Playing in the Snow

It’s been the perfect winter day!


My two friends and fellow bloggers, Whit and Stacey came over to hangout!




I met Whit at the Healthy living summit back in August, but I have never actually met Stacey! She was the first person I ever talked to in the blog world, and we have been e-mailing back and forth since May! It was so nice to finally meet her in person! 😀


Meeting people through blogs is like internet-friend-dating!


Before the girls arrived, I made a quick lunch: A simple turkey, cheese, lettuce and mustard on rye bread sandwich.




I also munched on some grapes




…and a snack plate of carrots, hummus, and pita chips.




Once the girls arrived, it took about 5 minutes to decide what to do. We wanted to play in the snow! They drove up from Charlotte, about an hour and a half south of here, and they didn’t get a single flake of snow! Crazy how that happens.


We set to work on creating a snowman!




I’ve never made a snow man, so I had no idea what to do!




 Whit acted like she didn’t know either… but she’s a liar.




She had a huge ball of snow rolled up before I could even blink. We joked that she should teach Snow 101.




It took all three of us to lift the second ball onto the base. It was a workout! I was sweating underneath my coat, and I only had one other layer on.


I wasn’t expecting our snowman to be so gigantic, but Whit was pretty ambitious with her snowball forming.




We added a hat, scarf, carrot nose, button eyes and wa-la! Instant snowman!


Meet Phil. The snowman. 😀




We created the perfect man. Too bad he’s going to melt by morning.




After the hard work was done, the snowball fights begun!





Snowball fighting took it out of us! We collapsed on the ground, just in time to make snow angels!




We froze our butts off laying in the snow. I suggested we come inside and make hot cocoa + cookies (I had three)!




We hung out a bit more and talked before the girls left. It was such a fun day, and I’m so glad that they drove all the way out here to come visit!


My mom had a slow cooker soup going the entire day. She loves making homemade soups and I couldn’t wait to try it!




It was delicious! I will have to pry the recipe out of her, but I think it’s basically chicken broth, sweet potato, ham, white beans, and sage!




Perfect way to end this winter day! I’m off to watch ELF! I love that movie.



What’s your favorite snow activity?


❤ MegaNerd

33 Responses

  1. What a fun blogger meet up!!! I’m totally jealous. And, you ladies definitely know how to make a the perfect snowman- Phil is quite lovely!

  2. Aw, how cute! We have 20 inches in DC and it’s still coming down lightly. Haven’t made a snowman yet — it’s hard enough just to open the front door to shovel! 😉

  3. I love that snowman! So jealous you got to meet Stacey!!! I love her blog 🙂

  4. Am v. Impressed with that handsome man!!! 🙂 good job ladies!

  5. My favorite snow activity is avoiding it 🙂 hehe Boston winter can be terrible.

    That is the BEST snowman I have ever seen, hands down. He’s perfect.

  6. I love making snowmen (yours is gorgeous) and snow forts and just playing in the snow!

  7. I love the snowman, he’s pretty cool looking.

  8. Hi Megan! Here to blatantly steal your photos…it’s Whit!

    A note: my mother would say regarding that last photo with me involved: SIT UP STRAIGHT! Why have I never learned??? Now the whole internet has proof of my hideous posture.

    Today was SO MUCH FUN! thanks for inviting us up!

  9. glad you got to enjoy the snow! looks like you had a perfect winter day 🙂

  10. That looks like fun. I’m dreading the snow tomorrow, but mostly because I have lots of commuting I have to do. If I got to build perfect snowmen and freeze my butt off making angels I’d be much happier about the whole thing.

  11. Oh my gosh, what a perfect snowman!! For some reason it’s not snowing here in upstate NY (for once) but I really want to try out my mom’s snowshoes while I’m home.

  12. Looks like TONS of fun. When I was in oregon in Nov. I went hiking with a friend in Ashland, OR through a mountain. It was amazing. so peaceful. snow just makes the world stop. I love it. Enjoy your vacay.

  13. Where in NC are you? I’m in Raleigh and we have no snow!!

  14. Aw, how fun! Your snowman is pretty cute; I’m impressed!

  15. That is one HOT snowman you made there 😉

    How fun!!

  16. What fun! Quite the handsome snowman you guys made there, too!

  17. Aww, so fun! The snowman is awesome! I wouldn’t know how to make a snowman either. Whit’s definitely a pro.

  18. It was so nice meeting you! I had so much fun 🙂

  19. what a great day. never made a snowman before?! looks like a *perfect* one to me 🙂

  20. That is an awesome snowman! You had the perfect snow to make that. 🙂

  21. I love the snowman! Sounds like a perfect snow day!

  22. Best snowman EVER!!!
    That soup sounds sooo good. I wonder if I could try some with turkey sausage……

  23. I am jealous that you are in Winston! I go to school at Wake Forest but I’m home for Christmas near Charlotte and we didn’t get any snow here!

    My favorite thing to do when it snows is make Snow Cream! A lot of people have never heard of it, but it’s delicious! You just take some clean snow, (sometimes, I will put a bowl out to catch it when it falls) and add a mixture of milk, vanilla, and sugar and mix it all up. It’s sooo good! My mom has made it for me every time it snowed ever since I was little and it’s such a treat!

  24. So fun! And that seriously is the best/cutest real snowman I’ve ever seen. Great job, girls!

  25. that is the best snowman I’ve ever seen! So awesome! My favorite snow-time actvity is just to take a walk in it and enjoy the crunch of it under my feet.

  26. I read Whit’s post first and I thought you looked awfully familiar! How FUN!! I am so jealous. I have never seen that much snowfall, ever. Glad you took full advantage of it for all of us Florida girls. Bring some snow home with you…maybe? Please? 😉

  27. That is a pretty professional looking snowman! I’m jealous…I’ve seen snow quite a few times, but never enough to make a legit snowman!

    Enjoy your holiday!

  28. I thought that looked like stacey when you put the pics up on FB. Man, what a fun time you guys must have had getting together to play in the snow. fun! i’ve never read whit’s blog though.

  29. I love your snowman!! My snow was too fluffy to stick together 😦

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  31. […] One where I made my first snowman with blog […]

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