C. 28590
    In case anyone that reads this is interested in sending her one as well 🙂
    Good luck again on your exam! Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before (basically impossible when something big like that is coming up… but tryyyyy lol)

  14. i hope you do well on your test girl! you deserve it from all of the studying you have been doing!
    that dinner jason made looks great! love salmon.

  15. Megan, I’m a new reader/commenter to your blog, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it. You come across as a really normal, down-to-earth kind of person. It could be that I relate to you because I’m a little bit of a nerd, too. 🙂 I’m currently studying to earn certification to teach HS chem and physics (second career). I, for one, really enjoy reading about your “boring” meals. You sure don’t have to be a gourmet chef, or use all kinds of exotic ingredients to be healthy and satisfied by your meals! My point is, I think you are doing a GREAT job of conveying your message. 🙂

    Good luck Saturday, have confidence in yourself, and you’ll do great!!

  16. Good luck on your exam!!

  17. i havent had a pizza bagel since high school! they are sooo good.

  18. You’ll do great on the exam, I believe in you 🙂

    Pizza bagels= AWESOME

  19. What a perfect pizza bagel! I’ve always thought that everything bagels taste like pizza, so it only makes sense to use it as a pizza crust.

  20. Good luck for your exam! I’m sure you’ll do really well 🙂 you sound really really well prepared which is KEY for doing well with exams.
    I should know… I’m knee deep in the biggest exams of my life right now 😦

    The bagel pizza looks sooo yummy! I have never thought of using a bagel to make mini-pizzas before actually. That’s another thing on my list of yum foods to try 🙂

    You’re right about it being unnecessary to have giant, elaborate meals three times daily. That’s costly and time-consuming. You’re right in saying that it’s about eating healthy foods, whilst living a busy and fulfilled life.

    you’re doing a fab job 🙂

  21. I love reading your blog! Your meals may sometimes be on the go – but that’s my biggest struggle. I know how to stay healthy when I have lots of time, but you show us how to stay healthy without all that time.
    Plus your running is SO inspirational.
    I’m new to the world of running and it is really helpful to read about all your amazing achievements. Any advice about how to speed up?

  22. That pizza bagel looks great! Good luck on the exam tomorrow. Sounds like all you’ve been doing is studying for it, so I’m sure you’ll rock it:)

  23. Hi Meghan,

    Good luck on your exam! I think it’s really motivating that you manage to juggle a healthy lifestyle with all your other commitments. An engineering major in college is no joke in terms of workload! I was a science major in college (though not an engineer because I have a severe allergy to physics 🙂 ) and wish I had had a similar dedication to a healthy lifestyle that you do. Although I had many a bagel pizza in school, they usually came with a side of Ritz crackers and onion dip! Again, good luck on your exam, but I’m sure you’ll do well. It’s kind of like running, the proof is in the training (or studying!) and you seem to be working really hard!

  24. I feel the same way about the creative meals. For me-sometimes I just want the same thing I had yesterday and the day before, and I’m also a big fan of leftovers. So I have a hard time making mine creative as well. But your blog is great, and trust me we still get great ideas from it for easy healthy food. For example-the pizza bagel. I completely forgot about making something like that, and now it is in my head. So thanks!

    p.s. I love random acts of kindess…they are like warm fuzzies

  25. The thought of a pizza bagel makes me smile 🙂 Sometimes I spend so much time making fancy recipes that I forget how comforting, healthy, and delicious the simple things are. Your blog brings me back to Earth and I happily remove myself from within the depths of my 8 thousand cookbooks and recipe databases.

    Onto more important things: YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK THE FE! I don’t think I put more than a week of studying into it, and I passed. With all this studying you’ve been doing, you are going to be SO prepared! Just relax today and get a good night of sleep. I honestly think that the FE is one of those tests that you can’t study too much for. I found that most of the questions I could reason out with logic.

    Another reason why I love your blog: I’m realizing that there are more and more awesome females in engineering and that makes me so happy! I feel less alone in my profession than ever. Now why can’t any of you work at my company because I’m surrounded by all angry, old, steak & potatoes consuming men!

  26. Another enginerd here! Make sure you get a good night of sleep tonight. It will do more good than an extra 1-2 hrs of studying. I don’t know a single person that has not passed!

    Good luck!

  27. you’ll do great on the exam so don’t stress tooooo much 😉 and good luck!!! 🙂

  28. I love that so many other female engineers are commenting on your blog; that’s awesome! Its like your own mini online version of SWE 🙂

    Thanks for the shout-out, dear. I’m glad you liked your random gift! 🙂

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