Anne P…. Finally!

Last week, a bunch of Orlando bloggers were supposed to meet up with Anne. She’s in town from the DC area, and we were all really bummed when her flight was cancelled due to the snow!


Yesterday, she made the journey from Tampa to Orlando to come hang out with the only two bloggers left in town, me and Katy H. 




We had big plans to go to Disney for the day (Anne has never been!?!) but the weather was rainy and cold. Instead, we met at Infusion Tea, a cute downtown organic tea cafe.




The cold weather put me in the mood for a warm drink. I ordered a Chai Latte, which I saw on Ryan’s blog a while back.


IMG_1140 IMG_1141


For lunch, I ordered the Roasted Pear Salad. I had the same thing last time I went, and loved it so much, I even tried to recreate it at home!




One of my favorite things about Infusion Tea is the atmosphere. They have a cute little shop attached to it with all sorts of handmade gift items.




We sat and chatted for so long, that we started to get a bit hungry again!





I suggested we walk down the street to cefiore for some tart frozen yogurt. It’s never to cold for fro yo!



It was so hard to choose between flavors. I tried pumpkin pie, Acai berry, chocolate, and original, before deciding.


IMG_1149 IMG_1154


Anne was way too excited to try the fro yo.




Katy was snapping tons of pictures with her new camera.




I always have such a hard time deciding what I want. Especially when everything looks so delicious!




I ended up going with the original tart fro yo, with kiwi, pomegranate arils, and blackberries. It was such a good choice!




The other girls got awesome combinations as well. We passed them around in a circle so we could all try a bite or two. Anne got pumpkin with pom, mango, and strawberries. Katy got Acaiberry with kiwi and mango.




It was a really fun afternoon!




We already have plans to meet up again during spring break, and hopefully take Anne to Disney! I really cannot believe that she has never been!! Maybe I just assume that everyone has been by now since I’ve been a zillion times.


I’m actually in Ohio right now, visiting with Jason’s family. I’m a couple of days behind on blogging, but I promise I’ll get to it! 😀


❤ MegaNerd

24 Responses

  1. Thanks for the new place to visit when I’m down there again. That tea AND the food look AMAZINGGGG.

  2. I totally agree…it is NEVER too cold for fro-yo! EVER! There is a frozen yogurt place right by house (literally like 2 miles) and I have been known to run there grab a treat and then run home! haha!

  3. Glad you had a great time at infusion tea! Looks so cute! I am the same way, I alwAys assume everyone has been to Disney before just because I have been so many times!

  4. I also had pom arils but they were overtaken by the mango! 🙂 I had SO much fun, get back soon so we can hang out again. I am sensing another fro-yo field trip SOON!!

  5. i so agree that it is never too cold for fro yo!! all of the options look delicious 😀

  6. How fun! I keep seeing Infusion Tea on the blogs and definitely want to try it next time I’m in the area. 🙂

  7. Your froyo combo looks sooo good! I just had kiwi for the first time today (I know, I live under a rock) and it would be so good with ice cream/froyo!

  8. What a lovely meet up. I am so jealous of this fro-yo place. I think the closest thing I have experienced would be Pink Berry in California.

    How long will you be in Ohio for? We are headed there in a few days! 🙂

    Glad you are enjoying your break. You deserve a nice long relaxing break!!! 🙂

  9. Looks like a really, really fun day!!!! Awesome!

  10. aw I’m glad you all had a good time! I would love to go to that cute cafe as well as the frozen yogurt shop!

  11. I heart you! (and fro yo) (and infusion tea) (and soon to heart DISNEY!!!)

  12. You ladies looked like you had a blast!

  13. YES it’s never ever ever too cold for fro-yo/ice cream! looks like you guys had so much fun 🙂

  14. How fun!

    Where in Ohio are you? I lived there for 12 years, and a lot of family is still there

  15. oooh that fro yo looks so good! Glad to see that you had a great time 🙂

  16. What a fun bloggy meet up! That salad looks amazing! What a cute place.

  17. Are you having fun in Gahanna? I’m down in Cinci – we got snow down here!

  18. hey that girl gets around! Glad you guys had a fun meet up!

  19. I have only been to Disney once but my hubby grew up in and near Orlando and he was flabbergasted when he heard I’d never been…..he promptly took me. haha

  20. Mmmmm…love, love, love that fro yo! Have fun with your bf’s fam!

  21. Confession: I’ve never been to Disney. I have only been to FL a couple of times but never for Disney… even though I did fly into Orlando once.

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