What to Wear?

Florida’s weather has been pretty unseasonably cold lately. Normally, we might have one or two days of below freezing temps, but having a week of sub-freezing temperatures is unprecedented.


All week, I’ve been taking note of the temperature, what I’m wearing, and how I feel in it. This weekend’s marathon is going to be COLD and I want to make sure that I wear the right thing!


Yesterday, I woke up hungry so I ate a small snack…




…and waited for the weather to warm up. Wow! Heat Wave!!! Just kidding, of course.




I layered myself up and felt pretty warm on the run actually. I noticed the only thing cold was my face and hands.




My Garmin was dead, so I did the old “oven timer” method. I was gone for about 2.5-3.0 miles? I HAVE to make sure it is properly charging on Saturday night or I will die.

DSC_0781 DSC_0783


Once I got back from my quick run, I made a bowl of Kashi hot cereal, with bananas and strawberries.




Oh, and a handful of blueberries.




Kelly and I went shopping for marathon clothes! We know, we know. You aren’t supposed to do anything new on race day. Kelly wanted something warm and cute to wear, and who can blame her?


We started out at the Lululemon Outlet, which we were a bit disappointed in. There was not very much running gear, and nothing at a reasonable price. They did have some great yoga gear, though!




Next, we tried the Adidas Outlet. Strike Two!




She finally found something warm and inexpensive at Target. Whew!




Right now the forecast for Sunday’s marathon is COLD!




I’m still trying to think of how I will dress for the marathon. I’m nervous that I will be to hot or too cold. The forecast changes quite frequently, so it’s possible that it could be totally different from that.


If you are coming from out of state to run the Disney marathon (like BFF Debbie) I would suggest packing options. You never know what Florida’s weather can do!


Other eats of the day included:


Turkey, cheese, and spinach wrap + clementine

DSC_0792 DSC_0793


Trail mix from Trader Joe’s!



The rest of the bag of Sweet potato chips– probably 2 servings at least. Oops.




Dinner was Panera bread… again. I love it.



How would you dress to run in 30-45 degree weather? If you’re running Disney this weekend, what are you wearing?


Right now, I am considering wearing layers that I can throw to the side (ie: old clothes i don’t care about) over my normal running gear. I will wear shorts unless it’s below freezing. I hate running in pants.


❤ MegaNerd

51 Responses

  1. Invest in a pair of gloves from the $1 bin at target… but don’t be too quick to toss them during the race. I did that on a thanksgiving 10k. My hands warmed up, so I tossed the gloves around the first mile. My hands were freeeeeeeeezing again about 10 minutes later. I wanted to cry!

  2. Wow, can’t believe it’s that chilly in Florida!

    Looking forward to reading about your marathon! You have been training so hard – very inspiring 🙂

    Love panera, too!

  3. I hate running i pants too. They always make me overly hot almost immediately. I would probably wear shorts with some cheap sweatpants over them. Sweatpants aren’t pretty are easy to take off, and you can chuck them when you’re warm enough.

    I’d also wear a fitted, sweat wicking tank with a t-shirt over it and a jacket over that.

    Target typically has cute sweat wicking v-neck tshirts for under $10.

  4. I had a cute outfit planned for the 1/2 this weekend and this crazy weather is making me change everything. I’ll definitely be following your pack a bit of everything advice. Not looking fwd to waiting at the start. I’m going to invest in some cheap gloves and a sweatshirt to toss after the start of the race.

    Glad you were warm on your run though!

  5. I’m running Disney this weekend too! This weather is really throwing me for a loop. I think I’m going to wear tights (w/ shorts on top in case I decide I have to ditch the tights at some point), tank, long sleeve tech shirt and jacket. I’ll have an old throwaway sweatsuit over that for the start. Also a headband and throwaway gloves. It’s going to be a cold few hours waiting around for the start.

  6. Not too often the temps are the same in January here as in Flo-rida. If I was running I would for sure need a hat 🙂

  7. I think I’m going to find a cheap pair of sweat pants to wear over my shorts that I can chuck once I warm up. I need a light windbreaker still, so I think I’ll check Target. I can tie the windbreaker around my waist if I get too warm. I’ve got arm warmers and I’m going to wear a short sleeve tech shirt with a tank over it.

    But man, it’s COLD.

  8. ahh I am so bummed about the cold weather!!

    I have been debating all week what I am going to do. I went out yesterday and bought some cheap sweatpants I am going to wear over either tights or shorts. I have throw away gloves and a head band I got from the dollar store. I also am going to wear a wick t-shirt long sleave shirt and probably a light sweatshirt.

