Turkey Trot 10k

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a great morning to race on the Gulf Coast! The weather was slightly cool, and the sun was shining! I was really thankful to be outside!


The race started a lot later than I am used to, at 8:45 am. I didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn, but I did anyways. I was excited!


I fueled up with a plain bagel topped with Peanut Butter on the drive over:



Once I got there, I went ahead and stretched out and warmed up. I find that jogging for a few minutes really helps me get in the race spirit.


I searched everywhere for Anne! There were thousands of people there, I thought I would never find her!


For the first mile of the race, it looked a bit like a game of tetris (stealing Anne’s phrase). It was really crowded and hard to get any speed.


I had a strategy in my head that I would run the first two miles slower, second two miles faster, and the last 2.2 miles the fastest!


Everything was going well until the 3.0 mile marker, when I felt like my stomach was going to explode! My legs felt great, and it was disappointing that my stomach ache was holding me back. I felt like I could have given more to the race, but it still went well!


I finished the 10k race in 51:07! A new Personal Record! 😀

My average pace ended up being 8:15 min/mile, which I was really happy with!


Check out my insanely high heart rate… 188 bpm!! CRAZY!


After the race, I met up with Anne:


We were obviously proud of our race times…


Racing on Thanksgiving Day might just be a new tradition! It was a great way to kick of turkey day!


Did you race today? How did you do?


I’m off to spend time with my family! Have a great evening!

❤ MegaNerd

17 Responses

  1. didn’t get to race, but did get in a great 5 mile run with my neighbor

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Congrats Megan! you did awesome!
    have a wonderful Thanksgiving! =)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, congrats on your race! I wanted to do a Turkey Trot, but my grandparents are in town and I don’t get to see them often… hopefully I’ll do one next year!

  4. I just posted about my own turkey trot, but mine was cccoooooollld.
    Congrats! I set a PR too!

  5. Wow, I’m impressed you were able to PR even with a stomachache! Mind over matter. 🙂 I didn’t race but went for a run after breakfast this morning — it was nice to get moving before the big meal.

  6. congrats on the PR!! I did a turkey trot 5 k and did about 28 min…considering i havent run in weeks and im battling a cold i am sups proud 🙂 no PR but a great fun run!

  7. Congrats on the PR!! I ran a 4 mile Turkey Trot and got a PR also!! 35:44!! Hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day!!

  8. Great race. Have a wonderful family day! 🙂

  9. Congartulations- what an awesome result 🙂 Sounds like it was the perfect start to the day!!!

  10. I ran my first 8:38 mile. I finished a 5km in 26:30. I am floored and amazed at myself. Perfect way to start the day.

  11. Fantastic job on the 10K! 🙂

  12. I heart you! So fun today 🙂 Hope your feasting was awesome and the parent meet up went okay 😉

  13. glad you had a great run!

  14. I raced! Drumstick Dash – just getting back to running and did 4.5 miles in an hour. I LOVED starting my day off like that. Still need to blog about it tonight!

  15. Great Job on the 10k! I ran my very first race on Thanksgiving. I just finished the couch to 5k program and finished right around 34 minutes. Not the fastest, but I pretty proud I did it! 🙂

  16. Awesome time! I love reading about your races, it’s getting me inspired since I am starting at the beginning and the beginning is super hard! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  17. Hiii! I just found your blog. It is so fun. I ran in the St. Pete Turkey Trot too! It was the longest and biggest race I’ve done so far. You had a great time congrats on the PR. It was such a fun race I’m def doing it again next year.

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