My brain is drawing a blank.


I can’t think of a single thing to type. Weird? Maybe this is a good thing. I can start fresh tomorrow with a clean slate!


Lunch was an old favorite of mine.


Classic meal, but never gets old.


Tomato soup + Roasted Carrot and Zucchini:


Grilled cheese sandwich:


…and two little Peanut butter cups for dessert.


This afternoon, I nibbled on a homemade pumpkin scone.


Before leaving for school, I had dinner part one: sweet potato with brown sugar and cinnamon.


By the time I got back, I was in need of dinner part two:


Vegetable and shrimp bowl: Peppers, broccoli, carrots, and water chestnuts. Topped with shrimp and sesame seeds.


Playing around with the camera…


Off to bed for me. It’s raining and I love the sound… perfect for sleeping.


❤ MegaNerd

13 Responses

  1. I’m actually sort of craving a rainy night. It’s so peaceful. Love the comfort food lunch. Brings you back to childhood! Hope the toes are less painful.

  2. i love falling asleep to ran as well.
    love your comfort lunch, you can never go wrong with soup and grilled cheese!

  3. i def had soup and grilled cheese was so one of those days!

  4. Totally agree–grilled cheese and tomato soup never gets old! I just had the other night too:)

  5. I love eating sandwhiches which are cute into triangles. They make sandwhiches as part of morning and afternoon tea here in Australia..they’re always cut in makes my heart happy.

  6. I need to make a grilled cheese sandwich, I cannot read another blog post where someone beats me to the punch!
    I wished I could eat your lunch through my screen, so simple, and perfect for this time of year and SO my comfort food!!

  7. Old favs are the best 🙂 Rain keeps me up 😦

  8. I had soup and grilled cheese for dinner last night 🙂 It was rainy and windy so I thought it was the perfect night for it!

  9. really anything cheesy is the perfect meal isn’t it?

  10. How did you get your last picture to look like that? I have been playing with the aperture priority setting on my camera (a point and shoot, but it has a lot of features) to try to get a blurry background like that and it’s not working!

  11. My mind always goes blank as soon as I sit down to write a blog post. It is not cool!

  12. mmm soup and grilled cheese is the best combo ever! 🙂

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