    I am just praying a miracle happens and the weather changes.

  9. The temp sounds much like the Philly marathon this past November, nearly perfect temperature really…
    If you look at the pics from that race you can see that most folks (me included) had a long sleeve tech shirt and one short sleeve on top of that. It is amazing how fast you heat up. And almost everyone had very light gloves too. But the best advice I think is to wear something very warm that you toss right before the start. More than two cents from me… but it comes from someone who is so jealous of you Disney runners this weekend.
    Good luck, and run strong, Megan

  10. Along with getting gloves that are throw-away..I would also get a throwaway headband or something. My ears get soooo cold when I run outside! 🙂

  11. Definitely wear a throwaway shirt, gloves, etc! I ran my 2nd marathon on December 5th and at the start it was about 30 degrees. I never really expected to I would have to take off my throwaways,but after about an hour, I actually got hot and was happy I could! 🙂 Good luck this weekend and I know you and the girls will rock this marathon!

  12. I live in Michigan, so 45 degrees is pretty warm for this time of year (it’s 22 right now)… so my temperature gauge is probably a bit different (I know my aunt and uncle in San Diego got a good laugh when my sister and I went out in shorts and tank tops, while they wore sweaters and jeans). Anyway, I usually wear a tank and a long sleeved tee, sometimes with another layer if it’s on the colder side, and then shorts with pants over top. You do warm up really quickly.

    I would for sure wear a headband and gloves, and keep them with you even if you start to warm up. It’s amazing how painfully cold your forehead can get!!

  13. they have a lulu outlet!? I’ve never seen one before but I’m uber jealous that you found one!

  14. I ran a 10k last week when the weather was around 40 degrees. All I wore was a running skirt and a tank top (plus my sports bra, underwear, socks and shoes of course) The only thing I would have changed was gloves. I really should have worn gloves; however, I would have ended up taking them off.

    This is just for me though. For you, I would start off in more clothes than that. I like being cold. I’d rather be cold than hot. Plus, I was one of the only people dressed like that at my race. Most people that day were wearing long pants, jackets, hats, gloves, etc. That’s just not for me though.

    I thought of a great idea! You should get those pants that strippers wear that all you have to do is pull on them and they come off! hahaha.

  15. Being from NY those weather conditions are my favorite to run in! If it was me I would wear capri, long sleeve shirt and maybe a fleece on top to start (I would ditch the fleece eventually bc I get really warm). I would suggest gloves and somethign to cover your ears since you arent used to running in the conditions.

    This is a great tool from RW that I use often to figure out what to wear:


  16. Definitely layers that you don’t mind tossing…the day will warm up as it gets later and you’ll warm up the longer you run. I always find if I keep my hands and head warm, the rest of me usually ends up just fine:)

  17. When you toss your layers to the side of the race, how do you find them again when you’re done?

  18. I am running the half and I am wearing a under armour coldgear 1/4 zip, capri tights, nike running gloves, and an earwarmer. Usually when I do long runs in the cold, I end up taking my gloves off, tucking them into the back of my tights, and then putting them on again when I get cold. Last year I tossed my gloves after the start of the half (when it was a balmy 50!) and totally regretted it–my hands were freezing at the end of the race and I had to have a volunteer open my powerade for me!

    I also have a throwaway fleece, sweatpants, a second pair of gloves, and handwarmers for waiting before the start. And a trash bag to use as a poncho if it rains. I’m also bringing a fleece vest that I may or may not wear. I know once I am running I’ll be fine but it’s waiting around in the cold for over an hour before the race that I am worried about!

  19. I’m from Wisconsin, and 35-40 and haha, we run in that kind of weather all fall and spring. 🙂 Winter is more like 3 degrees…yeah, cold.

    Anyways, from my experience I would definitely dress in layers so you can peel if you get too warm.
    On the legs I would wear a warm capri, and maybe spandex shorts underneath. On top, a sports bra, running tank top, thinner long sleeve, and then a wind breaker type jacket that you could chuck along the route.
    I would wear light gloves, make sure you have pockets to put them in when your hands get warm. And for your ears, personally I’m not a fan of just ear warmers, I’d rather wear a hat because I like to keep my whole head warm which in turn keeps my whole body warm. So I’d wear a light hat and make sure you have a pocket to tuck into when you warm up.

    Good luck, it won’t be so bad, running in the cold is actually quite nice sometimes.

