Meals on the Go

I had to say goodbye to my little sister this afternoon. 😦


Before we left for the airport, I made a Mexican themed lunch:


I had a cup of black bean soup


…and a salad.


My salad included:

  • romaine lettuce
  • green bell pepper
  • crumbled chips
  • Grilled chicken breast
  • cheese
  • salsa

On the way to test number two of the day, I ate a CLIF bar mini in the car. I almost brought a Pumpkin pie Kashi bar, but I have missed the Brownie! Jason always steals them, but this one was buried in the bar stash! 😀


I also stopped at D and D for some Latte love! 99 cents, can’t beat it!


I packed my dinner in a little Fresh n’ Fit container that I have actually had for a while, but never use. It comes with an ice pack, and individual compartments for snacks. In case anyone is wondering, I found it at Target.


In the main compartment I packed a turkey and cheese sandwich. The ice pack fits over the sandwich area, and rests on little “shelves” so it doesn’t squish the sandwich.


I filled the top two containers with fruits and veggies: one with carrots and peas, and one with strawberries.


Each of those fits into the groves on the ice pack…


…and closes with the lid!


It kept my food cold (for 6 hours) without having to pack the whole bulky lunch cooler! I really liked using it!

What do you use to carry around your meals or snacks when you’re on the go?


Edited to add: I’m currently nibbling on Mickey’s Ear… ok… putting down the rice krispie treat…


❤ MegaNerd

23 Responses

  1. omg im in love with that to-go tupperware. I WANT IT NOW!!!

  2. I have the exact same lunch container!

    Just an FYI–don’t put the lids in the dishwasher. Mine have warped slightly after washing it over and over and now it’s hard to close. 😦

  3. love the fit&fresh tupperware, but i’m sad to say that mine also warped in the dishwasher!

  4. I currently have Ikea’s 17-piece, $4.99 Tupperware (in all honesty, doesn’t snap as tightly as Ziplock. But so cute!) Just throw into a plastic shopping bag (that I recycle) and toss into the fridge when I get into the office. But wow! Your containers are so awesome! I’m going to check Target next time I go, too. 🙂

  5. That’s a cute dinner tupperware. I work from home so I rarely have to pack, but on the occasions when I do I never have anything to put it in. Targets here I come.

  6. the way i store my lunch needs to mega help! i love this Tupperware! Did you just recently get that from target??

  7. I have those same Fresh N Fit containers!

  8. When I worked and needed to pack a lunch I would just use a lunch box. Your kit seems more convenient, though. 🙂 Especially if you don’t have access to a fridge.

  9. I love that Fresh n Fit container. I’ve been looking for something that will keep my food cold when I don’t have access to a fridge for work. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Mmmmm chocolate brownie flavored Cliff bar is one of my FAV and of course I’m a huge iced coffee fan! Your eats look so yummy! I use my$3 lunchbox I got at a local grocery store. It does the job!

  11. Mmmmm brownie clif bar. Yumm! Sorry you had to say bye to your sister! I use a cooler we just bought that has a seperate compartment for drinks but yours is SO much cooler! 🙂

  12. Oh fun! I always see that at stores… I love how the ice pack fits on the sandwich like that.

    Hope your sis had a safe trip back!

  13. I have a tiny tupperware obsession…over the summer I packed lunch everyday and used to base my lunch around the tupperware I wanted to use.

  14. Such a great container! I have to find one!
    Looks like you had a great time with your sister!

  15. Those containers are awesome!

  16. I love that container! I’m going to have to check my Target 🙂

  17. That container is awesome!

  18. That is absolutely genius! Note to self: stop by target and pick one of these up. It would be perfect for my tuesday/thursday class because I have to leave for it right before noon and I don’t get home until around 2. At the moment I have been just throwing my food into my purse which causes a not so wonderful squished effect 🙂

  19. I love the Fit and Fresh Containers!!

    I hope your toe feels better.

  20. thats such a nifty container!!! heh i love that word

  21. what great containers for on the go!

  22. I have the Fit’n’Fresh salad bowl. It’s okay, I’m keeping my eyes open for something else.

  23. I love Lock n’ Locks – they’re somewhat pricey for plastic, but they stay really secured when put together.

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