Will YOU be there!?

I’m sort of in a super excited state right now. Like pre-race jitters… but way too early.


This morning, I tried to calmly eat my strawberry shortcake oatmeal. I wolfed it down. (oatmeal, brown sugar, graham cracker, strawberries, and plain oikos.)




Followed by two chocolate chip cookies. (!?!?!)


I figured out that negative stress causes me to lose my appetite. Being overly happy and excited makes me crave sugar. Interesting.


In attempt to balance the cookies, I made a huge, healthy salad for lunch. This bowl is bigger than my head.




The bowl of veggies included:

  • spring mix
  • spinach
  • red pepper
  • broccoli
  • sugar snap peas
  • avocado
  • 1/2 can white beans
  • carrot






I feel like there are so many people running the Disney marathon that I’m not aware of.


Are you running the Disney half or full marathon this weekend? Will YOU be there?


❤ MegaNerd

28 Responses

  1. I’ll be there Saturday for the half!

  2. Stay calm! You’ve trained well, and I am sure you will rock it! Have fun!

  3. have fun and good luck! there are so many blog friends running it this year. I wish i was going to be there.

  4. No, sadly, but I’ll be cheering and watching for updates! So excited for you, it’s going to be a blast…

  5. I will no be there but my friend Lisa is running the 1/2. Good luck!!

  6. I am running! I will be there and I’m scared out of my mind!!!! I can not stop thinking about it.

  7. No, but I plan to in January 2011!!! GOOD LUCK! =)

  8. That’s just like one big bowl of deliciousness!! Tasteh 🙂
    I wish I were running the half marathon..I dream of running one one day! I wish you SO much luck for it, you deserve it 🙂 (and the two cookies – heck, imagine how much you’ll burn running 26miles!) Have a great day 🙂

  9. I cannot wait to hear your recap for sunday. You’re going to do amazzzing!

  10. My mom always teases me when I use serving bowls to eat salad — but I don’t understand people who eat salads on teeny tiny plates!

  11. i so want to be there! youre going to rock this thang 🙂

  12. DUDE. I’m right there with you with the pre-race jitters. I CANNOT focus!!!!!

  13. Yummy fresh salad!

  14. I like your salad ingredients, I will have to build myself one of those!

  15. I won’t be there this year, but I will be running the other Disney half marathon this year – Disney Land in September.

  16. You are going to be FABULOUS!!!! I am so excited for you! On a side note…the strawberry shortcake oatmeal is awesome! 🙂

  17. Hi! I’m not running this year because we live in Japan, but I’ve run Disney twice before. One year it was hot, one year it was cold. Definitely layer and if you don’t like having anything around your waist wear layers you don’t mind discarding. I always have cheapy gloves (like 2 for $3 at Walmart) because my fingers start off rozen and I don’t mind throwing them out when I get hot. I can’t remember exactly wear, but there was a section that was between 2 of the parks and it was shaded and freezing – I was glad I hadn’t gotten rid of my layers yet. Sorry to rattle on and on. You’re going to great! Have fun!

  18. I’ll be doing Goofy’s Challenge!! Not thrilled about traveling to Florida in January and having the same temperatures I’m experiencing at home but really excited about all that bling-bling I’m going to get!!

  19. Your oatmeal looks AMAZING! Yum!

    I was the same way before we left for San Francisco in October. Such fun!

  20. I won’t be! But I will be cheering you on!

  21. Hey there!
    I know you have suffered from a hamstring injury, and im not 100% sure I have one but if I do its a stage 1 strain so not too bad. But I was wondering if you could give me some advice since you’re experienced in the injury. Here’s some backround info (I’ll try and keep it snappy!):

    I recently cut out a big amount of cardio as I came home for winterim and need to gain more weight (I used to do a few miles almost everyday on the ET and ST a few days a week as well). I am focusing more on ST now (especially lower body so I can gain more muscle mass in my legs) and have been doing it most days of the week from 15-25 min usually now that I am home. I stretch all the time before and after workouts too.

    I only have pain when I stretch my left leg, and I feel it at the base of where it meets my butt. It has hurt for about a week now, and I sort of ignored it at first. Since I cut out much cardio and was just doing ST (but still stretching) doesnt it seem weird that it hurts now? I know I need to rest but me being used to doing atleast a little activity every day is making it very hard for me.

    I know I can do upper body workouts and core, but my arms are very muscular since I need to put on weight and dont want to gain anymore there. That leaves me with core workouts since I am not part of a gym anymore and cant swim or bike. Would using my at home ET be bad? Being that it’s winter I’d rather not go for a freezing walk. What did you do when you couldnt exercise to keep you moving? How long did it take you to recover? It seemed pretty quick since you got into biking soon after.

    Thank you sooo much for your help, I really appreciate you helping me in anyway you can!


  22. I’ll be there but won’t be running! I’ll just be cheering all of you on! yay!

  23. That salad looks sooooo good! I love a nice healthy mix and it is so colorful! I will not be there 🙂 I tried to sign up for the half but it was closed, I was very disappointed!

  24. I will be there!! Not running, but someone has to hang out with Mickey and Minnie..and OF COURSE be your cheerleaders! 🙂 YAY!

  25. What kind of a dressing (if any) did you put on that? Looks amazing!

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