Runs in the Family

This morning, I got in my very last run before the marathon. I ran an easy 3.0 miles, without too much concern for pace.




I can NOT believe that in less than 48 hours I will be waiting at the starting corral. I can’t wait to see all this hard work pay off!



A couple of weeks ago, while in North Carolina, I took some time to check out my mom’s marathon medal collection.




My mom has actually done 5 marathons! She isn’t doing them anymore, but I think doing even one is pretty cool!


She ran my first ever 5k with me back in May 2007!




In fact, she completed the Disney marathon back in 2002!  Check out her medal:




I honestly think it could have been my mom that inspired me to race! She has done COUNTLESS races of all different distances in her lifetime. She got to a point where she had SO many t-shirts, that she made them into a quilt!




Check it out! Disney marathon, woot! (Back in the pre-tech Tee days!)




I can’t wait to get MY marathon tee and eventually (after crossing the finish line) that medal! 😀


What can I say? My love of racing runs in the family!

I feel like I still have so much to get done before the race! I start school Monday, and I haven’t even thought about prepping for that since I’ve been so focused on the marathon. OOPS! Better get on it!


❤ MegaNerd

39 Responses

  1. Just wanted to say good luck! I hope you have the time of your life. :0)

  2. That quilt is awesome! My dad is also a marathoner and the main reason why I started to run. My goal is to run the NYC Marathon just like he did year after year.

  3. that quilt is awesome!
    also, i wish my mom was a runner. i guess the best i can do is be that mom to my kids 😉


  4. Oh wow, your mum is inspirational!! I want to have that kind of collection one day 🙂 she must be a great help to you, you’re so lucky. I’m the only runner in my family – they think I’m mad for wanting to do more than one mile!
    Good luck on Sunday – that Disney medal is fabulous, if you ever start approaching the wall, picture that pretty medal and you’d smash right through it – it’d work for me lol!

  5. I’m also starting school again on Monday.. came out of nowhere!!!

    But I just wanted to wish you luck on Sunday, you will be AWESOME! Also, you and the other bloggers running the Disney marathon have inspired me to put it on my list of things I want to achieve in my life. I am/was training for a half marathon until I was injured but knowing that I CAN and WILL run again and having such a goal is what is getting me through the recovery and not being able to run. So thank
    you 🙂

  6. wow that is sooo awesome that you can run with your mom! and that quilt is wicked great 🙂 good luck sunday!!

  7. That’s cool! I have thought of doing that with my race shirts someday! Good luck! And rest those legs tomorrow!

  8. I love your mother’s t-shirt quilt! What an awesome idea!!!

  9. How cool that your mom runs too! And marathons, wow! Love the medal collection 🙂

  10. That is awesome!! I have been saving all my racing shirts for years too…I am going to have a quilt made in a few years! Love that idea!

  11. Good luck on the marathon!! 🙂

  12. That quilt is too cute, it’s so creative. I wish my mom had done some sort of physical activity that could inspire me (does archery count?!) but, no complaining, Mom’s are amazing no matter what.

  13. Your mom is awesome! That is so neat that you have followed in her footsteps with racing 🙂 Good luck on Sunday, I’m rooting for ya!

  14. I LOVE that blanket…what an awesome idea for race T’s! I’d do the same if only my shirts were stain free and in better shape.

  15. That is SO cool that your mom has done so many marathons and races, and I LOVE that quilt. Why did she stop racing??

    Good luck on Sunday, you will rock it!

  16. I’ve seen those quilts before…what a neat way to preserve all that hard work! My mom and I have run together quite a bit too! I guess you can say it runs in my family as well! Good luck!!

  17. That is awesome that your mom and you have running in common! Look at all those metals!!! WOW! That is super!

  18. I love your mom’s race quilt! I hope to keep up running races a lifetime activity, your mom is definitely an inspiration!

  19. That’s awesome that your mom is a runner too.

    Good luck!!

  20. Love that quilt! I know so many people running that marathon this weekend. You will do GREAT!

  21. this is such a cool post. I love the story, your mom, medals, awesome quilt.

  22. That medal is so awesome- you must be so excited to earn yours on Sunday! Love the quilt. Good luck this weekend! 🙂

  23. That’s so cool that your mom ran marathons 🙂
    My dad is the one who got me into running. It’s def. a family trait

  24. That’s so awesome that your mom ran marathons!

  25. it’s funny how we take after our parents sometimes! my dad always did the musicals in high school and was the reason i started performing in 4th grade! 22 shows later, i think it’s safe to say i took after him entirely 🙂

  26. Your moms quilt is such a good idea!!

  27. GOOD LUCK this weekend!!!!!!!!!

    Your mom is totally hot, by the way. Awesome job to her on all those marathons! I’ve been wanting to get a t-shirt quilt made… although mine would be more along the lines of inappropriate sorority t-shirts. 😉

  28. Good luck for the race! I am sure that you will do awesome!!
    It is so cool that you and your mum share such a passion for running 🙂

  29. that’s awesome that your mom is a runner, too! Good luck on Sunday, I’m sure you’ll do great!

  30. I can’t wait to see how awesome you do in the Marathon!!! You are so speedy! I wouldn’t be surprised if you BQ! 🙂

  31. I love the quilt, what an awesome idea!! Good luck on the marathon on Sunday – you will rock it!

  32. That’s awesome! My mom runs too. She’s 62 and can still throw down a 2:04 half marathon! My sister and I ran the Disney Marathon with her for her 60th birthday!

  33. I haven’t ran my first anything. It’s a goal for me in 2010. And you are inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  34. I ADORE the quilt idea! Good luck! You’ll be amazing!

  35. That’s so awesome that she’s been doing that! I’m the only one in my family that is interested in running so it’s sorta hard for them to understand it.

  36. For anyone interested in quilt t-shirts my friend Leslie has a business that makes them. I’ve had one made and LOVE it! Here’s her website if you’re interested:

  37. Omg that quilt is AWESOME. What a great idea. That’s so cool.
    You’re gonna do great!

  38. […] the Disney marathon meant a lot to me, because my mom ran it, […]

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