Frozen Solid

Brrrrrrrr. It’s SO COLD outside here in Ohio!


I had plans to run yesterday, but it was just “too cold”. It was around 18 degrees for most of the day, and I was being a wimp. The weather channel said that it was supposed to get up to 34 today (heat wave!!!) so I decided to wait until today.


When I woke up this morning, it was only 21 degrees… feels like 14.


I was determined to run anyways. I fueled up with a banana




…and bundled up! I put on just about every layer of clothing I own. 😉


I am not used to this at all!! It is so much harder to breath when the temperatures are below freezing!


Jason promised he would keep me from getting lost  company on the run. He ran the first 4.0 miles with me! New PDR for Jason!! 😀


We met up with Jason’s stepmom, MJ, and we ran another 1.5 miles after dropping Jason off.


Running in the cold is very different for me. I find it hard to maintain any kind of decent pace. I managed to run 5.5 miles in 1 hour, 1 minute, and 24 seconds. That works out to a 11:10 min/mile pace. Really slow for me.


After my first really cold weather run ever in North Carolina, I knew what I was getting myself into. I’m just glad that I didn’t slip on ice or anything (knock on wood!) before the marathon. That’s the last thing I need!




How does a Florida girl bundle up for a sub-freezing run?


Here’s how: (Sorry I’m so sweaty and bright red, pics taken post-run!)



Layer one:  Sports bra, tank top, and stretchy pants.




Layer Two: Warm long sleeve turtle neck thing. (Haven’t worn a turtle neck since I was about five years old.)




Layer Three: Fleece Jacket, second pair of sweat pants (good idea BFF Debbie)  fleece headband, gloves and fluffy scarf




Oh yes, I wore two pair of gloves!




Layer Four: Last but not least, I topped it all off with a windbreaker!




As soon as I got back to the house, I made myself a big bowl of oatmeal.



I used:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • brown sugar
  • blueberries
  • mixed nuts


It was so warm. I scarfed it down! I also had a large cup of chocolate milk that was supposed to be Jason’s but I drank it. Oops.


Phew. I am pooped




How do you deal with cold weather workouts?! I find them so challenging!


❤ MegaNerd

49 Responses

  1. hahaha you are too cute!! Here in NY we have to layer up too!!! I have converted to treadmill runs it is just too cold!

  2. I book it from my warm car to the door of the gym!

  3. This is why I haven’t run outside in weeks. The treadmill does suck though, and I just ordered very warm running pants!

  4. I swear I hate cold weather work outs! I am so impressed by both your cold weather runs…it’s so hard. SO hard to breathe especially…gah. Thinking about it makes me cringe. Anyway, I am focusing on yoga and making my foot get better until the temps go back up. It was 28 this morning and our heat is out! Gah, it was miserable. I mean, not 18, but still. It was cold!

  5. I am scared of cold weather! I have never even attempted to run outside in the winter, opting for the boring treadmill. I think I might try it one day though, it looks to be an interesting experience!

  6. I live in the tundra (okay just MN, but still) so you just get used to it. Layers are your friend! I also have learned that my times are slower – it’s just not possible to keep the same pace as in the summer each time when you are running in snow and trying not to slip on the ice. I also have different routes depending on which way the wind is blowing! Windchills are not your friend.

  7. I find them challlenging as well, especially after all the layers I put on.

  8. It’s the layers that always get me. I feel like a big marshmallow so then I think it gets in my head that I should run like a big marshmallow – SLOWLY! Just think of it as a strength training/cardio workout since you have to carry all of that extra weight and run at the same time.

  9. nope, can’t deal. I seriously can’t run in the cold because my poor asthmatic lungs get all ragged.

    But that means boring treadmill runs which are NOT cool.

  10. i live in chicago and i am scared to run in the winter ha! i haven’t tried it yet. i love chicago but wish it was a more mild climate so i didn’t have to avoid running for a good chunk of the year. maybe i will have to try it though since you did it!

