Slept Through My Run

I forgot to set my alarm last night to wake up early enough to run. 😦

I have 4.0 miles on my marathon training plan and I slept through it! I have a TON of stuff to get done today (mostly on campus) and I just didn’t have time to run, shower, and be back in time for class.

My breakfast was a bit rushed, but still yummy! I made a bowl of Kashi Heart to heart, with fat free milk, and strawberries:


Looks like I’m going to have to get that run in after class tonight!!

I usually prefer running in the morning, because it gets too hot otherwise. I also have trouble exercising with a full stomach (like after dinner) or when it’s very empty (like before dinner).

I’m usually less motivated when I wait until the end of the day to run, and am always so tempted to skip it. Waking up and getting it out of the way usually works best for me!

Do you prefer to get your exercise in when you wake up, or do you wait until after work/school? What are your reasons?

❤ MegaNerd

37 Responses

  1. I prefer the morning too. Otherwise all sorts of things get in the way. The only time I have done training at night was when I was training for the Ragnar Relay in which I knew I would have to get used to the night running. Otherwise I am an AM kind of gal like you!

  2. i agree with you on running in the AM right when you get up. you just do it, not think about it, and get it over with and you have the rest of the day!

  3. I prefer running in the early morning although it rarely happens! Like today… almost 10 am and I still haven’t left to run! Ooops!

  4. I much prefer running in the morning, however, now that it’s getting dark and cold, I usually switch to afternoons.

  5. i definitely prefer to get it done in the morning. I love to start my day with a burst of endorphins!! I am also less likely to do it in the afternoon when i am more tired. the yoga class i currently teach is at night. I don’t mind it though, it is a nice way to end my day. However, i most look forward to my AM clients!!

  6. I definitely prefer to exercise in the morning because just like you, I just find myself way too tired once I’m done with my long day. It definitely helps start the day right!

  7. Definitely a morning person! I find that if I don’t do it in the morning the day gets away from me and I’m usually too tired after work!

  8. it really just depends on the day. if it wasnt so dark here in the mornings and FREEZING i would most certainly do my runs outside and first thing, but since the conditions arent good i cant, and i’m just like you, i get less motivated the later it gets in the day.

  9. Morning, hands down. My motivation wanes as the day goes on. I like getting up, dressed and out the door. That way I don’t think about it until I’m actually doing it!

  10. I used to prefer to exercise in the morning, but lately work has been stressful so I’ve been using my time at the gym as something to look forward to at the end of the day and a tool to burn off stress!

  11. I’m sure your body really needed that sleep this morning! I prefer to work out mid afternoon on my days off. But I can’t always do that or I’d only be working out 2 days a week. Since I don’t have a regular schedule I guess I don’t have a preference. I have to work out at whatever time of day I happen to be free at.

  12. When it comes to running, right when I wake up is ideal. I get overheated extremely easily so the morning is the best time to beat the heat. The longer I procrastinate on anything, the harder it is to make myself actually go through with it so that cuts down on it as well.
    For floor exercises, I do more when I’m watching tv so sometimes I wait until the evening so I can watch my shows while exercising or I go on and look up stuff to watch while I exercise but that is still usually mid day

  13. I love to run at night! I am most alive and with-it in the evening. I’m not a morning person at all, but I’ll do weekend runs in the morning (but not early!). If there’s ever a battle between my bed and my running shoes, my bed wins!

  14. im not a morning person whatsoever so i usually wait until after work (i would LOVE to be able to get it over with first thing in the morning though!)

    usually eating a small snack at 430 can help tide me over, without making me too full to exercise, until my after workout 630 or 7 dinner 🙂

  15. I’m the same with exercise. My body does not work well–or maybe I just am not good at gauging–food before workouts. I’m either too full or too hungry–so I prefer to get it done in the AM before that becomes a problemo!

    I do find that I have better energy during PM workouts though. Hope your run goes well 🙂

  16. I have a full time job, a hubby and two growing boys ( ages 6 and 9) so I just get it in when I can……It really depends on the day and everyone else’s activities!! I prefer the morning though!!!

