Purple [Dino]Sore Toe

For the past week or more, I’ve been having problems with my left big toe. Every since Friday’s long run, my toe has been as purple as the shirt I wore on my run this morning:


I think that my toenail is ingrown, and unfortunately now infected. It hurts A LOT when I run, and if I touch area around the nail. I’m heading to the doctor at 1:00pm to make sure that running isn’t going to cause gangrene or something, and possibly get it taken care of. I would hate for a stupid piece of nail to affect my marathon training!!


I decided to get in a good “last run” in case they have to surgically remove my toenail (which Jason had to have done, and was off his foot for two weeks!!) Gaaah!

I had a 7.0 miler on my marathon training plan, and there was no way I was letting it pass me by. I like to think I’m hardcore. 😉

Mile Stats:

  • Mile 1: 9:30 (warm-up)
  • Mile 2: 9:00
  • Mile 3: 8:47
  • Mile 4: 8:42
  • Mile 5: 8:46
  • Mile 6: 8:47
  • Mile 7: 8:36

Woo hoo! I finished with an average pace of 8:52 min/mile! If my toe falls off, I will die happy after that run. Ok… just kidding.



I was extremely hungry after my run, even though I had half a CLIF bar moments before I walked out the door.

Cereal and yogurt sounded refreshing, so that’s what I made!


My bowl included:

  • small container vanilla Oikos yogurt
  • 1/2 cup Kashi go Lean
  • 1/2 cup Kashi heart to heart cereal
  • banana
  • 1 TBL flax




Ok, wish me luck!

I have another exam tonight, and the Doctor’s appointment. I am crossing my fingers that there is something they can do for my toe that won’t keep me from marathon training. I’m half way there!

❤ MegaNerd

33 Responses

  1. toenails are for pussies.

  2. Good luck at the doc, hopefully they can take care of it another way!

  3. That toenail problem does not sound like fun! Hopefully they can fix it and you can still run afterward! Good luck!

  4. lol caitlin.

    i’ve totally had that happen before. such a random little thing but SO FREAKING PAINFUL!! it would like wake me up in the middle of the night throbbing. good times.

    good luck 🙂

  5. LITERALLY just spit out my coffee at caitlin’s comment haha

    good luck with the appt!!

  6. I love caitlin’s comment! so true. so true. Good luck at the doctors! That picture of you making a pouty face looks cute at least! The bright side: at least you still have some time before the marathon to get it fixed without it interfering TOO much. It’d be way worse to get this problem like 2 weeks before the marathon!

  7. Im sorry about your toenail! ADVICE THOUGH: they really should NOT have to remove it if it’s just an infected ingrown toenail! There is a topical gel called Mupirocin that is REALLY effective at clearing out the infection. I get them a lot and use this pretty frequently (ew haha sorry TMI).
    This might help you avoid having to take a break from running by getting it cut out.
    Good luck today!

    • Thanks for the advice!

      Was your toenail super painful? It’s like growing into the side of my toe instead of straight out so its like stuck in there.. if that made anysense?

      • ahh yea mine hurt really bad, one time it hurt to walk, especially if it would bump my other toe or shoe! But that makes sense, mine will grow out into the skin of my toe and get inflamed and super sensitive. blah i hate getting them so frustrating! Let us know how the doc appt goes!

  8. Good luck! I hope it’s nothing thats too bad 🙂

  9. Good luck with your toe appointment!


  10. Well wishes with the toe!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  11. Ouch! Hope it feels better soon!!

  12. Toenail problems can be sooo painful! I hope you don’t have to have it removed…but if you do, you could alwaus make up some hard-core story about losing it on a 100 mile Ultra run or something! hehe..

  13. good luck with your doc appt and test tonight. hope they both go well 🙂

  14. The thought of having an ingrown toenail makes me cringe. I can just about imagine how bad it hurts 😦

    Good luck at the doctor. I am hoping for good news for you!

  15. Good luck! I’m currently rocking two naked second toes (theyr’e longer than my big toe so they’re the ones that get jammed!) so I’m with Caitlin!

    Hope it goes well today regardless!

  16. Eeeeeeeek! Toe problems freak me out… I’m not sure why. Especially toe nails. Eeeeeeeek! I hope it all works out… what did the doc say?

  17. Good luck with the doctor’s appointment! And you ARE hardcore! : )

  18. You are gonna get your toe cut off!!!!

  19. You ARE so hardcore! The idea of losing a nail freaks me out, and you ran with it. That is like whoa to me : )
    Sidenote: I am so jealous of the lovely outdoor table you always eat at. I would be so grateful to have your patio!

  20. At least it is not the big toe!! Your infection sounds painful. 2/3 of my big toe nail fell off during training once and I just painted over the skin to make it look like it was still there. 😀

  21. Oh the ugly toes of a seasoned runner. We all have them I am afraid. I can never bring myself to get a peddi because I am so embarassed by the looks of my feet.

    WIshing you the best of luck with the doc today. Hopefully, its a simple treatment and you’ll be back to running pain free in no time!

    And good luck on your exam!!!

  22. Good luck! Hope the doc can help with the pain.

  23. UGH! No good. Best of luck and hope you don’t need it cut out!

  24. More reason to keep your toenails trimmed and short! I’ve lost two toenails to bruised nail beds this season alone. Sometimes nothing you can do about it. But ingrown nails are easily avoided. Again – just keep things trimmed close and neat.

    regular maintenance – especially for longer distance running – is always necessary.

  25. Well, I suppose every once in a while we have to suck it up and take one for the team! Good luck. So long as it’s early on in the ‘process’ hopefully you can avoid any serious procedures.

  26. Oh no, sorry to hear your having problems with your feet. Love that you still went on your run. Good luck at the docs!

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