10k Trial Run

I had the best training run ever!

I’m signed up for a 10k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day (a week from tomorrow!) and I really wanted to see where I was speed-wise. Yesterday’s 4.0 miler was not too bad, but it wasn’t easy either.

This morning, I decided that I would let my BODY do its thing, and not let my mind get in the way.


I pounded out 6.2 miles (10k) to get a base time for next week. My legs felt SO fresh and ready to run fast!

I was so afraid that after such a big break (for me) I would have trouble getting back in. I realized that 90% of it was mental, only 10% physical. Everything felt the same, except for my mindset.


I finished my run in a total of 51:27!!! It rocked! I was smiling from ear to ear. 😀


Check out the Negative Splits!!!!!

Mile 1:  8:52

Mile 2:  8:38

Mile 3:  8:19

Mile 4:  8:05

Mile 5:  8:03

Mile 6:  7:56

Mile 6.2:  1:31 (7:37 pace!)


Before I left, I grabbed a hunk of CLIF bar on the way out.


When I got back, I took care of the toes… and got to making breakfast.


It was the quickest thing I could think of:

  • Kashi H2H
  • Granola
  • milk
  • flax
  • strawberries




For lunch I really needed to use up an eggplant that’s been here since last weekend’s trip to the farmer’s market.

First, I sprinkled the pieces with a bit of balsamic vinegar, then sprinkled salt, pepper, garlic, and thyme on them. I grilled the slices on my George Foreman for a few minutes on each side.


Along with it, I had some spaghetti, with fire roasted sauce. I know its boring, but I really like spaghetti!!!




I need to get to work on packing.

I leave for New Jersey at 6:00 am!!! I can’t wait to see my BFF Debbie!! 😀


What do you think? Is running more mentally or physically challenging?


❤ MegaNerd

28 Responses

  1. Everything looks delish!! Have fun in NJ!! Where are you flying into? Newark??? If you guys head to the city one day.. I would love to meet both of you for a drink!!

  2. Great job! Looking forward to hearing how your 10K goes.

    For me, it’s more mentally challenging.

  3. Ooh, I baked my eggplant in the oven last time but I totally need to throw it on the Foreman! Thanks for the idea 😉

    Great run, by the way!

  4. That eggplant makes me miss my Foreman grill! I love grilled eggplant…

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and see you’re all about the portable meals 🙂 Me too, and one of my regular portable lunches is a salad with roasted or grilled eggplant cubes or slices, white beans from a can, and tomatoes with lemon zest, dash of olive oil, and red wine vinegar, plus any fresh herbs you have around, or dried oregano–it packs well, keeps for days, and tastes great hot, cold, or room temperature.

    Awesome job on your run this morning–kicking butt despite the toes!

  5. Mentally, for sure!

    This is why I am the rare person who prefers a treadmill over running outside. I let all the mental stuff get in the way when I run outside, but I can distract myself more easily on the treadmill!

    I’m working on it though… reading “Zen and the Art of Running” will hopefully help!

  6. Mentally. I would have ran the last two days if I could get past my mental hatred for being wet. Or my physical pain on the treadmill LOL Queen of Denial here!

    You rocked it girl! That is a GREAT time.

  7. If I was injured and had to take a break I would be crying like a baby on the OUTSIDE as well as the inside. I admire the way you dealt with it so much.

    In my opinion, running is a mental game. Physically you can be pushing yourself to the limit but it’s that focus, drive and determination located in the mind that separates the good from the great; the ability to block out any pain or fatigue. Mindset is crucial, particularly for racing (and for training when the weather is terrible, as it is in the UK now…gale force winds and rain!) and I know that my biggest battles are always fought in the mind.

    Brilliant time and so happy you’re back on form!

  8. I think it is both. Some runs I feel like I am physically struggling and some it feels mental. In my experience, the mental is much easier to overcome with some good self talk! Good luck with your Turkey Day Race!

  9. This is my first Thanksgiving since I started running and I love the idea of a Turkey day race – I’m doing a 4 miler.
    You are so fast! Do you have any suggestions for how to work on speed? I’d love a future blog post about that.
    Glad your toes are on the mend. Good luck with your race.

  10. I think all sports are more about mental strength. Whether it’s running, Bikram, cycling…whatever…We have to first have to have the determination and mental toughness to do it. To say to our selves “I got this!”

  11. I think it is 95% mental! If I think I can do it, I usually can. And those are some awesome split times, congrats!

  12. Running is definitely more mental for me. I’ve started to really target those challenges when I run and it’s helped so much!

  13. I think most of it is mental for me!

  14. i think running is both physical and mental. its all how you think about it. i used to think it was alll physical but i’ve slowly learned that its alot of mental work too…have a great trip


  15. Oh man, DEFINITELY mental! I could run for hours if I didn’t have that little voice nagging: “Oh my god. I’m so bored. How much longer? It’s only been a mile? There’s no way I can go this entire distance.”

  16. eggplant looks really tasty. Running for me is def. more of a mental challenge than anything. I can truly do horrible on a run just because I tell myself I can’t run.

    I’m a timid runner and tend not to push myself out of my comfort zone and it effects me tremendously

  17. WOW! Your split times are awesome, good job! I think the running (for me) is way more mentally challenging. I know that my body and my legs can handle marathon training distances with no problem, but it’s the mental aspect thats hard for me….I get bored or tired, etc and think I need to quit when I still have a lot of push in me.

  18. Nice splits!!

    For me, running varies from day-to-day as a physical vs. mental challenge. Today it was mental. There was cold rain.

  19. I think running is absolutely more mental than physical. Especially on short runs, I’m more likely to walk because I’m bored, not because I’m tired. It’s a constant battle and one I’m still working on overcoming.

  20. Great run! I’m glad that you are coming back strong after the surgery!!!

    I used to never listen to my doctors and run through injuries…they always ended up worse and I was sidelined for longer than I would have been if I just listened in the first place. I’ve learned my lesson now. 🙂

    Looks like your doctor gave you good advice to take care of the toes while starting to run, though!

  21. great eats! i defs think running is more mentally!

  22. yeahh girl! thats awesome. for me-running is more mentally challenging because ive been running my entire life..so sometimes i play mind games with myself

  23. Damn Megan! You are going to kick come A$$ at the Turkey Trot! Awesome Run!

  24. Congrats on the run! I think exercise is usually harder mentally than physically

  25. I think that running is more mentally challenging for me than physically challenging.

  26. glad you had such a great run today 🙂 Love the eggplant I may just have to steal the idea.

  27. That is an awesome run! I think the break from running made you faster!

  28. As a fellow Floridan I have no idea what “layering” means much less “coat and scarf!” I remember my first trip to NY last winter i practically had to buy a new wardrobe!
    Stay warm!

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