Things I’m Thankful For #8

Even though two of them aren’t fully working at the moment, I’m thankful for my toes.


I am thankful that I have all ten of them! (Mine are on the left!)


It might sound like something ODD to be thankful for. However, it something I  really take for granted. Balancing is nearly impossible without all ten toes.


I can’t even imagine running without them! How awkward would that be!?!


(This picture was taken this afternoon… see, they’re healing!!!!)


They carry me through life, propel me forward, and give me balance…even if they are slightly ugly looking! Once they are healed, I will be even MORE thankful for them!


Just think about how funny sandals would look without toes…


Do you take your toes for granted? I never really appreciated them until now! 😉


❤ MegaNerd


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11 Responses

  1. Now that you mentioned it, yep, I took mine for granted. Actually, I take a lot of things for granted that I shouldn’t.
    Thank you for reminding me. 🙂

  2. That looks so painful! I’m glad they’re healing!

    I’m very thankful for my toes. We really do take them for granted. As a runner, Toes are quite important. I’m also thankful that I haven’t encountered any problems with my toes or toenails (knock on wood) since I started running.

  3. i always take the ability to breathe thru my nose for granted until i am sick 🙂

  4. Great post. I read lately that toes give us balance and enable humans to be such great distance runners. Other animals might run faster and are better sprinters, but we have them on distance.

  5. What a great thought — toes are one of those body parts you never really think about but would certainly miss if they weren’t there. 🙂

  6. yeah i totally take my toes for granted!

  7. I always think how much I love my feet, my legs, stomach my body for carrying me through a run. Lately I’ve been rough on my body and that’s not fair because it does amazing things!

    And the toes are looking fine ready for the marathon!

  8. I’m loving your thankfulness for toes! 🙂 Feet/toes are SO underrated. At first I wasn’t sure of the name for my blog, but then driving around I saw people running, walking, just moving and it was all thanks to their feet(and toes). They do so much for us and we’re blessed to have them. I love that this was what you were thankful for today! 🙂 Your toes look better then I thought they would by the way. I’m glad you are healing, hope they will be fully healed and ready to run sooner then later. You’re great! 🙂 Hope to see you soon.


  9. A girl I went to school with lost a couple toes on her left foot I believe it was ( we only had sociology together and never really talked). She was out of school for a few months and used crutches for almost a year and walked with a limp after that. I am one who never really knew the importance of toes before that, she was an athlete and was more or less sidelined after that. We had a few friends in common so I know she was a happy person but the missing toes made her a little uncomfortable.

  10. I often think how grateful I am for my feet that get me where I’m going when and how I want but I’ve never specified the toes. I will now!

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