Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

There are two more days until I can “officially” run. I was supposed to take two weeks completely off after my toe surgery.

It’s been 12 full days… and well…


I just couldn’t take it anymore! I cheated. I ran. It rocked.


That’s right, I ran!!!!!!! It was GLORIOUS!!


After the rough night I had , a run with a friend [Caitlin] was just what I needed to start the day off with a bang. 😀


We ran 4.0 miles in 39 minutes! I know that it’s not all that fast, but I was just thrilled to be running again. I was so unsure how it would feel to run again, or how my toes would hold up.


My legs felt fresh, my head was in the game, and I was ready to run!


It felt really awkward at first on my toes. I haven’t been putting much pressure on them, so it felt a odd to do so. They are looking pretty good, and I have my follow up appointment this afternoon. I hope the doctor agrees!


After I posted last night, Jason informed me I received a package in the mail. What? I got mail? Megan and Felicia from Bites of the Apple, were very generous in sending me a care package!


I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning!!

It was so nice of these girls to send me stuff! Megan is training for the Disney Marathon as well, and I can’t wait to meet her! Felicia is training for her first race EVER, a half marathon in February!! Good stuff!

Thanks again, ladies! You made my night! 😉


The package had all kinds of delicious Trader Joe’s goodies


…and marathon training supplies!!!


Plus, Megan’s signature, Silly Putty! Which JasoNerd thought was for him… this picture makes me laugh… a lot.

He’s clearly 5 years old.



Before I left for my run with Caitlin, I had a Kashi waffle with Pumpkin butter for a snack.




…and when I returned, I had a cup of vanilla Oikos with Trader Joe’s Pumpkin spice granola.


Heaven in a mug.


I’m definitely noticing a pumpkin theme today…


I have big plans to organize this afternoon, and get a game plan for the next few weeks.


Have a great day!


❤ MegaNerd

22 Responses

  1. Awww how cute of them 🙂 Those pumpkin goodies are on my TJs list. How’s the granola? Very pumpkiny? I want to try it out – maybe next on my shopping trip!

    And congrats on the run chica!

  2. I’m eating waffles made with that TJ’s mix right now. Heavenly…

  3. yay! you can run again!! Woot woot! Good luck at your doctors appointment today 🙂

  4. As a runner, at first I was like “Uh-oh…” because I know if it were me I would probably cheat, but I’m SO glad you got to run without pain! I remember after my knee injury last year, the first super-easy run I did – no feeling like a good run!

  5. From now on I am not eating my lunch as I read your posts. I almost spat a mouthful of it all over my computer when I saw the pic of Jason.
    Living with him must be VERY entertaining!

    So glad to see you’re smiling again!!!

  6. Hooray for running again! You waited long enough, what would two more days have done anyway? Especially after your rough night.

    Hope everything works out okay! Have a good day.

  7. SO glad you had a good run, even though it’s a few days before you’re “legally” allowed to hit the streets 😉

    Enjoy your pumpkin goodies!

  8. Oh! Congrats on getting back to running! Must feel so great. I’m in the middle of my 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge and needed to pull back on my running a bit. Doing both was too much. Getting edgy to get back to running full force again!

  9. Yum, Trader Joe’s has the best pumpkin products. I love to put a little bit of peanut butter *and* pumpkin butter on Kashi Waffles.

    Congrats on running again! 😀

  10. Care packages are the best – what perfect timing, too! Welcome back to running! Those Nike socks the girls sent you are THE BEST. I got them in my stocking last year and they are my favorite running socks ever!

  11. hahah that is so funny!! the beginning of this post made me laugh..thats def something i would glad your run was good! and loving the pumpkin theme!

  12. Yay!! So glad you had a good run! I hope the doctor give you clearance to run your little heart out:)

    What a package! Those girls are TOO sweet!

  13. What a great Care Package!!! Don’t you love those? My mom used to send them to me when I lived in NJ. I remember she sent me a Sick Care Package once that I will never forget. =)

  14. Congrats on the good run! And yay for pumpkin everything!

  15. I am seriously craving something pumpkin after reading this!

  16. So glad you’re back in the running game – I hope the doctor agrees. Enjoy all that pumpkiny goodness.

  17. glad you and caitlin had a good run! and that you’re feeling better.

  18. Sorry to hear about last night, but so glad you got a good run in to cheer you up!

  19. Looks like a fun run! How did your appointment go this afternoon with the doctor?

  20. That looks like an amazing care package, just what you needed on a bad night! Glad today was a better day!

  21. What a nice package.. I know that it feels great to get out and run again!! 🙂
    Good luck with the game plan!!!

  22. I’ve had that pumpkin spice granola! Its soo good…unfortunately I ate it all and don’t live near a Trader Joes! I saw you had some good looking granolas in other posts–which kind do you like best? Thanks!

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