One Week Left

One week from today, I will be running the Disney Marathon!


I can’t believe it is almost here! I apologize in advance if I talk non-stop about the marathon for the rest of the week. I am really getting excited!


Yesterday morning, I set out to do my last double digit long run before the marathon. Tapering is strange. It seems odd to me that I would go from running 22 miles, to 13 miles, down to only 10. Whatever, it is supposed to work!


I ate a quick breakfast before I left for my run. Everything bagel + Veggie Cream Cheese. It’s quickly becoming a staple in my diet.




It was only 41 degrees F outside, but felt like 33. It was cold for Florida standards! I bundled up, and went for my run. I almost prefer running in the cold than in the heat.




Run Stats:

  • Distance: 10.0 miles
  • Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Average Pace: 9:01 min/mile
  • Average HR: 167 bpm




It was a great run!


Everytime I thought about the marathon, my heart started beating faster and my stomach felt crampy. I had to tell myself to calm down a few times. I am getting so anxious!! gaaaaah!


When I got back, it was already almost noon, but I didn’t feel like eating lunch food. So I made second breakfast!




My fridge is PACKED with yogurt…




I had to use up the rest of my free coupons from Stonyfield, so I’ll be eating tons of yogurt in the near future.


I combined blueberry OIKOS, granola, and fresh blueberries. YUMMMM.




I also ate a Clementine… times four.




In Other News….

Jason got a new camera, the Nikon D90!




That means I get to use the D40 for now. HOORAAAAY!


He wanted to test out the new camera, so I let him snap some pictures of me:


DSC_0021 DSC_0017


Fun stuff!!!


I only have 3 more runs before the race! Yikes!


❤ MegaNerd

26 Responses

  1. YUmmm granola + yogurt- I could eat this foreverrr!
    I love your cute running pull up!

  2. sweet new camera!! (the lens is the coolest part!)

  3. I much prefer running in the cold to the extreme heat. I couldn’t imagine being a runner in Florida. I could hardly stand Charleston’s hot weather.

  4. eeeek youre so close to race day 🙂 i must say that i’m wicked jealous that it’s disney – i really want to do it someday

  5. Wooohoo. I need a DLSR, baddd.

  6. Very cute running gear! Good luck in your taper week!

  7. Wow, your run has come up fast! I get that crampy thing too when I think about big competitions, but I always tell myself it’s just excitement and not nerves, and it helps a bunch. I wish you all the best for it!
    Bagels are definetly the best pre-long run snack – I started having them before my long runs after reading abou it here, so thankyou! Plus, thankyou again – your running has been SO inspirational for me! I’m training for my first half marathon in Feb, and I did my first 13miler last weekend – but all I could think was ‘bah, this is nothing, she did 22miles!!’. It worked a treat!!
    I can’t wait to hear more about your running 🙂
    Have a great day!
    (and if anyone wants to check out my new blog – it’s one day old today! – I’d be very grateful 😛 :))

  8. I’m so excited for you! I’ve heard wonderful things about the Disney Marathon and I have no doubt that you are totally going to show it who’s boss.

  9. i hope you DO talk nonstop about the marathon, it’s fun to read about everything leading up to it and it’ll be great to read a race recap!

    i’ve never run one myself so i’ll live vicariously haha

  10. It’s funny how 10 miles seems like a lot to me as I’m just beginning my marathon training and how it seems like so little to you as you’re winding down. The taper process really does work though. Best of luck!!

  11. the marathon is so close!! How many weeks total did you train for it? I would love to see a post on the whole training experience.. I just started training for my first half marathon!

  12. Glad you are getting excited for the marathon!! It is a big deal!!
    Can never have too many yogurts!

  13. I can’t believe it’s this close and I’m not even running in it! haha. I am coming down there from virginia to cheer you all on though 🙂

    I definitely prefer running in cold weather. Florida temperatures are scary hot for me when I think about running outside! I just did my first 10k and it was around 41 degrees F and I was just wearing a tank top and running skirt because I get so hot naturally lol.

  14. Eeek, one week, that is so exciting!!

  15. You will rock the marathon, girl!

  16. Hey there, i stumbled onto your blog sometime earlier this week and have enjoyed reading your last few posts. I’m from Orlando too, but go to school in Tallahassee. You have inspired me to start running again… unfortunately its soooooo cold up here, I’m not sure I will survive lol. I had to stop running at the beginning of last semester because of a bacterial infection in my stomach that I think I may have finally gotten rid of! Anyway, good luck in the Marathon this weekend! I’m thinking about trying the Disney Princess half marathon in March! Can’t wait to read about how it goes 🙂

  17. no no – DO talk about it all week, I love hearing about it!

  18. Thanks for recapping your runs. You’re so dedicated and I feel SO lazy..okay I am being lazy. It’s time for me to get serious about my half-mary training. Can’t wait to see y’all run Sunday!!! Woop woop, we need to make signs. Haha..

  19. Definitely trust your training Megan! You’ve done so well, you’ll do great on Sunday.
    Did you see the forecast for the marathon? (I’m running the Disney half.) Yikes, it’ll be cold n FL! Hoping mother nature changes her mind!
    Love your blog Megan! keep up the great work!

  20. Can’t wait to hear all about it; with all the training and hard work, you deserve to talk about it every day. Keep up the marathon hype!

  21. You are totally going to rock. love your running jacket, btw.

  22. I am sure you will do great in the marathon! I love the new camera, great pictures!

  23. I can’t believe your marathon is almost here! I can’t wait to see all of the pictures!

  24. Wow that camera! :] You look great! Looking forward to following all of the runners!

  25. I also have a goal of running 1000 miles 🙂 I am excited to read your blog! p.s. Awesome new camera!!

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