  17. Since I live in Boston:

    In the summer, I like to run in the morning. The sun is up at 5am and it is cooler then.

    In the winter, it doesn’t get light out until almost 8am here, which is too late, I have to be in work by then, so after work is the only way:(

    If darkness and temp were not a factor, I would choose mornings for sure! I love the energy it gives me 🙂

  18. I really do prefer to run in the AM, but I have found with longer days at work trying to wrap up the year that an after work run has not been so bad and I have come to enjoy it as well as sleeping in a bit. With it getting dark earlier and the weather cooling off, I have very much liked my night time runs, and it is a Great way to work off the stress of the work day…

  19. Morning for me too! I always find that something comes up by the time the workday ends.

  20. I wish I could do it before work every day but usually, I’m up at 5:30 already and I just can’t bring myself to get up any earlier! It seems too cruel!!

  21. that’s tough… I like working out in the morning to get it over with, but I think I run my best in the afternoon (about an hour after lunch).. idk?

    don’t stress if you can’t fit in your run 🙂


  22. I like going after work because I get out so early (4:30) that if I went straight home I’d be all up in the fridge ruining my dinner. Plus I just can’t sit still.

  23. i am definitely a morning person but I feel like I’m much more stronger in the afternoon or evening. If I’m on the elliptical or outside running i can go farther for longer period of time…wonder why that is??

  24. I like to run in the morning, but then it’s still dark and the park hasn’t opened yet so I half to run on asphalt the entire time. I don’t really like that, plus I don’t feel safe when I’m alone and it’s still dark 😦

  25. I prefer to work out/run after work, as long as I know I am not missing out on something social! If I have plans, I will try to get up early but it’s suuuch a struggle to wake up at like 530!

  26. I very much prefer to run in the afternoon. I’m not motivated enough to get outta bed in at 5am in the mornings. Although, now that we’re fast approaching summer, I think I will start early in the morning because It’ll be WAY to hot to run at 4 O’clock in the afternoon.

    This morning I had planned to set my alarm for 5am to go to a 6am Body Pump strength training class at the gym… never happened lol.

  27. I always need to work in the morning. Otherwise I lose motivation completely through out the day. Unless I have someone or a group to run with. Then I can run in after my day is done.

  28. i am SO much more of a morning person. when i first graduated i HATED working out early, but now i’m up by 5:30 a.m. every weekday to work out before i head to the office. i am too mentally drained to workout after work & i really value my time w/ my fiance & dog after a long day. i don’t want gym time cuttin’ into that.

    also, i am now CRAVING a bowl of cereal!

  29. I used to love working out at night after work, and then the husband convinced me to try working out in the mornings. Even though I get up super early on those gym days, it makes it so much better to know I can go home and relax. Plus, morning workouts keep me energized during the day.

  30. I prefer morning running for the same exact reasons as you! Mostly though, because my stomach never cooperates with running in the evenings 😦

  31. i am the same exact way – I tried to challenge myself by running in the afternoon on sunday; worst decision of my life!! I only did 4 miles because it was so miserable.

  32. I prefer to run in the morning. But, I have to be at work around 7am and I don’t feel safe running in the early morning dark in NYC at 5am, so I do it after work.

  33. Exercising on a full tummy is terrible. But so is running in major heat like Florida has. No good. I hope you can get your run in tonight. Good luck!

  34. I haaaate working out later in the day. I’m tired, usually there’s fun things going on I don’t want to miss, and my stomach will hurt since I’ve been eating all day. Working out in the morning is where it’s at 🙂

  35. I’m generally a morning person, but mostly I just have to work out before I shower. Once I shower it’s all over.

  36. I definitely prefer to exercise (not a runner) in the morning. As you said, I’m more motivated and if I wait till the afternoon the motivation just goes out the window.

  37. All summer when it was hot I fit it in in the morning before work, but now since I usually run twice a day I run in the morning AND in the afternoon.

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