One Week Down, One More To Go

One week ago today, I ran 18.0 Miles!

Three hours later,  had surgery on both my big toes.


The doctor said no running for two weeks, while my toes heal! My first week of not running hasn’t been to bad. It was a welcomed mental and physical break for the most part. I even got in a few mini-workouts!


Saturday: 15 minutes of core work

Sunday:  rode my gym’s stationary bike for 30 minutes.

Monday: 10 minutes of core work and pushups.

Tuesday: Jillian Michaels Boost metabolism video (which made my hamstrings sore!?)

Wednesday: stretching


It’s been a week, and I finally got up the courage to put my sneakers on. I have been cringing just thinking about doing this…  (By the way, look how dirty they are now?!)


The weather is pretty cold (for Florida) and quite gloomy.


I set out to take a walk, and honestly it was probably a bad idea. Not because it hurt, I felt GREAT! However, it was such a tease not being able to run.

I honestly wanted to cry. My muscles are rested and ready to go. My brain is done taking a mental break. The weather was cool and I wanted to RUN!! I’m really frustrated that I am in the middle of training for my first marathon, and cannot run.

Silly toes. One glance at them, and it’s clear they aren’t healed. I will spare you a picture.

I keep telling myself, only one more week. I’m halfway there.



I came back from my short walk and made some oatmeal. It was the perfect morning for a warm breakfast.


My bowl of oats had:

  • 1/2 cup Oats
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • Brown sugar
  • almonds
  • blueberries
  • coconut

I think I put too much coconut (it was a little too sweet), but it was still pretty good!


I am actually learning some valuable lessons through this experience. It’s frustrating, and I hate it, but I think that some good has come out of it. I plan to discuss this in the next couple of days.

I have a boat load of work to get done by Monday, and it’s time to get crackin’!


Have you ever had to take time off from exercise because of an injury? What did you learn from it?


❤ MegaNerd

28 Responses

  1. I know it sucks, but YOU CAN DO IT! You only have one more measly week hehe 😉 I had to take about a month off last summer when I pulled muscles in both my legs and I wanted to cry or yell in fury anytime I saw someone running. But the most important thing I learned was to listen to my body! <–so cheesy, I know 😀

  2. I was diagnosed with bi lateral compartment syndrome my senior year of school. I had to have surgery done that required 3 incisions on each leg and had to relearn to walk. It took me over a month before I could start running again and almost over 6 months before I actually was running better than before. It’s frustrating but you just have to be thankful that the injury didn’t involve something more serious and that you will be able to use your legs in due time. That’s always a plus! I work harder now knowing I couldn’t ever be as good before my surgery and my mentality is totally different now when I run.

  3. I took 4 months off due to some issues I was having health wise that led to a knee injury. I was absolutly a wreck. I learned to listen to my body, fuel my body and how much I truly love and appreciate the ability to run.

  4. I feel your pain, however not because I have had to take time off due to injury but because I totally know how I would feel if I had to………=(

    One one week and counting, it will be over before you know it!

  5. i just had to take 3 weeks off from running in the middle of training for disney too (Also my first marathon), because of sciatica. i went through all the stages caitlin discussed on her blog yesterday!! but I definitely learnt not to take my runs for granted, to be grateful for my body and all the things it can do other than running and that if I treat it right, it will be nice to me. im back on my feet and just hoping that i still have enough time for disney as I do feel like I missed a lot of trainig

  6. oh i feel you sister! in a nutshell……..i pulled my left oblique muscle ONE week before my second marathon (in october) and had to drop out after training hard all summer. it’s almost been 5 weeks and i still can’t run. it doesn’t hurt to do any other sort of exercise or activities EXCEPT run. i’m heartbroken to say the least…especially since i am also signed up for the disney marathon. it will be a miracle if i can run it. so just keep on resting and also keep staying active for your own mental sanity. we’ll both be better…..soon!!!

  7. I understand your frustration but it’s for a good cause, just think about it that way. Soon, your toes will be healed and you won’t have that problem. No pain. Just running and running. 🙂

  8. When I was training for my half marathon I got a terrible cold/sore throat that lasted for two and a half weeks! I was so frustrated and felt like my training was totally sidelined. But eventually I relaxed (I guess I had to since it was out of my control) and let myself rest. Everything ended up working out, and I got all my training done in time 🙂

    Good luck with the next week, you will be back at it before you know it!

  9. I’ve been fortunate enough to not have any serious injuries…well…ever! In high school I sprained my ankles a couple times but I was never off it for more than a week or so.

    That said I am petrified of injury! I hear all the horror stories and I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t exercise for a month!

    Hang in there girl!

  10. I have and it is a learning process, it makes you appreciate everything you body can do. Just like you may tell yourself, during long runs that the pain is temporary, as is this hiatus from running.

