Truly Hungry

For some freak reason I have been REALLY hungry today.


There’s no explanation. I haven’t been doing much the past four days, haven’t been running, and have barely been walking actually.

Sometimes, I think that my brain thinks I’m hungry… but the idea of something healthy, like an apple doesn’t sound good. Only chocolate, or whatever.

If I’m TRULY hungry, something healthy usually sounds WAY more appealing then something unhealthy.

That was the case today. I chose to honor my hunger. While I would like to (in theory) eat slightly less then when I’m running, my body doesn’t like that idea so much. It growled, and I listened!


It started off with being hungry way before lunch, even with green smoothie and a CLIF bar in my tummy. This brought back an old habit of mine:


Elevensies: The snack eaten right before your lunch when its either that or your arm. Don’t ask where it came from, it will just prove that I am a nerd.

Anyway… for elevensies… I had a honeycrisp apple. Nom nom.


Lunch was inspired by something I saw Lindsey come up with a few days ago. My mouth was watering just looking at her pictures.


I sautéed asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, and chickpeas in a bit of EVOO and sprinkled them with some lemon pepper and garlic salt. Along with it, a serving of couscous, cooked in veggie broth for extra flavor. YUM!


I gobbled that stuff UP!

My afternoon snack was also larger than normal. Breakfast sized yogurt with 1 cup cereal, blueberries, and pomegranate. Me likes.


Two hours later… dinner numero uno:


But, don’t let those few fish fool you.

I definitely went back for a few more


Twice.  😀


Once I got to class, everything was going great. But that soon changed.

By the time 8:00 pm rolled around my stomach was like digesting itself. On my 5-minute break, I hobbled downstairs to get something from the vending machine, only to find that my friend who works at Chick-fil-a just got off work with a big bag of chicken sandwiches.

Two seconds of watching me hobble around and he gave me a free sandwich. SCORE!

I kid you not. It was delicious.

Unfortunately I have no picture, but I’m pretty darn sure that I was done with that sammie by 8:03 pm.

My tummy is finally happy.


Does anyone else have random unexplained hunger days? 

❤ MegaNerd

28 Responses

  1. Haha, I know where Elevensies came from… though that makes me a nerd too, I suppose!

  2. You’re so adorable. Glad I found your blog, and glad that you listened to your bod and just fed it!!! Even though you weren’t AS active as you may be other days, your body still needs plenty of food!

    I’m droooling over that lunch. The yogurt snack. And that honeycrisp!

  3. welcome to my day all day.

  4. I’m actually having a day just like this today. No idea what is going on or why. Maybe I need to be eating more than I think? 🙂 This post made me fee much better!

  5. Yep, I have those days too. It’s pretty normal and there’s nothing wrong with it so I just oblige. It’s all about the balance. 😉

  6. Usually the day before my period I am going eating INSANE. Anything that is chocolate, fried or heavy goes into my mouth! Nom nom nom for free Chick Fil A 😀

  7. Elevensies has to be the cutest word ever. I’m usually more hungry on days after I do intense strength training as opposed to days after intense cardio. And by more hungry, I mean ravenous! I think all that muscle speeds up your metabolism!

  8. I hear ya! I’ve been entirely ravenous these past few days. Like WAYYYY more than normal.

    Oh well, it ususally subsides but I really think that I am hungrier on the days when I don’t work out or run as much. I really feel that it takes my body a day or two to catch up with my metabolism. No worries, I’ve found that listening to my body has worked for years, so why stop now.

  9. um YES! Yesterday I was literally the bottomless pit. Every two hours I was scavenging for food haha. I’m hoping that today will be a bit more normal!

  10. […] Posted on November 10, 2009 by chasingthenow I was so happy when I saw that Megan had written a post today about her hunger level being through the roof. I’ve felt all too similar all day long. And for no known reason since the only exercise I did […]

  11. Free sandwich?!? Give that friend a high five!

    I like the goldfish swimming in your soup!

  12. Haha elevensies…i know where it’s from!

  13. i definitely had an abnormal hunger day yesterday! it wasalways throws me off, but im happy to embrace 🙂

  14. your body actually needs more calories when it’s healing, so i’m sure your body is trying to get your toe(s) all healed up to get you back on the road to marathon training! i know that when i was healing from the most evil stress fracture last winter, i was hungry like crazy at first, and this was the explanation that my ortho gave me.

    • Good to know!

      I guess that makes sense that since my body is using energy to heal my toes (haha)!! I also think that I never fully caught from all these long runs… maybe. LOL

  15. Of course I have weird hunger days. And I’m exactly the same way: I want chocolate or carbs, not carrots and celery!

    I think honoring your hunger, just like you did, is the best way to go!

  16. I absolutely have random “eat my arm off days.” They’re usually when I’m really stressed out, so I try to tell myself that it’s the stress talking and not my stomach, but sometimes eating a giant cookie is the only thing that helps!

  17. BTW I have elevensies every day…that’s when I eat lunch! Then there’s a twosies…

  18. I have those days too!

    The goldfish in the soup are pretty darn cute 🙂

  19. That is totally a lot of food, which is my kind of day.

  20. definitely happens to me! especially right before that dreaded monthly gift! part of being a woman i guess! haha, glad to know you’re healing well!

  21. You know I was home sick with the flu all last week and literally like a vegetable–not moving for days at a time–and my hunger was out of control! It’s so bizarre! It was such a struggle to keep my hands away from the Halloween candy 😉

    Oh and good for you for trying new types of workouts. Your joints will thank you for it. Using the same muscles over and over, day in and day out will only lead to injury! Good job doing what you can with your poor little toesies!

  22. Elevensies sounds like something J.D. would say on Scrubs…but I’m not sure if that is actually where you got it from. It’s a cute word nonetheless. 😉

    Chick Fil A sandwiches would satisfy any craving! They are the business.

  23. yummy lunch.

  24. Some days you just have to give yourself a little more of what it wants, it is the boss after all 🙂

  25. Yay for green smoothies!

    Fun pictures, too!


  26. o random food days. i have them all the time. have no fear! just gotta do what ya gotta do! 🙂

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