Work Hard, Party Harder.

Taking a test for 8 hours on a Saturday= NOT FUN.


Drinking way too much beer, eating pizza, and hanging with Jason= WAY FUN.


I’ll be back in the morning… Sam Adams is calling.


Drogging (Drunk Blogging) is fun. 😛


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Guest Post: Bites of the Apple

Good morning!

As I work diligently away on my FE exam, I figured I would leave you with a fun guest post! These girls have some great running tips!

Enjoy, I will be back tonight! 😀



Thanks to Megan for allowing us to do a guest post on her blog!! We love reading about your adventures and are so glad you’re feeling better!

We (Felicia and Megan) started Bites of the Apple because we thought that it would be fun and a great way to share how we try to stay fit and healthy and encourage each other along the way. We have been friends since freshman year of college and currently live together in NYC. We’ve bonded over a ton of different things but recently, we’ve grown closer over our mutual love of running.

Megan ran competitively in high school and college and is training for the Disney Marathon. Felicia played lacrosse and only started running regularly a few months ago, but is now considering signing for a half marathon early next year. 

We pulled together a Q&A to highlight some things we’ve learned from each other along the way. Enjoy!


Felicia: I really value snazzy equipment and looking like a professional runner even though I’m not. Are their any running-related hidden gems that I should know about?

Megan: I’d say my two absolute favorite hidden gems are Body Glide and technical socks.

  • Body Glide: This stuff is seriously magical, and nothing works quite like it. You can literally put it anywhere, and it prevents blisters and chafing. If you’ve never had a problem with chafing, wait until you get up to 10 or 12 miles (or the temperatures get up to 80 degrees) and you’ll be glad you’ve heard of it. In the mean time, slather that stuff on your feet to prevent blisters like nobody’s business.
  • Technical Socks: You always hear about the importance of getting fitted for the right shoes, and replacing them frequently (which IS very important. Seriously, go do it now). But socks are always more of an after thought. If you’re prone to blisters, or just value foot comfort, socks made of technical material (think: not cotton) are the best invention ever. You might hesitate to spend six or seven dollars on a pair of socks, but it is SO worth it. I like Nike and Asics the best, but they have TONS of different ones at your local running store.

Megan: Speaking of hidden gems, I see you running on the treadmill a lot. As it starts to get colder (and darker) in NYC, I see more treadmill running in my future. Do you have any secret tricks to get you through those miles on the treadmill?

Felicia: When I first started running, I viewed the treadmill as a modern day torture device. Here are my coping mechanisms:

  • Mind games: I only look at the time after a certain number of songs have passed. I’ve gotten up eight to ten songs! Big victory.
  • TV: I started bringing in two sets of headphones – one to listen to music and one for the TV (they don’t work without them). It sounds a little crazy but it’s double distraction!
  • Intervals: Intervals are great on the treadmill because they help increase your speed and make the time fly by! For example, run at one speed for three minutes and then a faster speed for two – then repeat for however long you want. Yes, you are looking at the clock, but at least for me, it makes my runs on the treadmill a lot more enjoyable!

Felicia: I know you always see me on the treadmill, but I was super psyched to get my Nike+ and use it this past weekend. I would rarely run outside because I hated not knowing my time and distance. I definitely now realize that this was silly. What is a good way for runners to figure out some sweet stats about their run without a Nike+ or Garmin?

  • Minutes Not Miles: Think in terms of minutes, not miles. Shoot for a specific number of minutes, and run at a pace that feels comfortable where you could keep up a conversation. Add five or ten minutes when you want to go longer, and pick up the pace to mix it up if you want, but keep the focus on minutes.
  • Map My Run: If you do want to know your pace, use sites like to map out your route beforehand. Then use a simple digital watch to time yourself and you can figure out your average pace. If you’re really crazy, you can even write reminders to yourself on a post it (or your hand…) of where each mile marker is, and modify your pace accordingly.
  • Tradmill/Track: If you really can’t enjoy running without knowing pace and distance, run on the treadmill or find a track, or spring for a Garmin or Nike+. However, try your hardest to chill out, at least on some runs. Running shouldn’t be so stressful!

Megan: I love running with a buddy, but I don’t want to be annoying to new runners or, even worse, turn them off of running entirely! Do you have any tricks of how to be a good running buddy?

Felicia: I think having a good running buddy is priceless. For beginner runners, this person can encourage and motivate you. Here are some tips for experienced runners who offer to run with someone who is less experienced:

  • DO chat during the run. This will help you assess how they are doing and will help take their minds off of the run.
  • DON’T ask how they are doing frequently, aka every two seconds!
  • DO try to run a step behind so they can set the pace. DON’T let them notice.
  • DO be understanding if they get a little cranky – it happens! Or it could just be me. 😉
  • DO gently encourage, unless you know for an ABSOLUTE fact that they want to be pushed harder.
  • DO enjoy it – It’s always better to have a friend!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check us out at Bites of the Apple!

-Felicia and Megan