Abs and Eggs

Good morning!

For some reason, it feels like Sunday to me. I woke up a little before Jason and made some coffee. I’m really loving Starbucks’ Winter Blend lately!


Mini Workout

After coffee, I decided to get in an ab (or core) workout since I can’t do much else yet. I did a variation of my 10-minute ab routine, but went for 15 minutes instead. Ten minutes is great for time crunch, but I really wanted to do more!

My abs are BURNING! It’s been way too long since I’ve done a formal core workout of any sort.


Once Jason woke up, I made omelets for breakfast. Jason’s had ham and cheese…


I like mine oozing with veggies!


My omelet included:

  • 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites
  • tomato
  • spinach
  • 1/4 cup cheddar cheese


On the side, a slice of toast with a bit of butter.


Plus, a few strawberries for “dessert”.


A square meal, on a square plate.


I’m excited to get out of the house today! I haven’t been able to leave since my toe surgery, but I don’t need the strong pain killers anymore, meaning I can safely drive!

I can’t wait to meet the girls for a fun lunch! 😀

What are your weekend plans?

❤ MegaNerd

11 Responses

  1. Your breakfast looks so amazing it is making me hungry…..I think I need breakfast asap 😀

    And good luck on the recuperation, feel better!

  2. omelets filled with veggies is my kind of breakfast 🙂 yum.

  3. that core workout just reminded me of the insane amount of abb work we used to do when i was a swimmer.

  4. Those plates are really cute!

    This weekend, my parents are visiting, and so is one of my bridesmaids!

  5. Have fun! And yay for getting out of the house, anytime I am at the house for days on end I start to become really cranky almost like I’ve got cabin fever or something! Have a great lunch my dearie!!
    PS. Are you going to be at the FitBloggin Conference in March?

  6. I like simple meals! 🙂
    Have fun today!

  7. Nice photos Megan! You can see the great quality. 🙂

  8. Your omelet looks great, as does your ab workout! So glad you’re feeing better from the surgery! I’ve got a birthday party then a night out, then a baby shower tomorrow!

  9. I love the ‘square meal on a square plate’ comment! Adorable! I’m going out for a friends b-day tonight, and I am SO EXCITED! I haven’t been ‘out’ in ages.

  10. I always like to have strawberries on the side for a breakfast dessert, it’s another meal to finish w/ a treat!
    Thanks for reminding me to get my ab workout in today.
    My weekend is pretty open minus household chores to get done. I think I’ll read, go to lunch, work-out, walk the dogs, blog and sew but most likely I will get sucked into reading everyone’s blogs all day!

  11. glad you get to leave the house today!

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