  20. I ran outside a couple weeks ago at minus ten celsius and I wore lululemon pants, a tshirt with a sweatshirt with a hood that I kept up and the whole time I wished I had gloves.

  21. I’m not gonna lie, I’ll probably buy a cute outfit for my marathon too. For 30-45 degree weather, I’d probably wear some knee-length spandex and a t-shirt with a jacket or something to take off?

  22. I imagine you will have some fans along the way – boyfriends, husbands, friends? I was able to toss my throw away shirt to my friend’s boyfriend at the 4 mile mark and prepped my husband for things to have with him later in the race (ie: gloves, gum, extra gu in case, etc.). I knew there was a possibility that we would miss our “fans” due to traffic concerns and timing but it worked out.

  23. You will probably be warmer than you think! And I like the old clothes idea 🙂

    Good luck!

  24. I ran the NYC marathon in November 2006 and it was around the same temps you are expecting now, however I was used to running in it. I would go ahead and wear shorts (I’m the same way about hating to run in pants), a base layer of either a running top or under armour shirt, and then a light weight top jacket. Bring gloves and headband which you can throw in the pockets if you get too warm.

    Also, very important, is make sure you wear a pair of warm pants and another layer on top that you won’t mind saying goodbye to right before the start. You want to be as warm as possible up until the second you start running. In the past I’ve stripped down as we’re lining up. You might think you can put those clothes in your checked bags, but there’s usually a lag between checking the bag and lining up. Just a pointer I’ve found helpful in the past.

    Good luck!!!

  25. someone already said this but totally go to target and they usually have the dollar gloves that are crappy, but totally worth wearing at the start of the marathon especially if its super cold. MY half marathon that i ran in october here in Michigan it was about 28 degrees when we started ( REALLY cold might i add) and i had on my capri running pants on, a long sleeve running shirt, and then my race day shirt that they gave us on over that (both were long sleeve) and then i had a head band on! Before i new it i was warming up, so with those layers on i felt ok! i even had a fleece that i started out with but within a half mile i had to throw it to the side of the street because i didnt need it anymore! Though i only ran 13.1 miles, i was good with the 2 long sleeves on because it warmed up but not all that much once i was done, but a full marathon i know you’ll get much warmer. Hopefully what i said helps! I know you’ll figure it out! 🙂 your gonna do awesome!



  26. in 40* weather i’m in shorts and a long sleeve. but i’m also a new englander and don’t break out cold gear until <20*. but a good pair of gloves is a must: my hands get cold up until 60* or so!!

    and i love outlet shopping 🙂

  27. I would definetly go layers, you can’t go wrong with that. It’s so much better to be wearing too much and take layers off than be wearing one thick layer or something :s
    and oh oh! I SO want to try sweet potato crisps! You just can’t buy them in england :s are they healthier than regular do you reckon?
    Have a great day 🙂

  28. I can’t believe how cold the weather is in Florida! That’s crazy! Since it looks like it will warm up during the marathon, I would definitely dress in layers. Shorts seem like a good option. I can’t wait to hear how your marathon goes! 🙂

  29. I ran a marathon that started at 29 degrees and warmed up to the mid to high-40s (just like yours). I wore shorts and a long-sleeve tech shirt, and I was perfect. I was kind of hot by the end, actually, with the sun beating down.

    that’s awesome marathon weather, by the way – any hotter and trouble abounds!

  30. When it’s in the 30’s I usually wear Under Armour cold gear tights and mock turtle neck with a pair of gloves and an ear warmer. I’ve worn a light fleece over it in a 10K and found I got pretty warm by the end of the race. If you can, maybe wear something super warm while waiting around and then ditch it in the gear check bag?

  31. Wow! That is chilly for FL, now you know how we New Englander’s feel! Make sure you wear gloves, nothing worse than cold hands. I am sure all of you lovely ladies will do so well!!!

  32. Megan, Whenever I’m unsure of how to dress, I check out the Runner’s World website:

    It has yet to lead me astray! : ) Good luck!!!!!!

  33. Just an FYI….my friend ran the Disney Marathon a few years ago and she told me that anything that you throw off as you are running will get donated to the Goodwill (or other organzization) by Disney.

    BTW, first time commentator training for my first 5K =) Season’s 52 5.2 actually. Good luck on your marathon. That is awesome!

  34. I was just at the Lululemon outlet 2 days ago!! (I’m in Orlando with my fam on vacay). I didn’t find anything good either–except the I ❤ running Sigg that I want SO BADLY!!


    I have decided to wear: running tights. tank. zip up jacket (not too heavy or light). headband. super thin gloves.