  11. I have some “cold gear” by under armor that works really well. I also think covering your ears/fingers are important!

  12. HAha. I’m scared too! What if I get out there and I don’t have enough on…? Maybe I’ll have to try it one day and bring my cell phone so I can call home for an emergency pick up when I turn into a popsicle.

    Did the scarf keep your face warm enough? I feel like that would be my biggest problem, like breathing into it would drive me nuts…

  13. I *hate* working out in the cold so my workouts have really dropped off over the past month, unfortunately. My fingers and toes just get frozen solid even with two pairs of gloves and socks… 😦

  14. i love your layering! and a hot bowl of oatmeal is a must for after. i just accept that running outside in the winter is going to harder/slower/more taxing on my body. i don’t necessarily adjust anything but just acknowledging that helps me feel less discouraged

  15. I LOVE running in the cold! It’s so relaxing. It’s only cold for the first half mile or so. Fleece lined spandex is a savior!

  16. I usually stick to the gym when the weather gets this cold….I am a wimp!

  17. WOW! You are a trooper! Whenever it gets cold (and being from Texas…I mean anything under 40..haha) I hit the treadmill! I would rather tackle treadmill boredom than cold weather. The longest I have ever run on a treadmill is 14 miles and while it was long…it was far better than icy fingers! 🙂 KUDOS TO YOU!

  18. I’m in Ohio, too! Visiting my family for the holidays. I live in Texas now and I thought I’d get way off track with my training since it’s so cold here, but I did more than I thought I would last week! This week hasn’t been as good…it’s definitely colder than last week and I can’t bring myself to get outside! On my runs I’ve just made sure to wear my running tights and long-sleeved shirt (the same turtle-neck one you have on!) and a hat and gloves. That was enough for most of my runs…although I was still a little chilly when the wind was blowing right into me! Definitely makes it harder to get out there when it’s so cold. I can’t wait to get back to my warmer weather in Texas!

  19. girl you are my hero for running in that frigid weather!

  20. This is why I use the treadmill in the winter.. because unfortunately, the 30 degrees it is supposed to be tomorrow during my 5K is ‘warm!’

  21. Congrats on running in the cold! It is soo hard! So props to ya! You deserved that yummy bowl of oats!

  22. It’s so funny because it’s all about where you come from. I find it so hard to run in the heat. My favorite temperature range to run in is 45-60. Once it hits the 70’s I usually have to take my runs indoors to the treadmill so I can have air conditioning. But sub-freezing temperatures is even a little too cold for me (although I’d still choose 32 degrees over 82 degrees any day) 🙂

  23. I live in St Louis so our weather is constantly changing. I used to hate running in the cold because it was hard to breathe, but the more you do it, the easier it is. In fact I have had faster times in the cold than in regular weather. By the way, the more layers I have on, the slower I run. So I put on dri fit layers that take the sweat off so it’s not as cold. Arm warmers are also great because you can wear a tank top and short sleeve to keep warm and then just add the arm warmers so your arms can still move fast and just layer on top with a windbreaker. I never put more than one layer of pants on and just run in tights. That’s what I do in our winter weather which is around 20 – 40 degrees. sometimes colder.

  24. I live in Boston and training in the dead of winter is terrible. I just wrote about how you have to choose your battles and pick the least cold day to get outside and run. And it’s all about under armour and LAYERS! I’d rather be too hot than too cold.

  25. As a fellow hot-weather runner, I totally love running in the cold! My pace is much better in the cold, and I don’t get nauseous like I do when I run in the heat. But the layering is a challenge, and I do NOT like the guesswork with the weather; I’ve run in falling snow and in 15 F cold, but I’m not sure how to manage in slush (and hence I stayed home today!)

  26. I don’t have a problem with the temperature but how in the world did you manage to run on all that ice!? I’m going crazy not being able to go more than a few steps without slipping. You must have excellent balance!

