Allergic to Green?

Lunch today rocked.

I ate leftover Mellow Mushroom pizza!!  I cut the slices in half again so it was easier to eat, and also felt like I was eating more.


I contemplated having a salad on the side, but decided I didn’t really want it. I had plenty of veggies as toppings!!

It has:

  • bell pepper
  • broccoli
  • tomato
  • black olives
  • artichoke
  • tofu

My sister and I got a major chocolate chip cookie craving this afternoon. I think the ONLY thing we have in common besides our last name and parents is our dear affection for the classic Tollhouse cookie.

We made the full recipe (5 dozen cookies) but froze half the dough for future use. We used white and regular chocolate chips for something slightly different.


I’m a little embarrassed to admit how many I ate…


…but I think it was about 3 + a lick of dough! 😀



Jason brought home stir-fry ingredients for dinner!


I was supposed to go to class at 6:00, but the idea of a warm dinner instead of something rushed and cold sounded AWESOME! I skipped and only went to my 7:30… oops!


Jason did most of the cooking. He cooked chicken and shrimp, and I just chopped the veggies:

  • carrot
  • bell pepper
  • broccoli
  • snap peas
  • bean sprouts

We had thai peanut noodles on the side (x 2… I was hungry tonight!)


I’m surprised that even Brielle liked it!!

My sister told me tonight that she is allergic to green food. Her plate looks SO different than mine:


Her plate looks so boring!! I wanted to sneak a pea on there or something.

Some people think we look alike, but we are complete opposites.


It’s weird though, we are like two peas in a pod… oh wait, she might not like that example since she hates peas. Hmph. I LOVE THEM!

Off to watch TV!

❤ MegaNerd


15 Responses

  1. Ya’ll are too cute!

  2. Megan that is funny about your sister being “allergic” to greens. I had an almost exact experience last night with the boyfriend. Check out my blog posting today it’s too weird! The peas and everything!

  3. glad you got to enjoy a nice warm meal!

  4. 3 tollhouse sounds like legit self control to me!

    Love the white choc chips–they’re my fave!

  5. Dinner looks so yummy! Do you know what kind of sauce Jason stir fried everything in?

  6. Love Mellow Mushroom–they have the best crust around!

  7. That’s just like me and my sister – so opposite at tons of things – including anything food and exercise related. But yet we just click at other stuff and while we’re hanging out. We can read each other’s minds from 2 states away, I swear!

  8. it’s funny that you’re so different, but indeed, you have the same looks 🙂

    i can totally understand why you would skip class to have a nice warm dinner!

  9. You guys DO look alike! Mmmmm those cookies are lookin yummified 🙂

  10. I would have skipped class to if my man offered to whip up a fabulous dinner! So worth it. 😉

    You and your sis are adorable! 🙂

    Much love Megan. XoXo

  11. You are embarrassed by 3 cookies and a lick of dough!?! Ha, you’re so cute and have waaay better self control than me.

  12. I think three is a very impressive number! I too scared to bake a whole batch of cookies…sadly I don’t think three would be my number.

  13. 3 is a good number 🙂 i wouldve done like 6.

    your sister is pretty, just like you! i want to meet her!

  14. When you said you were embarrassed about how many you cookies you ate, I was expecting you to say like 8– that’d be more my number haha I LOVE chocolate chip cookies!

    My sister and I are completely opposite as well!

    ( )

  15. Aw i love baking cookies, and what a better way then to do it with your sissy. you two remind me of my sissy and i! I love doing things together, and even though her and i are very different from eachother, it still surprises me how much we really do have in common!

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