Hanging Out with Me

I have lived in Orlando for five years now, and there are still SO many places I haven’t been. I’m working on changing that!


We didn’t have classes yesterday, and the weather was gorgeous! Everyone I know pretty much works these days, but going out alone doesn’t really scare me. I actually really don’t mind doing things alone! (It just sucks to ask someone randomly to take your picture.)




I strolled around downtown looking for somewhere to get some lunch. I stumbled upon a small bookstore, Urban Think!



They have a small cafe inside, and the sign out front said Happy Hour special: Half off all sandwiches! I ordered the Turkey Club, which turned out to be only $4.51!




My sandwich was delicious! It had turkey, monterey jack cheese, bacon, sprouts, avocado, (no mayo!), tomato, and lettuce.




It was SO big, I could only eat half. It was hard to even hold the sandwich, since it was practically as big as my head!




While I ate, I read 1000 Places to See Before You Die and made a mental list of some places I would like to see one day.


After lunch, I kept strolling around, and randomly decided to check out a new frozen yogurt place, Mochi. It’s different than what I’m used to, because it’s self serve.



I tried a few flavors, and then decided to go with cookies  n cream. They are all pretty good, except for the “Taro” flavor… which freaked me out a bit.


I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to top it with!




You can add whatever you want, and you just pay 45 cents per ounce!




I went total junk food junkie. Brownie, marshmallows, reese’s pieces, and waffle cone bits. Who cares!?


Nobody has to know 😉




Oh, I also saw Avatar 3D. Absolutely amazing movie! I was skeptical, but it’s totally worth seeing. It was a real thinker.


Do you like doing things alone?


I thought at first it made me seem loser-ish, but now I realize I’m just confident and independent! I like hanging out with me. It’s pretty fun!


❤ MegaNerd