  36. I feel your pain! I am in Texas and we are supposed to been in the TEENS tomorrow! What is GOING on!!

  37. I’ve been avoiding running right now for that reason. I have NOTHING warm to wear. Not even a long sleeve shirt. And yoga pants do nothing to keep my legs warm when running. I need to swing my the LuLu outlet asap.

  38. I’m so jealous of your weather – it sounds perfect!! When I was in Michigan for the holiday, it was in the mid-thirties to low-forties and it was great. I wore capri-length running pants, a t-shirt under a tech long sleeve shirt, gloves (just those cheapo knit ones) and a headband and it was great. I stuffed the gloves in my pocket about a mile into each run and I was the perfect temperature.

    I’m running my first half marathon on Sunday, and it’s supposed to be 74* here in L.A. SO hot!

  39. I ran my marathon on SF, and you never know what it’ll be there! I wore my shorts and shirt under a ratty old long sleeve shirt that I could just toss to the side of the road when I got hot. They had collectors going around collecting the clothes for homeless. If yours has something like that you could just wear something old/ratty for the first few miles!

  40. whoa! that is cold girl! I always find the best workout stuff at Target too! Never fails. That and TJMaxx are my go tos for new workout gear! Good idea on the layers too! Good luck on your run!

  41. I ran the Memphis Marathon in December and the weather was very similar. About 27-28 degrees at the start and mid-40’s at finish. I wore capri running tights and a dry wick LS running shirt. I also bought a fleece for like $3 at Goodwill that I wore for the first 6 miles and then threw to the side. I would plan on wearing a top layer you don’t mind losing. I also had gloves/mittens where you could fold the top portion back and that was HUGE. As my hands got cold/warm I didn’t have to remove the whole glove, jsut the part covering my finger tips. I also wore a headband for my ears. You’ll get warmed up alot faster than you think.
    Oh, I also used those air activated hand warmers for my hands waiting at the start line and for the first couple miles.
    hope that helps!!

  42. Can never go wrong with target!
    FL weAther is crazy! Good luck trying to figure out what to wear Megan!

  43. That’s nice running weather in my opinion but I know that’s pretty cold for you! I hate it when there are crazy temp changes for race day! When I ran my 1/2 in December, it was 25 degrees and I did all my training in 50-60 degree weather! So I know how you feel girl!!

    I would wear pants, a short sleeve shirt, and a light long sleeve shirt. Gloves that you can toss for sure but no headband. I only wear one if it’s in the 20’s because it makes my head so hot! Good luck girl!

  44. I ran the Twin Cities Marathon a few years back and the start temp was 32 and the finish was 45, which sounds similar to what you will be having. I live in Sun Valley, Idaho up in the mountains so I was used to training and racing in cold temps, but was counting on running the marathon in shorts. Am I glad I didn’t; I ran in a very thin pair of capilene running tights, a light capilene long sleeve top and a wind shell. The shell saved me because the course has some sections out in the open and the wind was very cold. I also wore light gloves and a very light hat (key to keeping warm). You lose 40% of your body heat through your head, did you know that? Good luck race day and I’ll be sending good running vibes to you!

  45. Are Jason or other friends cheering you on during the marathon? It’s nice to be able to pass off unneeded layers to them as you pass. During my 15K, it was really cold at the beginning but got warmer, so I tossed my headband to my friend when I passed her around mile 3…

  46. Do you have a capri tight? These would be IDEAL to run in for this weather. I ran a race on Thanksgiving day and I assume the weather was similar to what you will have on Sunday.
    I wore a capri tight (which was perfect), and spandex T, and a zipper light weight hoodie. It worked out great! 🙂

    Good luck.

  47. I totally agree on the capri running tights. Pretty much the entire winter here in Seattle is 35-50 degrees and they are perfect. Bonus: no leg chaffing!

    The layer and toss away is a great option and a lot of marathons actually collect the throw-aways to donate.

  48. Oh my gosh. How much do I miss the cute stuff at Target? My favorite running skirt is from there!

    Have a great race 🙂 Stay warm!

  49. It helps to have gloves that you can clip onto your fuel belt, if you use one…I usually wear a short and long sleeve tech shirt, and a fleece vest. If my core is warm, I’m good to go. The gaiter, headband, and gloves are a MUST for me, I almost never take these off when it’s cold! If you have people meeting you on the course, you can give them your extra layers if you get hot, or get things from them if you are too cold. I also hate to wear leggins or tights, I would rather wear a running skirt! Good luck to you!~

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