  27. I have lived in Orlando for about a year, but I am Ohioan. I went to Ohio State and lived in Columbus for 8 years during college. I’ve been home sick, but reading your blog has made me feel good. I was so excited to see a 2nd Columbus blog!! I love the Northstar I only went there a few times because it was kind of new right before I left. I love running in the cold, but not when the wind chill is crazy low like that!!! 🙂 I hope you go shopping (Easton, Polaris!). p.s. I love you in that Ohio State sweatshirt!! LOOKING GOOD!! 🙂

  28. Wow..that is a lot of layers! Did you ever start to feel hot? Whenever I run in the cold and wear a lot of clothes, I start to get swelteringly how within 10 minutes and I have to head back home to ditch some layers.

  29. I actually love running in the cold- I feel like I don’t get as tired as quickly. But slipping on ice is the worst. =/

  30. i’m from boston and i’m still not okay with cold weather running! if it’s above 40 I can do it – but not if it’s windy. it does slow you down though, you’re right.

  31. Lol damn girl you are BUNDLED UP!!

  32. I live near Chicago and I’m starting to train for a 5k and right now that is my biggest complaint! It is so cold out here! But I want to run sooo bad! haha

  33. I ran in the really cold, windy Pennsylvania weather yesterday. My trick is to do something inside to warm up first – whether it’s a little strength training or cardio, it’s a lot easier when you are warm when you head out there!

  34. i have slowly gotten to liking cold runs – it’s such an adventure (so far!) that it keeps me checked-in and cheerful. so i don’t mind cold – but the dark gets to me. i have such a hard time motivating myself to run in the dark! how do you do it?

  35. I am amazed! Cold runs do not mix well with me!!!

  36. Cold weather running (and hot weather running, for that matter) is hard to get used to…a trick I learned when I was in high school up north was to chew cinnamon gum as I ran in the frigid cold. It gave me the sensation of warming up the air before it hit my throat and lungs…

    But, anyway, impressive layering. I can only do minimal layering before it drives me crazy…I’d rather freeze my butt off than feel restricted by layers.

  37. I prefer running in the extreme cold than in the extreme heat- I don’t know how you deal with the summer Florida temps! That to me is hardcore.

  38. I have been reading your blog for awhile, but it’s my first time posting. Good job running outside I know how hard it can be. I definitely feel for you and the cold run. I am currently running everyday outside in Michigan, it’s awful even my nose freezes in my morning runs! The only way I make it through my runs is lots of layers and remembering I have hot coffee/hot chocolate waiting for me when I get home. I can’t wait until it gets warmer here, however that’s not until April or May!

  39. I just bought some cold weather gear with my Christmas cash. I need more layers though. It is challenging to run in the cold but I hate the treadmill.

  40. I’ve grown up in a cold climate, but I’m still a wimp. I refuse to go outside once it’s below freezing. My former boss (a 2:56 marathoner!) runs outside year-round, including in -40F temps! Something about building mental fortitude… I think he’s insane.

  41. oooh it looks so cold! I am hopeless when it is cold. I think I need to invest in some good thermal gear so I have no excuses!!!

  42. Its kind of funny to see these posts, because that is my reality. Think: snowy, cold, hilly runs and you are in Pittsburgh =).

    Just think, you’ll be back to FL in no time, and it won’t be “hard” anymore.

  43. Wow you are a trooper! I live in central IL and I won’t even run in weather that’s below freezing!! Good for you!

  44. you just look like a wuss!

  45. i don’t know how you did it…i hate running in the cold, let alone wearing layers! i guess that’s what happens when we live in warm places like fl and ca?!

  46. lol, I love the layers girl! I’m from Toronto so pretty use to the cold. I think good quality winter running gear is key to not feeling like a marshmallow in a pile of layers. I completely agree that running in the cold (and especially snow) is a whole extra challenge, much like running in the extreme heat! I think our bodies are just not to happy in extreme weather!

  47. i feel the same way about running in the snow! I go so much slower! Plus I am constantly thinking about slipping or something!

    Happy New Year!

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