  11. Hang in there, you’re doing great 🙂 When I have to take time off from running (I currently have a pinched nerve in my foot), I’m extremely stubborn and disagreeable–My boyfriend can’t stand me at the moment 🙂 It helps me to read your blog and realize that I’m not the only one who has a hard time resting an injury. I hope it helps you too, to realize you aren’t alone!

  12. you’re doing great! & i hurt my ankle over the summer & was really upset to have to take a break from running but i learned that i do not need to run to stay in shape- i did the stationary bike a lot and even though i didn’t enjoy it enough ,i was able to realize that it is a good work out and it is something i like to do every once in a while! keep it up 🙂 the oats look delicious


  13. just one more week to go! you can do it! just think about the first day you can run, you will be sooo motivated 🙂

  14. One of my favorite quotes: “This too shall pass.” Two weeks is absolutely nothing in the big scheme of things, and you are totally lucky that this injury is not worse. Spend this time being thankful that your body can run, and will be able to run again soon, and the last week will fly by. Remind yourself of other things you love *besides* running.

  15. Will you show us pictures of your toes?

  16. Megan-
    I cannot wait to hear about how taking time off due to your toe surgery has affected you. I think mentally I would have the most anxiety because I would have fears of getting out of shape or heaven forbid gain weight. Have you had to lower your eating since your not running?

    • No I haven’t really intentionally lowered my eating, but I haven’t been quite as hungry either.

      I’m not really worried about weight gain, because I’ve actully been losing weight lately. I plan on talking about it more in an upcoming post!

  17. I had to take a ton of time off during college swim season b/c of both of my shoulders (I have minimal cartilage and another not taking care of the injury would have meant shoulder surgery). I ran and biked, and what was hardest was not working out with a team. My eating naturally changed, since I was always ravenous after a 3 hour practice, that hunger was gone. I did a ton of physical therapy and came out better for it. I had been pushing myself through pain, which just wasn’t smart. There is a level of pain that you can and should push through, but when it is almost debilitating (meaning, my shoulders were starting to dislocate), it was time for help and a break.

  18. Hang in there…just one little week to go! You will be back to running before you know it!

  19. though i’ve never had a real diagnosis of an injury,ever since my half marathon i had to settle down a bit to help my knees recover. all i want to do now that i feel better is get out there and run! 🙂 a week will fly by i promise! 🙂

  20. unfortunately, i’ve had to quit running altogether due to a hip issue i’ve had since i was 5. basically, running will only decrease the amount of years i have left with my hip (before a replacement will be necessary). i’m not gonna lie to you, i’m having a very tough time accepting the fact that i cannot run. i loved (love?) to run. especially outside. i’ve been trying to throw myself into other forms of exercise (spinning, swimming, etc..) but, nothing compares to the feeling i got after a good run. i’m learning to accept it though and find joy in other things (learning some yoga! :))

    your toes will heal soon & you’ll be back to training in no time! maybe youll feel refreshed and renewed and have your best run yet! i can certainly understand the itch to run though! i still get it whenever i see a runner on the street!

  21. I am training for the Vegas RNR Half Marathon and had to take off THREE weeks in the middle of training because I had an appendectomy. I probably should have waited longer (my first run back was an attempted three miles during which two of my three incision sites busted open within the first two miles) now that I think about it! Trust me – take it easy. I know it sucks to be sitting instead of running, but let your feet heal. Once you get back on them you’ll not only enjoy it more but you’ll also most likely be able to jump up one of those exercise plateaus as a result of the forced taper!

  22. aww girl im so sorry.. i know that is SO tough…especially when you are naturally active! I had to take a long break after tearing my quad..and it was SO hard but I def learned how valuable patience is and how much our body appriciates/NEEDS rest!

  23. Yessss. You know not to get me started 😉 But I’ve learned that there is more to running and working out for 1-2 hours everyday. You can be healthy with just 30 minutes a day. And just because you stop running all those miles, doesn’t mean the weight won’t pile on! And that it’s nice to sleep in 😉

  24. when my hip was injured and I couldn’t run for a month, it was REALLY hard but I adjusted.. I was able to do other cardio which I realized is just as good sometimes. I realized I didn’t NEED to run, I just liked to!

  25. Aww, Megan, I know how frusterating this must be for you, but just try to remember how amazing this period of rest will do for your body. Really, it will HELP you run better and faster! And also, be soooo glad that it is not worse than it could be. So many of us will encounter severe injuries from running that will keep us from it for weeks or even months. You only have one more week girl!!! You can totally do it!!!! Look at this next week as a time to savor rest before the hard training takes up again.

    Take care sweetheart!

  26. You’re almost there! I bet your toes will thank you for taking one more week off…even if your head doesn’t agree 🙂

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